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Story about dwarves, magic and choices.Story mix of a real life and fantasy.Thank you for reading my story.

Submitted: November 03, 2016

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Submitted: November 03, 2016



In a small forest near the magical world of unicorns,  lived eight dwarves.Every morning our little friends had a ritual, that cared forest of unicorns remain hidden from the human world.
You will meet them by name.
The biggest midget age was called Shy- typical of him were his big black eyes, slightly hooked nose and his broad smile.Shy was one of the smartest in the whole group.From morning till night, he likes to tell tales.His talent consists in the fact that he was a good speaker, a good listener and very good dwarf.His heart was filled with love and no place for malice and hatred.
The second age dwarf, was called  Daredevil.He loved to compete, knowing all the fighting skills.He was a big man with broad shoulders, lush black hair slightly curled.He loved to fight, but only if it is challenged.Was the bravest dwarf born ever. His talent consists in the fact that he had quick movements and sense of victory.
The third was called dwarf Smile.Smile was always smiling, as suggested by its name.Even when he fall asleep smile not fell from his face.Smile had an blond hair, small eyes narrowed and faint dimples on the right side of his mouth.He loved to import small dose of happiness with everyone who knew him.Smile believed that if all smiling so widely and genuinely like him, the world would be a better place to live.It was also his talent, to transform the people and mystical creatures from frowning and angry to smiling.
The fourth dwarf was called Joke.And he like  Smile, loved to be smiling.The difference was, that Joke laughed aloud and love to told jokes, he made fun stuff to the other dwarves and with him they never was bored .He was with dark skin, bald and slightly narrowed eyes that sometimes they confer him a somewhat funny look.His talent was in comedy.Everything he says or do is taken for fun.
The fifth dwarf was called Grump-one of the angriest and always frowning dwarf.Even Joke and Smile could not change him angry face.Grump found it annoying everything.Forever complaining, he never stopped grumbling, irritated even by the movement of ants.Always said that hears them when traveling in a group or individually.Grump had a serious expression on his face, his big lips and expressive gaze, stood in the same position as if frozen.His eyebrows were thick and raven black, almost covering his eyes,because of that he looks more anger.Grump's talent was in that can turn any of happy and smiling to frowning and ominous.He was not bad dwarf, just do not know how to be happy and smiling.
The sixth dwarf was called Cleaner.As you might have guessed, he likes order and cleanliness.He was angry every time when something was not in place.Did not like dirt and clean constantly.He himself had a neat appearance, was always dressed in a suit, even his pajamas had elegant and immaculate look.Talent of Cleaner was in organization.His pedantry always managed to benefit others.
The seventh dwarf was named Stink.He hates to bathe.Quite often had the Cleaner forcibly enters it into the bathroom to wash it any dirt sticking to his body.Stink loved to be dirty.He does not like to clean, and close to him  bed had always been some spoiled food.He loved chaos.Do not washable clothes, taken that step only if they already changed their color to such an extent, that he himself forgot what.Talent of Stink been that even in complete muddle about it succeeded in less than three seconds to find everything he need.
The eighth dwarf was called Charm.She loves  to work, looking to earn most of the livelihood of other seven.She was the only dwarf-woman, which make her the boss of other.Charm  was very friendly, with long black hair that trailed behind,her eyes were brown and large.She had a small mole on the left lip and a birthmark located on the  belly and resembling a skull.Charm's  talent was in that she never get tired.
Every morning our heroes do their normal duties.Every night they go home in their small house,had dinner and each told the others on a story for  goodnight.In one of those nights, in the middle of winter, came the turn of Charm to tell her story.Dwarves huddled together near the fireplace and start listen her story.
Charm staring telling:
- For a long time I thought my friends, what story to tell you.Each of you over the years, tells stories about dragons, fairies, unicorns and fairy creatures.So I decided to tell you the story of my life.You know that the life of each of us can fit in a book-big or small does not matter, but always in this booklet can find lesson-big or small, it does not matter.So  the story of my life is with instruction and adventure, happiness and sorrow, with the family and loneliness.
I was born into a poor family.So poor that my father had to share a handful of rice for a week, for all us.My mother died when I was one year old.My dad told me that strange human disease, took her from us.He said, that the humans call that disease with the name of the river creature with eight legs-cancer.I do not know why it is called cancer.In my world cancers are good and they always help of my family.Very often they bring to us clams from deep water, so we do not  have to eat only rice.Strange are the humans- the most terrible things they named with the best names.
I had the eight sisters.I was the biggest so I had to take care of them-my father want that from me.My father was a good dwarf, but he gets involved with people from other land.They learned him to drink strange stinky water that made him sleep much, and to beat us.One morning Dad goes to work like everyday-he was working in the mines, looking for treasure.He always told me, that if he  found it, would buy me one of those dresses for princesses.While digging deep, a pile of stones fell on him.His friends, the evening brought me only his hat, because that was all left of him.
After my father died there was no one to care for me and my sisters.
The next day in  our house came Weasel-she was responsible for children like us, who already do not have a Mom and Dad to take care of them.She take me and my sisters in boarding house for orphans.
Months past, one by one, my sisters were taken from the boarding house.I left alone.No one take me.Maybe because i was the biggest one and the most of creature prefer younger age to take care of.
One night while reading another local legend about the discovery of buried treasures of the window of my room came fairy.It was a little creature that looked like a rather glowing fly.Fairy came close to me and spoke to me:
 -  Hey Charm.My name is Fantasy and I am your's time to tell you about your special mission in this magical forest.On your belly has a scar resembling a skull.
- But how do you know my scar? -I Asked with surprise in my voice, unknown to me creature.
-I know because I am your godmother-continue Fantasy.
When you was still unborn  your dear mother one night, decide to eat magical forest fruits which grew only in the garden of the evil witch-Skochubra.Skochubra unlike misconceptions how ugly are witches was seductive beauty.She was so beautiful that no one could imagine how ugly and black soul she had.Skochubra never shared garden with anyone and who dared to invade , she cursed him or killing him.Your mother was a rebellious and fearless woman.So one night she decided to sneak off and take some fruits.Unfortunately Skochubra saw her, decided to punish her.Your mother had just bent down and picked the wonderful fruits when Skochubra grabbed her stomach and say:
- Miserably  dwarf, you try to robbing from me?Hm.You know no one leave without to pay me.I curse your womb to give birth only to daughters.The largest to have a scar on her belly.The scar will be a card, not to treasures and a card that could save the forest when humans come.You'll reveal how to read the map,but you will die before you told her.My will be publicized throughout the forest.Now go before I decided now to take your life-sinister laughter filled forest after her words.
Your mother was very scared off, fled through the woods and did not stop running until go home.After month you was born.As a godmother i give you a power.You can stop humans to kill animals and cut trees,but you need to know the secret of your scarve.
After those words, Fantasy disappeared.
Years I am trying to find the key to the salvation of the forest, and I failed everyday.Humans continue to crumble, continue to kill my friends-animals, continue to think their gods.And I keep searching my dear friends, response and rescue.My heart stops while telling you this story,because i know somewhere there cut trees to make more tables and chairs,out there killing elephants just for money,out there wolves, foxes, rabbits and bears hang on necks and hands.Somewhere ends life, and death begins
All dwarfs were long asleep.Charm wearily rested her head on the pillow,close her eyes and imagine waking up how the world is another.She imagine how humans, animals and trees were friends.She imagine how it ends death and life begins.She imagined and dreamed ...

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