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Alison Myers is someone most lesbians can relate to. It's a hard time not undertsanding the thoughts and feelings you have but labels are nothing , love is real.

Submitted: November 03, 2016

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Submitted: November 03, 2016



Hi my Alison Myers and I'm a lesbian. There you go I said it. It's a thing I've been walking around with for at least a while now. Feels like carrying round shitty itching herpes that you don't want but you got them there yourself so put up with it. To make that sentence brighter being lesbian isn't a disease, it's a everyday normal thing. Rodney down the street is gay and he's just come out. You would think someone as gone to his door and told him he was a wizard.The boy's gone from wearing baggy ass clothes to wearing tighter thongs than I have. I feel like the world is still in a place wear being gay is not natural. You see and hear the community of LGBT speak out that it's okay to just say your gay but it's the crash afterwards. Never knowing the reaction your going to get. Luckily for me my mum is 100% in love with the LGBT community and has her jazz hands out at the local gay bar at least twice a month. Also my uncle Simon happens to be gay. Well bisexual. Visits our house every year with a boy comes back year after with a girl, so on so on.

Anyways to how it began. So 4 years ago I was with lovely Ethan. Well at least i thought he was lovely until I caught him cheating with Debbie donkey in my own bathroom. Was the best sweet 16 present ever honestly what more could a girl want hmm. So he went packing and Debbie donkey had a weeks worth of my hand imprinted on her face. Debbie donkey got her name from laughing like an actual donkey. Dunno whether to pat her or feed her hay. Obviously it was hard so I did the usual girl thing. Felt sorry for myself hate ice cream and watched Bridget Jones for days. I was with Ethan for at least 3 years and it taken a matter of 3 days to be over him. The crying had gone and to be honest I think the crying was for damaging a finger whilst  bitch slapping Debbie. Summer was here , my friends had all gone away for the weeks and I was just all by myself at home whilst my parents would work. I would chase the dog. Chuck candy in the air to catch in my mouth. Play amazing rounds of Call of Duty and sleep.

Then came Ashley the new neighbor. I was walking out to grab the paper and letters as you do. Pfffft just kidding,  It was actually because I am a nosey bitch and this moving in action beats watching repeated daytime television. So did the bend down and look up movement in their direction way to have then caught eye with the parents of Ashley's. Brenda and Carl. They greeted me with a 'Morning Neighbor' whilst waving uncontrollably. I did the cool laid back teenage 'Hey' hand gesture whilst walking slowly back into the house. Then Ashley had come up behind me. 'Seem's to have dropped a letter.' she said. 'What am I like, my boyfriends cheated and I forget how to live' i said sarcastically. She starred at me like I was a crazy ass fool. Maybe she don't get my humor. I don't get my humor sometimes I just sit and laugh at cats for hours on the net. Anyways out of my head, so yeah she starred at me then did the okay lip action whilst walking away.

The end

No just joking, how dare it end there. There's so many crazy , bitchy, wild  and naughty bits to come up like seriously. No I'm kidding it's a rated 12a I wasn't allowed to write that in. So that's the first time we met and you'd think by the way it went I would of not seen her again but obviously I did. Her and her family was invited for a welcome tea. My mum always visited and wanted me there. We had parties and they came. My mum had a baby shower and they was there. Forgot to mention she was pregnant.Then suddenly my dad died and no one was here for a while. It was a dark time. Not with the dark gloomy weather being over at the same time , it was just so quiet. My brother Jason just being 3 month old with not seeing his father was heartbreaking for me.Weeks passed and Brenda was there for my mother whilst Ashley was there for me. I had to be the glue of the family and keep us all together.

3 Months passed and mother was looking and feeling allot better than what she was. It was actually her 39 birthday. I remember it well. That night me and Ashley went to the park and spent hours being big kids before kissing on a bench beside a pond. The big bang had blown up inside my head and made a new world of feelings. It was weird scary and amazing at the same time, so we did it every night at the same place. When i say did it I don't mean did it like you know, making babies I mean like kissing and cuddling. The sweet but parental guidance part of a relationship. Some say boring, I say keeping me warm on cold night. 2 month's of secret kissing and cuddling had gone by and we both decided to tell our parent's that we was going to be having a relationship with one another. My mother took it very well and even wanted to chuck a coming out party. How motherly of her. Hmmm. On the other hand Ashley's parents looked as they was about to do the Misery movie on her. Upset , disappointed blah blah. Even stopped us seeing each other for a while. Thing's changed when Carl bought Brenda a new car. Spoilt bitch.

College year arrived. Me and Ashley were official from twitter to Facebook to snapchat you name it. I was out to the world. I embraced it. Well I did nothing really just was noticing looks from allot of girls. Some doing there cheerleading squad stare/laughs whilst walking past you and then some looking like they would eat you on a sandwich. It's true you don't realise how many people are gay until you come out yourself. Too many for my liking. So with being at college me and Ashley would not see each other for some duration. Weeks, sometimes months. It was hard. I did love the girl and I knew she loved me. I hope she did love me. It's hard to ask myself that question did she. So in college I was studying medical. My goal to become a nurse was stapled , celoptaped and layered with chewing gum against my room wall.

My 18th birthday arrived. Oh yeah I forgot mention my 17th, mainly because it was boring and would of taken up room on the screen to fit in. In one sentence. I woke up, got dressed, went shopping, met up with Ashley, went home and watched finding nemo with cake. Being my 18th obviously I wanted a major ppppparttttaaaaaay. I spelt party like that because it's cool. I'm cool. Oh yeah so anyways my college friends had organized a huge party in Melanie Ashworth's house for me. Melanie Ashworth is a slut she would do anything for a slice of pizza. So with Melanie with her 18'' pizza and her parents away. The party was rocking. The music was booming. It was like the film Project X but shitter. No one drove cars in the water or no houses were set on fire. It was all good but Ashley was not here when she said she would be. Strange of her not to call me as well. The party had ended as she was still not here so decided go home with Melanie's left over pizza and sing my drunken self to sleep.

'I cheated, I'm sorry, It was not meant to happen'. This is the text I was woken up to. My amazing partner for almost 2 years had cheated on me. I'm literally Bridget Jones clone. That was the first of thousand text she sent to me that day. I'm a growing girl now. I can't keep having this negativity around me. I did not cry because deep down inside I could feel something was wrong and with her being at a different college with surrounds of other possible lesbians, I just had the thought in my head that she would do something. She spent days trying to see me but I just did not want to see her. If I saw her I probably would off beaten her like the superwoman I am. Super independent more likely. Maybe I'm better off not going down this route at a young age. That's when I sat all night at my goal to be a nurse. It boosted my thrive to get where I want to be. 'A mistake is writing a word wrong or getting a spoon instead of  fork. A mistake ain't cheating. You obviously thought about it. You moved your body and you did what ever you did, people give second chances but I'm not one of them'. That was the last time I spoke to Ashley. Her number was deleted and I managed to avoid her when out and about.

This happening to me does not make me think different of being a lesbian because it don't. Cheating happens in any relationship. It made me be more aware if I'm honest not to choose the first batch off eggs I saw before checking the others. Lesson's need to be taught. Enough with the dullness. With my head fixed with passing my exams , I made sure I took extra effort in what I did or wrote. I did have the occasional house party as you do at 19. Oh yeah I am 19 now. Time flies right. My mother was finally getting out into the world and actually met a really nice guy called David. They both even watched me throw my mortarboard up in the air on my graduation. I did manage to knock Mrs Harris wig off by accident when doing it but eh fuck it I just graduated bitch. I came out as a lesbian 3 years ago and still I managed to achieve my goals. Me being the way I want to be never changed anything in the way I saw life and how I thought I must be now I'm a lesbian. You don't have to change yourself because people want you too. Be yourself. Embrace it. Love it. Chuck ice cream and chocolate on it. Eat it. Okay to far. Just be whoever you want to be.

20 years old and I'm ready to go. Not die before you ask. I mean I've been accepted a job in London to be a nurse. My goal. Mother , David and Jason all watched me as I took off in the iron bird. Waving there goodbyes for now. I just sat there on the plane as it was reaching the open view of the sun and thinking I did it. I've been through allot but managed get myself back on top. Ashley was now working a in fast food place downtown. Cheated on 2 more girls after me and also slept with her college teacher (a guy) to get better grades. Now that shit don't get any more real. I made the right decisions in not giving her a second chance. Now it's off to London, wonder what it will bring to me.....

P.S the stewardess is pretty fine.










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