my brandon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

in this story a girl named sally falls in love with a hot guy named brandon. with brandon living next to her she can go over anytime.
this is the place for romance.

My Brandon


As I ran up the driveway all I could think about was falling in love with the new kid ,named Brandon, next door. Yesterday I ran into him face first on the sidewalk to school. When I ran into him I thought  I would die if I never got away from him.

A year ago I never thought of seeing the hottest guy in the universe. One time I even thought of posting myself on the hottest chic website.

Last week I was voyaging around the island looking to see if I met or seen anyone I knew, but when I ran into him I lost track of balance and fell into the pond opposite of the railing I was holding, funny right I fell while holding onto something sturdy, well when he helped me up he reached out and all of a sudden… just… kissed me.

Since then I knew I was going to have serious consequences with love.

I have had no sleep for the last week because of him and now I will spend the rest of my life with those consequences.

I will be going to school tomorrow and  I have most of the day with him sitting next to me in class. The other day I got sidetracked and zoned off while staring at him and now I wonder if he hates me.

“Hey do you want to come over, Sally?” I heard some deep, soothing, lovely voice say.

On the other side of the fence was the most hottest guy in the universe standing with a rose in his hand. “ Or should I say will you go to dinner with me tonight?”

“Excuse me? Are you talking to me?” I said in a light british accent.

“You are the most lovely girl ever and your name is Sally, so yes and you are the only girl around. Aren’t you?” he asked in a southern drawl.

I had to think about that one; ‘cause Beyonce is more hot than I am, so no. “Um I guess so.”

“So, is that a yes then?”

“Yes I will.”

Oh and did I mention Brandon is the number one hottie. Yeah so, “When do I need to come over?”

“Right now will be fine.”

I couldn’t handle myself if I did say yes because I would have more consequences, but ended up saying yes.

I went inside my house and told my mom the story of Brandon asking me out. She said I could go over, but not to stay to late.

When I got to his house he linked his arm through mine and showed me into the frontroom. He told me to sit back and feel at home.

When he came back with a tray full of food and drinks he told me that he was the best cook in this country and home. He talked about how he came to knowing America and the people that grew up there. He told me about his parents and how they all grew up in Texas.

I never thought that Texas seemed so fun. At that moment Brandon leaned in and told me that he needed to tell me something.

“What is it that you need to tell me?”I asked.

“You mean ask?”when I shrugged he went on.”Sally I want to ask you to go out with me? I know it is so soon and you hardly know anything about me, but we can spend all the time we want and get to know each other. We can go out to eat tomorrow, or we can eat here tomorrow. I mean I own this house and my parents live next door.”

It felt like I was about to have a heart attack and when he looked at me worriedly I couldn’t think of how I looked. “Yes. I would love to go out with you. I would love to get to know more about you and vice versa.

The next I started to head over to his house to walk to school with him when I seen him waiting for me on my front steps. “Hi,”I said surprised. I wasn’t actually expecting him to wait for me.

When he grabbed my hand I blushed. He pulled me in and kissed my cheek. “You are so pretty.”

“Aren’t I always? I mean that is why I’m here. Right?”

“Yes. Yes it is.”


From that day on I spent all my time spent with Brandon. On my twentieth birthday he came home with a ring and proposed to me. I mean I guess dreams do come true.

Submitted: November 04, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Kyla Camma. All rights reserved.

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