No No Man

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Serial killer attempts to murder wrong kid. Who turns out to be a vessel for a power force. (I WANT YOU GUYS TO RE-WRITE IT AND MAKE IT BETTER AND POST IT)

Submitted: November 03, 2016

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Submitted: November 03, 2016



The No No Man 


II need to take a walk. I need to think.  Why would he just vanish? We've been through so much together. That car has ben behind me for quite some time now. 

"I think he will be my next victim", he's alone its' kind of suspicious although he is just a kid what could he possibly do." 

Hours Later 

"As I finished tying the boy to the chair I hear a faint no, but he is unconscious I thought to myself. Never mind that, lets wake him up. Moments later I tried to tell him my sinister name to strike fear into his body, but the boy brazenly said "I do not wish to no your name." He Continued to speak. 

"So I am your latest victim it seems, and your going to kill me. You know what let me tell you a story about a man who was mysterious, my capturer, my protector. He use to take care of me before he went off and left my side.  

"No I do not care about this man" 

The Boy Say's I gonna tell you anyway.  

"He didn't seem to be scared. It was like he was meant to be here." 

I'm going to start from the beginning. When I was 5 years old I was at the park with my father. And then I heard No...No being whispered in my right ear, everything faded to dark. Then I woke up in an abandoned warehouse. Their were tools to my right, A big door which was cracked open with light gleaming through. A man walked through, He came closer and grabbed his tools. He proceed to slice and stab until I would pass out from all the pain. This happened for 3 weeks until the pain became bearable, don’t get me wrong it still caused me pain. 

At the end of the third week I woke to an excruciating headache, and a free arm. So I took the blindfold off, I saw the big door open into the night. So I took one of his tools and freed my legs. Afterwards, I thought to myself why was my hand free why would he do that so I proceeded with caution. It's a good thing I did because I would've stepped on a bear trap. I see a sign that say's "The easy way is not always the right way." After seeing that I walk past and proceed to run through the woods. I see a fence in the distance and make my way to the it and climb over and look back, the I see him standing their he say's to me. "Your  free leave or stay, but if you stay you can never leave. I said to him I'm not leaving, I want to see what thrives you to hunt for your victims. A week passes by and he brings a girl, she's about the age of 16. He tortues her again and again until she faints. As I watched him patch her wounds he unties her right hand just as he did me, and I see him setting up the signs that say "the easy way is not always the right way." And, "Freedom at the fences". NO...NO 

"Who is he, tell me" my treacherous kidnapper yelled.  

"You will see soon." As I was saying he kept her asleep for three days. On the last day she began to wake up. As I and the MAN watched from the cameras we could see everything we saw her run pass the bear trap, into the forest. I look to find the MAN was gone, how does he vanish without making a noise. I look back at camera and their he was running no, just spontaneously appearing behind, never actually grabbing her until she made the mistake of looking back. Your never suppose to look back so he grabbed her and she was gone. What, what happened did he just absorb her? How? Soon after I forgot what was going on. When I'm around him I would always loose my train of thought.  He told me soon after, "On your 17th birthday you'll do my job. 12 years later I found that he left so I walked the road's thinking until I remembered what he said "It will be your turn to do my job." He told me something else about my victim he said "Your first taste of blood will be a man in his 30's he'll be your new capturer. 


"You already know my name I've been whispering it to you the entire conversation" He said with a low graveled voice.

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