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For them, I would die. I don't want them hurt.

Submitted: November 04, 2016

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Submitted: November 04, 2016




I was on the roof top, walking towards the edge of the building. It was for the greater good. He would be safe, they would be safe. My eyes were watering but I refused to let any fall. I want them to be safe. I jumped up on the edge.


I heard his footsteps pounding up the apartment stairs. I took a few deep breaths. Big, fat pathetic tears rolled down my face. Evan would be able to take care of Jordan. Selfish, my brain told me, forcing Evan to take care of YOUR little brother.


‘At least nobody will hurt Jordan now,’ I tried convincing myself. My note was on my bed. Everything would either go to Evan and Jordan or charity. Jordan would would understand when he was older, right? The door burst open.


Evan was walking up to me. I turned. He looked at me. His hair was still a mess, and yet in the bright morning sunlight, he looked more handsome and more human than I’ve ever seen him. 


“What do you want?” I asked. I considered jumping off right then.

“We jump together or we don’t jump at all,” He hopped up on the ledge, hugging me. My brain wasn’t working and I couldn’t move. My face was buried in his chest, soaking his shirt. I kissed him, catching him off-guard. Quickly, I pushed him off the ledge and back onto the roof top. 


I jumped.


The last thing I saw was Jordan’s 4 year old face as he made it up the stairs and Evan's tear-stricken face. I’m sorry, I thought. Finally, bliss


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