The Forest

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A young girl isolated from the world discovers a strange artifact in the forest surrounding her. How did it get there, and just what does it mean for her? When she is transported to another world, she is suddenly pushed in a war she knows nothing about. Is she the savior from the prophecy or is this simply wrong-place-wrong-time?

Submitted: November 04, 2016

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Submitted: November 04, 2016




The wind was howling through the darkened forest, but other than that it was deathly quiet, not even the animals, who roamed by night, could be found. Silently a single ray of light pulsated in the heart of the forest. Outside the forest was a small cabin with a single chimney releasing white, billowy smoke into the sky.

The door of the cabin suddenly opened releasing a cacophony of sounds from inside. Megan sighed as she closed the door against the sound of her parents irate yelling. It was times like this that Megan wished she wasn’t so isolated in this dark forest; she couldn’t escape from her parents constant fighting.

Leaning against the wooden beam supporting the roof over the porch, Megan heaved another heavy sigh. The sun slowly dipped below the treetops casting the small meadow area in a dusky rose-gold color. Megan closed her eyes enjoying the last few minutes of daylight as she watched the shadows slowly take over the inside of her eyelids.

When it became completely dark, Megan opened her eyes and turned to go. Suddenly she noticed a faint light off in the distance, deeper into the forest. Stepping down off the porch Megan went a bit closer to the edge hoping to get a better look at what it was. However it was just too deep inside the darkness to get a good look at it.

That’s weird, nobody else lives around here. I wonder what it could be? Megan thought to herself as she surreptitiously looked over her shoulder back at the cabin to make sure her parents hadn’t noticed how close she was to the forest. She wasn’t allowed to go inside it, let alone go near it. Suddenly the cabin door opened and a male voice yelled out, “MEGAN”!

Without thinking Megan bolted into the forest, running into the shrouding darkness. All she knew was that she didn’t want to go back inside. Finally stopping to catch her breath, she looked behind her, but didn’t see anyone following her. Idiot. What did you do that for? Now what do I do?

Turning in place to get her bearings, she spotted the mysterious light again, slowly pulsating in a greenish-yellow hue. Hypnotized by it, Megan began slowing walking toward it, and the closer she got to it the more she could hear a slight humming sound. It was not an unpleasant sound, more like the sound of a long forgotten waltz from a far away place being played so fast as to almost sound like a single note.

Drawn to it almost like magic, Megan walked closer to the object ignoring the alarmed sounds in the distance whereabouts the cabin was. As she bent down to get a closer look at the strange object, she noticed the glow was coming from within it. She reached down and picked the object up which took the form of a small obelisk shape, which, contrary to the greenish-yellow glow, was actually obsidian in depth and color.

Megan held the entrancing object on the palm of her hand staring into its depths, when suddenly it melted in her hand. Before Megan had time to react the now liquid stone started to move on its own sliding down her hand and winding itself around her forearm creating an armlet of sorts. The liquid hardened back into its crystalline form, now only glowing a fraction of what it was before.

Finally startled out of her initial shock at what happen, Megan tripped back and landed on her rear, “AHHH!” she cried out as she landed trying to wipe the substance off her arm. However the armlet stayed firm on her arm, almost molding itself to her. “What is this thing?” she whispered frantically, trying to think what she’ll tell her parents when she goes back.

As if responding to the sound of her voice, the armlet started to glow brighter and pulsate at a faster rate. A tiny voice sounded in her head, sounding not quite human, but not quite mechanical either.

<Voice Recognition: Accepted>

“Whaa…?” Megan began, when suddenly the ground beneath her started to fall away creating a giant hole into which she fell, much like Alice into the rabbit hole. Instead of being full of beds and alarm clocks and upside-down trinkets, this hole was full of stars. Large and small. Red, blue, and yellow. There were stars of all sorts flying about Megan’s descent.

Suddenly a large black hole opened up underneath Megan, and before she could say anything, she found herself facedown in a lush carpet of downy grass. Waiting for the vertigo to subside, Megan allowed herself to breath in the clean scent of the nature around her, which curiously held a hint of sweetness to it.

When the dizziness finally left her, she lifted her head up off the ground and let out a small gasp of amazement at the scenery lying before her. Rolling hills of verdant green spotted with flowers of all colors, and in the distance, jutting rock spires of flame red and gold enchanted Megan’s gaze. Tearing her eyes away from the beauty of the sight, she soon noticed that the sun was unusually small and the sky was a lavender color rather than blue. And coming up on the other side of the landscape was a moon that was so large it seemed to be bigger than the planet itself.

Realizing that she was ‘no longer in Kansas’ anymore, Megan gaped at everything around her as she sat in what she now saw was not ‘grass’ but tiny iridescent mushrooms that created an effect like that of a bed of moss. As she tried to comprehend all that was going on, her eyes became the size of saucers, and she failed to notice the footsteps coming up behind her.

“Are you just going to sit there looking like an idiot, or are you going to acknowledge me?” A young male voice said above and slightly to the left of her shoulder.

Startled, Megan quickly spun around to face the voice as she simultaneously stood up and took a step back, which only resulted in her tripping and falling back down on her rear. Looking up, she saw a young man about the same age as her, except maybe only a few years older. He had jet-black hair that was long enough to brush the tops of his ears and only slightly longer in the back. His eyes were a piercing emerald green whose depths only darkened when they looked disapprovingly down on her. He was a bit lanky for his age, but none-the-less well built, as if he had put a lot of work into physical training.

As Megan continued to stare up at him from her sprawled position on the ground, his handsome features only further darkened till at last he let out an exasperated sigh, “Well? Are you going to get up and follow me or not?” Suddenly he leaned in toward her and gave her a suspicious and slightly disgusted look, “You can speak, can’t you?”

“O-of course!” Megan said finally shocked out of her trance. Finally regaining more of her senses, Megan fired back at the young man, “But why would I go anywhere with you? I don’t even know who you are.”

“Lyanther. That is what you may call me.” And with that, the mysterious Lyanther turned on his heel and briskly started to walk away. But before he went too far, he stopped and throwing a devilish smirk over his shoulder, he said, “And don’t worry, I’m sure we can find something for you to wear so you don’t look like a hog who rolled in her mud pile when you meet the king.”

His arrow having hit its mark, he turns back around and continues to walk briskly away, not even checking to see if she’s following him. Stunned into disbelief, Megan finally took notice of the finery the young man was wearing, as if he had a high station in life, and felt heat rise in her cheeks as she looked down at her torn and dirty clothes. But she would rather hang herself than admit her embarrassment to this cretin. Who the hell does he think he is? Megan thought as she reluctantly followed after him, for as much as she hated to admit it, he was her best chance of survival right now.

He was several paces ahead of her by now, What a rude and arrogant young man. Does he think I’m just going to follow after him like a little lost puppy? She thought as she followed after him, trying to catch up to his longer strides. Working up the courage she asked, “Who are you?”

“I told you. It’s Lyanther. Are you deaf as well?” He responded with an arrogant sneer.

Indignant heat rose in her cheeks as she snapped back, “That’s a name, it doesn’t tell me who you are.”

Heaving a great sigh as if terribly put out of place, he said, “I am the one to escort you to the palace and offer you to the King so that you can bring balance back to our chaos.”

Megan stopped in her tracks, “Whaaat?! What are you talking about?” For the third time that day her mouth hung open, gaping in astonishment.

“I must say, I didn’t really expect to you to show up like the prophecy said.” He continued on, unfazed by her surprise. “Although, now I’m worried they brought the wrong girl. You don’t even look like you know how to hold a sword.” After saying that he stopped beside a strange looking creature and glanced back at her.

Skirting a wide berth around the creature, Megan continued her confused inquiry, “What prophecy? And what do you mean ‘offer me to the King’? Did you know I was going to be there?”

Not answering her, instead Lyanther swung himself into the saddle on the back of the creature and offered his hand to her. “Are you going to get on or what? I can answer all your questions on the way.”

Megan looked over at the creature, which looked much like a horse except for the fact that it was a distinct shade of forest green with lighter sea-green patches across it. It also didn’t have a face. Where the eyes and nose were supposed to be was just flesh with a small gash for a mouth at the end. The hair that made up the mane and tail were silvery with dark specks swirling around. Instead of the normal four legs, its body was elongated to accommodate eight. “Naa-ahh. I’m not getting on that thing.”

Backing away from Lyanther and the creature, Megan said, “Plus, I don’t think I should be with you anymore. You’re starting to sound like a crazy person, and I need to find my way home.”

Swinging back down, Lyanther stood placidly by his steed and started to stroke it’s neck. “This is a Roxes, we use them to get around everywhere. They are extremely gentle and wise creatures; if you are nice to them, they will be good to you.”

Megan stopped backing away and took a better look at the roxes, it seemed to be looking at her, but it didn’t seem dangerous. She took a few hesitant steps toward it and held her hand out toward it; it bent down and rubbed the end of its face on her palm. Out of its small mouth came a tiny wet tongue that it licked across her hand. Megan giggled and turned back to Lyanther, “Does it have a name?”

“They’re just animals, we’re not supposed to give them names.” He said swinging back into the saddle and offering her his hand again. “But I like to call him Patch when we’re alone.” Megan could have sworn she saw his face turn a little red when she looked up at him.

Looking around, she saw that there was nothing for miles. If she was to survive in this strange place and find a way home, she had no choice but the trust this man and go with him. Letting out a little sigh, she reached up and took his hand in hers and allowed him to swing her up on the roxes. She landed behind him and suddenly feeling trepidation at how high she was she wrapped her arms tightly around his waist.

Lyanther grunted and turned partly around toward her, “Do you have to hold on so tightly? I have to breath too you know.”

“Oh! Sorry.” Megan blushed realizing she was holding on a bit too tight and loosened her grip.

Clearing his throat, Lyanther faced foreword again and slapped the reins to get moving. They spent a few minutes in silence rocking back and forth with the motion of the roxes. “So, are you going to answer my questions now or what?” Megan asked the back of Lyanther’s head.

“What is it you want to know?” He said not looking back at her.

Thinking a minute, she finally decided, “What is this prophecy you were talking about?”

“That is the foundation of our civilization.” Lyanther began as if telling a story or myth. “It is said that before we became as we are now, our civilization was in chaos. Several factions were fighting and killing to gain power over all the others. We were about to be destroyed as a people, when suddenly out of nowhere appeared a young woman. She was strong of character and full of hope and faith in humanity. It’s said that she had flowing red hair as vibrant as our Flame Mountains and her eyes were bluer than our moon poppies. The King instantly fell in love with her, and she with him. When she saw the chaos destroying the realm she immediately picked up a sword and went to battle, quelling the disorder and bringing wisdom and love back to the people. She loved the people so much she only used her sword as a last resort. In no time at all, she had brought peace back to the kingdom, and just like that, she disappeared. It was said that she was from a different dimension altogether and when she brought peace to our people she returned to her time. It was also said that someday we would fall back into chaos and when that happened, she would return once again and bring peace back to our people.”

“Wow.” Megan sighed, absorbing all the information she had just heard, “The poor King, though, he must have been heartbroken when she left.”

“He was devastated. But the royal lineage had to go on, so eventually he married another woman and had a son, as was his duty to the kingdom.” Lyanther said without much emotion.

“That’s horrible. I can’t imagine falling in love with someone only to be separated forever.” Megan fell silent for a few minutes. “But how did you know I was going to be in that exact spot?”

Turning around to briefly glance back at her, Lyanther said, “That was the same spot she appeared at when she came. It was a long shot, but I thought if the prophecy was true, she might show up there.”

“That makes sense, I guess. But how did you know I would be there right now?” Megan asked still trying to wrap her head around all that was going on.

“I didn’t. But just like it said, we have descended into chaos once again, and I thought that if that was the case, she may appear after all. So I set up a lookout and waited. I saw a flash of light and heard what sounded like something falling, so I came to check it out and found you instead.”

“Yeah, that sounds like a smart thing to…wait, what do you mean ‘instead’?” Megan said indignantly, “Don’t you think I could be her?”

“No. For starters, you don’t even resemble the descriptions we have of her. And another thing, do you even know how to fight?” Lyanther listed them off matter-of-factly.

“Well, no.” Megan admitted. “But you said so yourself, she only used it as a last resort.”

“Yeah, but she certainly knew how to use it, when she did.” Lyanther spat back like a child.

After that they rode on in silence, neither one having much to say. Eventually Megan found herself nodding off, the whole experience having worn her out. Not realizing what she was doing, her head found its way onto Lyanther’s back and she fell asleep right there.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” Lyanther exclaimed, glancing over his shoulder. But Megan didn’t move or make a sound; she was out like a light. Huffing a little, Lyanther pulled on the reins slowing Patch down to a smoother gate. Unbeknownst to Megan, Lyanther’s face got a little hot.

Megan slept soundless until a hand shook her gently on her arm. “Hey, Bag of Potatoes, wake up. We’re here.”

Her eyes slid open partly and lifting her head, she looked around a bit disoriented. She noticed in the distance on top of a vibrant green hill stood a massive castle; its stonework was made up of dark grey stone, and its towers reached almost to the sky. It was an impressive sight to see, Megan’s eyes flew open to look at it in all its glory. Lyanther had stopped on the hill looking over at it when he had woken Megan up, looking back at her face he seemed pleased by her reaction.

Letting Megan take in the sight for a couple more minutes, Lyanther slapped the reins and directed Patch toward the castle. In no time at all they were riding through the gates of the castle and going through the small village that lay at the base of the palace. Everywhere Megan looked were people in dirt and grime covered clothing, who looked as if they had never learned to smile.

Forgetting the beauty of the castle from a distance, Megan realized that on the inside, the people were suffering. “Is this what you were talking about before?” she tried to say, but it came out as a whisper instead.

Somber himself, Lyanther said, “Yeah. It’s hard to believe that just five years ago we were happy, hosting festivals and feasts, dancing, singing, and being at peace.” He shook his head as if in disbelief that that was ever the case. “But now, the lower rulers decided that they wanted more power. They wanted the right to be king. After they decided that, it was utter chaos, everyone tried seizing control, and thousands of people died fighting pointless battles.”

Lyanther stopped talking, too pained to go on.  After that they rode in somber silence until they came to the palace door, when the guards recognize Lyanther they opened the gate and allowed them through. He rode a little ways inside and then tossed the reins to one of the guards. Throwing one of his legs up and over the creature’s head he slid down to the ground in a dismount, then he held his hand up to help Megan off.

Megan noticed that when she took his hand and hopped down that Lyanther refused to meet her eyes. “What is it? What’s wrong?” she whispered to him, afraid to get any louder as if it wasn’t permitted.

Lyanther cleared his throat, “Nothing. Come, we have to go this way first.” And still holding on to her hand he led her to a door on the side of the palace, through which was a stately room full of ornate decorations and several well-dressed women busy doing all sorts of things.

He led her over to one of the older women, possibly in her late seventies. “Marga, I would like you to get her cleaned up and presentable for the king.” He let go of her hand and stepped away from her as if she smelled, and to add insult to injury he waved his hand in front of his face. “After all we can’t have her looking like a hog and smelling like one too.” And with that he turned and walked away without so much as a good-bye or a look back.

He was gone before Megan could lash back, that is if she had thought of anything, but her mind was still reeling from his scathing words. Instead she just let out a little repressed screech and clenched her hands into fists. “I couldn’t stand him the moment I laid my eyes on his pretty-boy features!” Megan stood there trembling in silent fury, until she felt a warm hand on her arm.

Looking over she saw the women Lyanther called Marga staring at her with a warm and slightly amused smile on her face. “Come.” She said, leading Megan over to another room, “Lets get you fixed up, then he won’t have anything to complain about.” She finished with a wink.

Perplexed by what Marga was saying, Megan none-the-less obediently followed her into the room, which turned out to be a bathhouse. After having Megan disrobe, Marga immediately took her clothes and handed them off to another older women. Megan enjoyed the bathhouse, it was a little embarrassing at first, but the water was so warm and felt so good, Megan eventually forgot about her discomfort.

Marga hummed a soothing tune as she rubbed lather into her hair; Megan had almost fallen asleep when she suddenly thought of a comeback to Lyanther’s remark. “That’s it! That’s what I should have said back there.” Megan gave a dark giggle thinking about it. “We’ll see if he likes it so much.”

Megan heard a humorous laugh from behind her and looking back saw Marga with a hand up to her cheek with a mirthful look on her face. Megan’s face got a little hot realizing she must have said that aloud and she ducked her head bashfully. When Marga was done laughing, she leaned closer to Megan and said, “You shouldn’t let his sharp words offend you, he just doesn’t know how to act around other people.” Marga lowered her head with a sad look on her face. “He’s afraid people don’t like him for himself and only treat him nice because of who he is.” Tsking, Marga shook her head, “The poor boy has never had a real friend, he’s always been paranoid that they’re just using him to further themselves.”

“That’s awful, but why would they treat him that way?” Megan said, sympathy rising in her heart against her will.

“Why, dear,” Marga started with her eyes a little wide, as if she couldn’t believe Megan didn’t know, “he’s the King’s son.”

“What?!” Megan exclaimed. “He-he’s the Prince?”

“Yes, dear.” Marga laughed, “Has been since the day he was born.” With that Marga got up and grabbed a towel off a nearby self and indicated it was time for Megan to get out of the bath.

As Megan was dried off and presented with fresh clean clothes, her mind was numb, I just met a prince…I must have looked awful! Megan immediately felt embarrassed. Figures, the first time I meet a prince, I look like I rolled around in the dirt.

While she was distracted with thoughts of her embarrassment, the women finished dressing her in the nice clothes. When Megan looked down she noticed that the sleeve of her right arm was a bit tight where the strange armlet was still affixed to her. She pulled the sleeve up till it was above the armlet, then did the same to the other arm. The outfit was made out of a comfortable cloth with neutral grey, brown, and black tones. It was composed of a long floor length skirt and a fitted tunic that came down past her waist. It was remarkably stylish while maintaining a modest and saintly look.

When they were done, the women ushered her out the door and through another one that led to a hallway. Having been pushed out into the hallway the door shut behind her, “Well, what am I supposed to do now?” Megan mumbled to herself.

“There you are. I was starting to think it was a hopeless cause.” A voice said from behind her.

Megan spun around surprised to see Lyanther leaning against the wall to the side looking as if he had been waiting awhile. “What are you doing here?” Megan gasped, her heart beating fast at the surprise.

“Duh, Idiot, I came to escort you to the throne room to meet with the king.” He said sarcastically.

Megan moved to stand closer to him and again thought she saw a bit of red in his cheeks, but he turned around before she could be certain. “Follow me.” He said and walked a few paces before glancing over his shoulder at her and saying almost nervously, “You look nice by the way.”

Megan felt the heat rise in her cheeks before he continued, “For a commoner that is.”

Stopping in her tracks Megan glared at Lyanther’s back, half tempted to take her shoe off and throw it at him. But a calmer mind prevailed and she started walking after him again. “You know, you don’t have to be mean to me. I don’t care if you are the Prince or not.” She said, “I look at the person, not the status.”

Lyanther stopped and looked back at her a look of hope in his eyes, but they quickly darkened again and clearing his throat, he turned around and started walking, briskly this time. “If only I could believe that.” He said barely audible.

After that they continued to walk in silence until they came to a giant doorway, there were two doors both inlayed with gold and gems. They both had images of battles and festivals carved onto them. The sight of them awed Megan; they went form the floor all the way to the ceiling, which was easily fifty heads taller than her. When they walked up to the doors, they swung open having been pulled open by several guards stationed on the inside.

Lyanther led the way through walking all the way up to the dais on which the throne sat. Megan stayed a few paces behind him, awed by the room and intimidated by the man who sat on the throne in front of her. He was tall and stately, his hair was pitch black and came to his shoulders in waves, he looked very much like an older Lyanther except his eyes were much darker, showing that he had seen too much in his lifetime.

Following Lyanther’s lead, Megan gave a low bow, not really sure if she should curtsey or not. Motioning for her to stay there, Lyanther walked up to the King and whispered in his ear, all the while the King stared at Megan as if trying to see through her, inside her. Once Lyanther was done he moved off to the side a few paces and looked down at Megan.

“I am King Iolandt.” His voice boomed through the chamber, frightening yet also with a smooth quality, almost sultry. “The Prince tells me you fell to our world and might be the reincarnation of Solandria Lunase´.  However, looking at you, I have reason to doubt.” The King raised a skeptical eyebrow at her as he gazed at her face. “You bear neither her distinctive red hair nor her continence. Lady Solandria was so pale as to be the moon herself, you…you are tanned as if you have worked long in a field.”

The King let out a disappointed sigh and turned his head away, but as he did so his eyes caught the glint of something on her arm. Looking back at her, he finally realized what her armlet was, he had been too distracted by her appearance to notice it before. The King got up quickly from his throne and startled everyone when he charged toward Megan and grasped her right arm.

“How do you have the Stone of Soluna on your arm?” He demanded of Megan. “This was Lady Solandria’s, and was to go to her reincarnation when she appeared.” The King threw her arm down in a fit and turned away. “Are you a thief?!” He turned back to her and yelled. But he didn’t wait for an answer; instead he started mumbling to himself. “But that’s impossible, it was hidden in a secure vault. And it would never have attached itself to anyone other than Lady Solandria. This girl is obviously not her, yet it is attached to her. What could this mean?” He slowly made his way back up to his throne and sat down heavily upon it.

The King waved his hand back at Lyanther dismissing them, as he continued to ruminate. At his dismissal, Lyanther came down the dais steps and grabbed Megan’s hand. Leading her back through the giant doors, he took her down several hallways and through more doors until they came to a single room.

“You can stay here for now.” Lyanther said as he walked into the room. He looked over at her sheepishly, “I’m sorry for how my father acted towards you. He just had so much riding on the return of Solandria. When the wars started he counted on her showing up, and when she didn’t right away, he couldn’t understand why. And now with you possessing the stone, I guess he just feels like maybe she abandoned us.” Lyanther sat down on one of the couches in the room, his head falling into his hands. “Maybe the prophecy doesn’t exist after all.” He sighed.

Megan, driven by sympathy, took a seat next to him and laid her hand gently on his back to comfort him. “I don’t know if I’m the reincarnation of this Solandria or whatever, but I am here. And I will do whatever I can to help.”

Lyanther looked up at Megan, “Thank you.” He said sincerely.

When they both realized how close they were, their faces immediately turned red as they quickly moved away from each other. Jolting up out of his seat, Lyanther started to back towards the door, “W-well I should leave you to get some rest.”

“O-okay.” Megan agreed turning her face away to hide her heat stroked cheeks.

Lyanther backed out the door, but before he left he said, “Good night, Megan.” And with that he was gone. Megan was little surprised; she didn’t think he even knew or cared what her name was. The knowledge that he did warmed her heart a little. Suddenly she realized that she was in the room all by herself, in a strange land, and having no idea why she was there in the first place. She wrapped her arms around herself and lay under the covers of the bed.

With everything that had happened that day, Megan was incredibly tried, but she struggled to get to sleep. She looked down at the armlet she was absent-mindedly picking at, Why did you stick to me? It’s obvious that I’m not this amazing person everyone talks about.

<I wouldn’t have bonded with you if you weren’t Megan>

Startled, Megan sat up in her bed, “Who said that?”

<Why, I did, of course>

Megan looked around the room for the source of the voice, but she didn’t find anyone in the room. Trying not to panic, she slid off of the bed and moved around to see if they were hiding somewhere. But the room was completely empty except for her.

<Megan, I am not in the room, I am the Stone of Soluna>

Megan looked down at the armlet wrapped around her, it was glowing more than it usually did. “But if you’re the armlet, then how are you talking to me? Why are you only just now talking to me?”

<I speak to you through telepathy; I would have spoken to you sooner if I could have>

<However, after teleporting myself to you, I used up most of my reserves>

<I had to power down for a little while to restore myself>

“So, what does this mean? Am I really this Solandria, then? But if I was the reincarnation of someone, don’t you think I would remember?” Megan asked confused.

<I merely set my teleportation sequence to get me as close to her reincarnation as my power allowed>

<When I heard your voice, it triggered the function within me to transport us back here>

“So that means I am her, right?” Megan said more to herself then to the Stone. “No, I am her. I feel it, deep down in me, I am Solandria.”

Having come to that conclusion, Megan decided that she had to meet with the King again and try to convince him. But before Megan could make it partway to the door, there was a loud explosion outside. It rocked the palace walls causing them to shake terribly; screams could be heard in more distant parts of the castle. “What’s going on?” Megan yelled over the sounds of the explosions.

Making her way over to the balcony, she looked out and saw red-orange flares encompassing the main gate, with smaller ones spreading throughout the village Lyanther and she had just ridden through that morning. “All those people, they’re going to get hurt or worse.”

<It appears as though the lesser rulers have surrendered to the frenzy of chaos growing in them>

“We have to do something.” Megan said as she looked down on the panicked masses, a sense of love for them growing inside her even though she had just met them. “I don’t care if they think I am Solandria or not, I can feel something deep down inside me that calls out to them and wants to help them.”

Megan dashed out the room thankful she hadn’t changed out of her clothes and made her way to the courtyard as if she had been there before and knew the way. She burst out into the night air, the sweet smell much more prevalent than it had been this morning out in the field. Megan ran through the courtyard toward the confrontation not caring if she had a weapon or not, only knowing that she was the only one who could stop this.

“Megan!” She heard someone yell behind her.

She turned around and saw Lyanther on the back of Patch riding towards her at a gallop. As he came closer, he leaned down and reached his arm out toward her. Megan reached her hand out and grasped his and before she knew it she was being drawn up into the saddle behind him. “What are you doing out here?” He yelled backed at her over the pounding of Patch’s hooves.

Megan wrapped her arms around him, feeling safe even in the midst of the chaos, “Get me as close to the leader as possible.”

“What!” Lyanther said incredulous, “Are you crazy? You could die.”

“Please, Lyanther, I know what I’m doing.” Megan said trying to convince him.

Lyanther looked back at her and seeing the determination in her eyes, steered the roxes toward a man in the middle of the battle. As Megan got closer to him, she noticed he was a large man with fiery eyes and a swirl of grey hair. She felt fear the moment she saw him, but she could not turn back now, everyone was counting on someone to save them.

When she got closer to him, she slid off of Patch and started to run towards him, she didn’t have a plan, but she knew she had to stop him. “Megan! Wait!” Lyanther called out behind her, but he got swallowed up in the crowd and was unable to follow her. Megan continued to run towards the battling ruler, dodging people as she went, trying not to get run over or trample anyone herself.

The closer she got to him the more her armlet started to glow and pulsate faster. She finally came before him, and as he took notice of her, she held her hand up before her. “Stop this! You’re hurting these people.”

Instead of answering her he raised his giant club up over his head intending to bring it down on top of her. Megan threw herself out of the way in the nick of time, she could hear her name being called in the distance as she fell to the ground. Lifting herself up, she stood before the man again. “I will not let you hurt these people!” she raised her hand in front of her, “I will purge you of all chaos that resides within you!”

After uttering those words, the armlet began to glow so bright white light enveloped Megan and began to lift her into the air. Megan’s arms and legs splayed out to the side as the light held her aloft. As everyone paused in astonishment to stare at the ball of light suspended over the battle. Before their very eyes, the brown color of Megan’s hair started to be replaced with a fiery red shade and the dark tan covering her faded away to reveal skin so white as to be made of pearl, her eyes turned the color of the moon. The light closed in around Megan for a moment and then in a flash washed out over the battle encompassing everyone and everything.

As the light started to fade, the ball of light holding Megan began to lower her back down to the ground. Those standing around began dropping their swords and other weapons, the chaos of battle leaving their features. The ruler that Megan had faced off with moments before was dropped to his knees in front of the King, his club having been thrown away. The battle was over, those who had invaded were now on their knees asking for forgiveness and pleading for mercy.

Lyanther made his way over to Megan and pulled her into a hug when he made it to her side. Pulling away he looked up at her hair and said, “Well, I guess this proves who you are,” he paused a moment, “Solandria Lunase´.”

“Megan.” She said as she smiled at him. “My name is Megan.”

Lyanther grabbed her hand and led her a few paces away. “You really scared me when you took off like that.” He gave her a small smile.

“Oh? And why would that be?” Megan teased, smiling up at him.

Lyanther blushed slightly as he looked down into Megan’s eyes. Without answering, he leaned down and kissed her on the mouth. Megan was a bit surprised, but after a moment returned the kiss. They stayed like that a couple more moments and then pulled away from each other a bit sheepishly. Lyanther pulled away slightly and looked over at the King to see him with his hand on the shoulder of the man who had just moments ago was attacking the castle. His hand slowly slipped out of Megan’s without either noticing.

Suddenly the ground fell away beneath Megan causing her to fall away from Lyanther. “Nooooooo…!” Megan yelled as she fell into the black hole, she could see it close above her cutting her off from Lyanther. “Take me back!” she screamed at the armlet as she fell back through the starry sky she had fallen through before.

She closed her eyes in despair as the blackness surrounded her again. When she opened her eyes again, she was lying face first on the ground in the forest. She lifted her head up and fighting through the disorientation tried to stand. She looked at the forest around her, her heart falling as she realized she was back in her own world. The sun was just coming up over the horizon, meaning she had disappeared for the entire night. The armlet that was around her forearm was missing, as if it had never been there in the first place.

Realizing there was nothing left to do, Megan made her way back to the cabin. When she came up on it, the chimney was blowing smoke out of its mouth and the lights shined out the windows. They must have been up all night worrying about me. Megan thought, a bit chagrined.

When she opened the door and walked in, her parents were sitting on the couch in living room. They jumped up at her entrance into the room, “Where have you been?” They both yelled simultaneously.

“I’m sorry I disappeared, but I’m afraid I can’t tell you where I went. I don’t think you would believe me, if I did.” Megan said as her parents crushed her in a hug.

“You just had to go and ruin everything, didn’t you?” Megan heard her mother say next to her ear.

Megan pulled away, “What did you say?”

She looked up at her mother’s face and saw that her eyes had turned red with black outlines. Megan backed quickly away from her and into her father who was behind her, she spun around and saw that he had the same red eyes. “Who are you? No, what are you?” She asked a bit fearfully.

Megan’s mother slithered closer to her, “We are Chaos.”

“We are the ones who introduce it to that world.” Her father continued.

“When we were defeated the first time, we vowed that we would never let Solandria win again.” She said.

“We followed her when she vanished the first time.” He said as her got closer to his female counterpart.

In a macabre display they merged together to create a giant ghoulish monster who was always changing shape, the only thing remaining the same was its glowing red eyes. The monster kept getting bigger, moving ever closer to a shocked Megan. “We succeeded in overpowering her and killed her, here in this forest.” It growled. “What we didn’t know was that she would reincarnate, no matter how many times we killed her. So instead we kept the reincarnation and raised her as our own ‘daughter’. We would keep her from that world, so she would never be able to save them, and they would destroy themselves, while we kept you here in solitude.”

The sheer evilness of their plan sickened Megan to her core. She backed out the door tying to get away from them, but all there was around her was endless forest. There was nowhere for her to go and outrunning them was hopeless. She turned back around to face them, she realized they had followed her out the door and was slowly growing bigger and bigger.

“Looks like we will just have to start over.” It said with an evil glint in its ominous red eyes.

It threw one of its ghostly tentacles at her just missing her as she threw herself toward the ground. She immediately got up and stood off against it. “I won’t let you hurt them anymore.” She called up to the monster.

Megan ran up toward the monster and hit it as hard as she could, but it didn’t have much effect. The monster swung another arm and knocked her several feet away. I don’t have the armlet anymore. How am I going to defeat this thing? Megan racked her brain trying to figure out how to defeat this thing, but nothing came to her mind.

As the monster picked her up from the ground and flung her away, she realized, This thing has already killed countless numbers of my reincarnations, I stand no chance against this thing without the Stone of Soluna.

Megan was about to give in to defeat as the monster pounded away at her with sick glee, when suddenly it dawned on her. The Stone doesn’t hold the power. I do! It is merely the focusing point. Reaching deep down inside herself, she looked for that ball of light hidden within her.

Just as the monster was about to deliver the final blow, Megan began to glow with white light. She opened her eyes and the light shot out of her and engulfed the monster. It started to scream in agony as the light went through it. Before long it started to fade away as Megan kept the light going through it. Eventually it disappeared altogether, leaving Megan all alone in the middle of the forest.

“I did it.” She said to no one in particular. She slowly sunk to the ground, still not believing she had defeated the Chaos Monster. But she was still trapped here in this forest, a long way from Lyanther and his world.

“I vow to never stop looking for way back, to you, Lyanther.” Megan said as she watched the sun slowly rise above the trees, signaling a brand new day. And anything can happen in a new day.

© Copyright 2018 Bluë Jaeger. All rights reserved.

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