Falling; An angels tale

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A story about Layla, a human and Mae, an angel.

Submitted: November 04, 2016

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Submitted: November 04, 2016



- Layla -


It all started eleven years ago, when I was five. Me and mum were visiting nana, who lived in a small cottage about two hours away from the city. I had seen a blue butterfly just out of my reach, and stepped right off the cracked brick patio to catch it. I diddn't fall. I floated gently down to the grass, giggiling with delight as I saw a hazy face materialise infront of me. He had dark brown hair and golden purple eyes, his lips had curved into a secretive smile as he lifted a finger to his lips. Shhhh... He dissapeared as soon as mum had come rushing over to me. Mum still rants about that day occasionally- "I saw you fall!I rushed over, fearing the worst...and I find you laughing, saying 'Mummy, butterfly'!" She would say.

After that, nothing had happened for four or five years, but when a girl called Camilla started bulleying me in year seven, things started picking up. At first it was just little things-she says something mean to me, her phone goes missing or her eyeliner smudges. But when she had pushed me into a huge pile of mud on the farm feild trip, the next week during lunch she tripped over thin air and into the food scraps bin, the contents of her lunch tray had rained down on her. You should have seen her face when she got out, all red and blotchy. But no one felt sorry for her. Unfortunately, she didn't stop bulleying me after that, but I always got my revenge through Angel. I called him that because how else could you explain it? I saw him again once, when hewas emtying a jar of spiders into Camilla's lunch box. He had looked up and smiled, not a day older than when I had first seen him, and once again, he dissapeared.

I was fourteen when Angel made his most recent apperance. This guy from school was trying to force me to kiss him. Through my protests, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a figure approachingus. "Sup dude" I had heard them say, then they had punched the guy in the face. I have never seen anyone punch that hard, not even in movies. The 'gimme a kiss' guy had flewn through the air before crashing into a wall. I had looked over at the figure. It was Angel. He  walked over and put a steadying arm around me. "It's ok, I won't let anyone hurt you" He whispered before vanishing.


* * *


Bleary eyed, I watched a student stuttering over a speech about the schools enviornmenton the small stage. The rest of the school had long scince erupted into chatter and shouts as he drawled on and on... The teachers couldn't be bothered telling us to shut up. It was always the same. We never listened. Just ment another letter to our parents. We had, like, fifty already so it wasn't such a big deal. Crawley high was a dissapointment of a school, a place where all the poor familys sent their kids. All the paint was dried up in the art room, the guitars were out of tune in the music room, and in the sports shed there was always that one lonley deflated ball amongst empty shelves and bins. Mum said the government didn't call the school out on anything, because if they did they would have to cover all the costs. Mum hated the school, but couldn't afford any thing better. She worked so hard, seven am to midnight, but that only just managed to cover all the costs for everything. She worked as a postie in the mornings, then a hairdresser, and finally, a tutor uintil six pm. The rest of her evening was spent at her big desk, typing at a chunky computor, a whole different world in her head.


* * *


"Whatcha doing after school Leyla?" Cherise calls out. I shrug "Nothing mutch" I answer back.  I was actually going to look up 'angels' to find out about Angel. The last time I had seen him was when I was 14, two whole years ago, and I wanted to find out if I could communicate with him in any way.

Mum's computer is slow, to say the least, so waiting for the results to load was agony. It then took a while to find something that seemed like 'the real deal'. The website was called The Heavenly Pages, and after it loaded my screen was filled with bright blue, white and gold. 'Welcome to the heavenly pages!' It read in flowrey lettering. I scrolled through the options. 'Finding your angel' I skipped that one. 'Communicating with your angel' Bingo! One click annd a two minute wait proved to be worth it. 'Step 1: Close your eyes and picture a peacefull scene. Step 2: Create an image of your angel in your in that scene. You may now talk with them. If you have already seen them, you can open your eyes and they should appear.' Huh. Thats easy! I think, closing my eyes. I breathed in deeply, picuring a field of apple trees and birds. There. That should be peacefull enough. I imagine Angel standing there, dark brown hair falling into his purple-gold eyes, smiling that confident smile. A strong jaw and long lashes finished the look. "Hey there Leyla." The voice came from directly in front of me. I opened my eyes and gasped in shock. Angel stood there. Solid. Real.

"How did you get into my house?" I managed breathlessly. His smile widened. "You called me." "Uh-uh" I swallowed. "So you're my angel?" He nodded "That I am." "Uh-uh..." I said again, and to my shock tears started welling in my eyes. I let out a small sob. "Hey, come here." Ange put his arms around me. "I'm sorry, I don't know why I'm crying" I said shakily into his shoulder. "Shhh, it's ok" Angel pulled me closer. I looked up at him, and he brushed a strand of hair back from my face. "Leyla-" He said, then his eyes snapped upto something behind me. "Sorry Leyla, I have to go. Jut call me when you need me" Angel quickly kissed my forehead and dissapeared.


- Mae -


Being an angel is waay over rated. I mean, yeah, we get a few extra senses and everything is heightened-speed, strength, touch, sight, you name it. But our whole long immortal angel lives we only get to talk with four beings, your partner, your guidence angel, and you and your partners humans. Oh, and they do swap partners every thousand years or so, whitch means I have have been with exactly ten beings, including the humans, in three thousand years. Yep, I'm that old. But I don't age the way humans do. I died at seventeen, I stay seventeen for all of eternity.

Everyone who dies young becomes an angel. Fifteen and over become guardian angels, hence me having a 'human' to take care of. My human is three, and he's called Jake. He has had an easy life so far, just a few falls, easily aided by me, and one or two bee stings. Nothing mutch. Asher, my partner has a sixteen year old girl called Leyla to care for. She was really cute at first, splashing in the pool, or on her first day of school. But when she turned fourteen, Ashers attitude toward her changed. Instead of a cute kid, he saw her as a pretty teenager. I had to admit, I was envious of her long, thick dark hair, the way she moved....her beauty. Beauty that I did not have. It made me sick to watch him hug her after he punched a guy in the face, just for her, his anger as he stormed through to to the other side broke all his cool and calm demeanor. I know it's his job, I know, I know! But the fact is that I like Ash. Ash likes Leyla. Simple as that.

I could feel it when Leyla was calling Ash. He smiled as I felt her calling out to him. "Be right back!" He dissapeared. Naturally, I followed...to Ash hugging her close. "Ash..." I managed stiffly. His eyes met mine. He murmured something to Leyla, then kissed her forehead. By the time he had entered the oter side, I was long gone.


Asher found me quickly. He always seemed to know where I was. In this case, huddled bu some shrubs, feeling sorry for myself. I might or might not have had tears running down my face. "Mae..." I heard his voice trail off "You're crying!" He said in a shocked tone. I would have laughed, but it came out as a strangled sob. He sighed and sat down next to me, pulling me onto his lap. "What is it Mae?" I let out a shaky breath before choking out "You like her don't you." Ash laughed softly "Of course I do. I'm her guardian!" I got up, furiously wiping away hot angry tears. "You didn't have to hug her!" That sounded so lame, I reflected as Ash stood up and wrapped his arms around me. "Hey, Mae, look at me." He tilted my chin up to face him "I don't have to hug you either, but I am" I lent my head against his shoulder as he hugged me tight.



The end




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