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This is a descriptive essay that I wrote about what I do during the fall in South Georgia.

Submitted: November 03, 2016

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Submitted: November 03, 2016



In South Georgia the leaves on the trees change color and fall off. This is a season called autumn. Usually I watch the leaves fall in a spiralling motion. The leaves are very appealing, so I like to collect them in a journal. My journal has leaves that are red,orange,and yellow.

When the leaves fall, they don’t just drop like a rock they sort of float on the air for a moment. But the leaves don’t look like a string is holding them there,they flutter down.After about a few weeks after the start of fall, the leaves start changing colors. When you look around, all you see is a furry of colors. The leaves are soft and smooth as they fall, but after a day on a ground the leaves become friable.

According to Wikipedia,Georgia's autumns are normally sunny and cool. It is much cooler in November with an average high of 62°F, and an average low of 36°F. The first freeze of the year normally falls within November, except in the northern mountains, where it occurs in October. The weather is cooler than it usually is in South Georgia. The air is crisp and the wind cuts you like a knife.

When I watch the leaves,I lay down on the grass.The grass has the smell of herbaceous. For a split second, the grass jabs into my back, but after a couple of seconds the grass becomes satisfying comfortable. I am grateful for the cooler weather because of less mosquitos.When I try to watch the clouds in summertime, I get bit by mosquitos.The cooler weather is always a blessing in disguise.When I observe the leaves, if I see one that I really like then I will get up and grab it. Later I will place it in any thick book I can find, and keep it there for a couple of days so it will become flat. This also prevents the leaf from dying. After you take the leaf out it still has the same texture.Then I will find a page in my notebook and tape it there. Sadly, I throw away the journal each year around Halloween so I can start all over again.

As people in South Georgia we do many things to celebrate the fall. During this time of year we have Thanksgiving, we hunt,cheer for football teams, and go see our family members that live far away.These are just some of the things we do during the fall.What do you do during the fall, where you live?

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