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Submitted: November 03, 2016

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Submitted: November 03, 2016




By Tom Edward Douglas Johnson

(Please note lack of punctuation is intentional…)


swimming in the ocean always invites a certain potion but not one that you drink just more one that makes you think feel and act or is it react to a feeing that it brings around like the sound that was found in the sea where he and she whispered softly "i am awake, so take what i give and give what i take…"


impress my touch with love and such a beauty that's almost beyond words that cannot be spoken but more awoken inside a mind so true with words just for you of all colours not just blue which originally made you feel depressed but now it's touch impressed…


i had a realisation that an abbreviation of my experience would also limit my desire like throwing water on the fire and unlike a bird on a wire i won't tire for i feel it is time to show every sign like displaying a straight line…it is then we'll all feel fine at the end of this rhyme…


it is time to design the sublime rhyme which will surpass anyone still on their arse and living in the past and perhaps invite them to be fast in deciding slowly but surely rich in sense not poorly…for i do not care so much about money i just want the bees and honey returned to the deserving whilst my team is definitely reserving the truth that needed preserving all these years that have erased all the fears and even the tears…so do come in if you too desire to win the race that will deny the chase and know my mansion will provide enough space to count every face…


i try to be useful every day for if i give in to the only way that appears then another way clears and chases away all my fears so i see what is in front of me and was all this time but i now see each sign as a way to keep what i have and what there is to gain for i will never be the same and in a world seemingly insane i know my aim is to reframe a negative experience that i had to turn it into one that makes me glad…


i've had it up to here dear for i fear the rear end of the deal makes me feel so surreal that i kneel and repeat which makes me sink to my feet when i meet the one sitting in the seat previously defeated by the one who had been repeated on another shift when they all had to sift through the ones still standing in the lift who eventually had to move position for they wanted to hear the brand new rendition from the one and only expedition which when readily available in stores made top scores and put them on the floor which wasn't against the law at least not back then when you could rely upon a friend to send you around the bend or more than likely mend your mind which would readily defend anyone of whom you could depend until the very end…


at the cessation of the tedious conversation there were tales of a plantation found by satellite navigation and upon ascertaining the location there was an analysis of the seed which when we al read how it fulfilled the entire human race's need for speed on the bus that originally caused no fuss but has since been flushed down the toilet of despair for now we collectively care about what is here and there in our united requirement to restore what is righteous and fair…


now i recently heard a song that described a war zone as paradise but i see that as a head with lice that would eat all the rice leaving us all with a result not so nice and produces something at a costly price that could entice a game with too many dice but as i see it we will all overcome the fun run that needed to be done before it started whilst we reach the paradigm shifting sum that would be a never ending bun for those still remaining hungry on the street now grooving to brand new beat that's so neat we defeat and bring to an end the enemy's deceit…


it has been devised by the allies and all too wise that i advise that by defeating the lies, hearing the cries and sighs we have collectively realised that the ultimate potential demise has been revised. now i'm not ashamed that i suspected it was a game and upon ascertaining it was indeed lame so i boarded a different train and gained what was to remain in the same lane as the great lion that was quite tame. when rearranged it might have appeared strange that it was a great cat and not a mange. the war that at first glance had a chance of defeating romance with a single dance were reminded of history repeated itself again that to send the 'soldiers of love' as friends would easily recommend that love's army turn the final bend and set a perfect 'love soldier' trend to be the actual end…


i've had to allow the truth somehow to sink into my brain whilst in a world seemingly insane through attitudes so vain that they can all seem the same but upon reflection when put into respective sections may allow for an election that could save the world in terms of the bigger scheme that is not mean and would keep everyone keen as mustard instead of relying on the custard that made them disgusted and put them in trouble which burst any possible bubble that could shave away the rubble stubble that built up over a long period of time when everything seemed fine but when i pushed rewind produced that chance to remind everyone that when we read the signs would give way for the release of truth previously in a bind actually perfectly timed for rapid change so divine you'll begin to feel when read line by line…now i must note that i am currently broke but when this paper is spoke would allow truth not to be revoked but rather see the colour of each boat that would keep us all afloat…although we reach the end of this paper just never forget i'll see you later when we see truth colour and vapour…



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