Wonderland Revisited

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A follow up poem to 'Down The Rabbit Hole'. Hope you enjoy it!!

Submitted: November 04, 2016

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Submitted: November 04, 2016



Wonderland Revisited


I’m going back to Wonderland, this time I’m wearing boots,

the King and Queen, they’re playing up and acting in cahoots.


The Hatter, he appeared to me, he popped out of thin air,

but when I went to question him he was no longer there.


The Rabbit is despairing as he sits there with his watch,

they’ve taken all his time away as they have banished clocks.


The poor Dormouse is so tired, along the ground he’s creeping --

they’ve passed a law that’s criminalized the need for over-sleeping.


The Hatter can’t stop sobbing – the Queen, she’s taken every hat,

he could cope with quite a lot of things but couldn’t cope with that.


The King and Queen are tyrants, they are oppressing every one

and they’re keeping all in order with that royal iron thumb.


Compulsory games of croquet, but be sure you do not win

or you’ll find yourself a target until your head, it starts to spin.


The soldiers who are made from card, they simply just obey,

too terrified to do other than their King and Queen do say.


This is a disaster that’s destroying Wonderland,

it’s going to take some trickery, something that’s underhand.


I’ll start a revolution, the citizens will rise again,

this royal pair, they need to learn to not be such a pain.


A whisper here, a whisper there, in secret hold a meeting

and as added security we’ll invent a secret greeting.


The Major and his Generals will take some notice now of me

since the last time I was here they had, from fire, just to flee.


The King and Queen need locking up, need taking down a peg;

we’ll do it with some spiced up ale that comes straight from the keg.


Soon they are both snoring for they are both flat out cold,

we’ll finish this with an action that is really very bold.


The guards will pick them up and carry them, put them in a cell,

they’ll waken with bad headaches but soon they will be well


enough to sign a document in which they undertake

to consult with all their subjects on the decisions that they make.


I’m going to go back home before their consciousness they regain

otherwise they’d lock me up and here I would remain.


The cheers I am awarded are the best I’ll ever get --

the Rabbit’s so excited as his watch he does reset;


the Hatter winks and gives a grin as he opens up the door

and the dormouse is oblivious as he begins to snore.


But what about the Cheshire Cat, he’d been off on holiday,

he gives a purr, retracts that claw now everything’s okay.


I don’t know when I’ll be back again but I’m sure it won’t be long,

I amble off along that path and start to sing a song.


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