Box of Chocolates

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Submitted: November 03, 2016

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Submitted: November 03, 2016



I should probably close the box of chocolates.
They are delicious - delicious in an unhealthy way.
Some are filled with joy, others with sadness.

End it now before I get fat -
Fat with regret.
But they are so delicious.

Why am I talking about chocolates?
Why am I not addressing the actual problem?
Because illogical metaphors are better.

This is poetry.
This is art.
This is an iceberg allusion.

Keep the box open.
Eat the chocolates.
Enjoy what you get, and hate what you get.

You choose which chocolates to eat.
You choose which chocolates to spit out.
You choose which chocolates to melt.
You choose which chocolates to save till the box is almost empty.

I came across a chocolate filled with coffee-flavoured cream.
I dislike coffee.
I tried to eat it, I tried really hard.

I can’t spit it out.
I’m not ready.
The flavour is appalling.
But I want to like it.

Torture, tears, pain.
Spit it out, for crying out loud.

I spit it out,
But the remnants of coffee lingers. 
Close the box.

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Box of Chocolates

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