Troubled Kingdoms

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In the Land of Star a fictional kingdom, there is great poverty and death, the king has been mudered and the kingdom is at stake of being destroyed by its enemies.The prince embark's on a mission to save his kingdom and take control of his throne with the help of his dragon. With his relatives being his worst enemies and rivals for the throne, prince Raziil has a very little chance of being victorious. He is from the line of Red, the Red family own a Red dragon from which they had their name, the Red dragon is being handed own from generation to generation among the Red family to the chosen dragon lords.

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Submitted: November 04, 2016



Chapter 1

After a week of sail, the sea had lost its sparkle. Prince Raziil stood atop a mast, feet braced on the cross bar. A film of tears magnifying the prince eyes, two azure pools, fear stirred in their hollow as he panicked. What will he do now? His father is death and ruling the kingdom will not be an easy task. Prince Raziil thought standing silently in the farthest corner of the Cruise with his head bowed facing the sea while he kept shifting his weight from foot to foot. Back at home was a busy and crowded kingdom characterized by hustle and bustle in which the prince ruled. Darkness covered his kingdom like a curtain of Spanish lace. Servant: My prince, you look disturbed. Prince Raziil: why would I not be? Servant: But why my prince. Prince Raziil: Now that my father is death, my enemies are looking at the throne, they will try to seize it from me. Servant: But you don’t have to let that happen. Prince Raziil: I know, but what can I do? Servant: You should stand firm my prince, you have to continue the lineage of your father. You are the heir to the throne. Prince Raziil: Tell that to the evil men who are currently plotting to steal the throne. Please bring me some wine. Servant: Getting drunk will not help, you have to start working. Prince: I said bring me some wine. How dare you argue with me! Servant: Sorry my lord. The cloying sweet taste of wine took control of prince Raziil and in no time the scent of alcohol wafted over him. At least the weather was nice, giving him a reason not to kill himself. They were heading to Laqua, a massive icy wasteland located hundreds of miles away. A cold breeze blew through tossing the short blond hair of the handsome prince. Raziil was well known throughout Ice for his handsomeness. He was a tall, fair-skinned man in his 20s with fine angled cheekbones and blue seductive eyes. Being continually punished by boredom, Raziil looked down the red shabby robe he wore. He had not changed it in a few days but that was the last thing on his mind, his mind was filled with troubled thoughts. To have a reason to smile, it is necessary to possess a guiding principle, a belief of some kind for the world of prince Raziil is comprised of problems. The kingdom of Star was where Raziil was to be king. Star was once a place of joy and happiness. Love and music characterized the place with happiness steaming the sweet air of Star. That was then, now Star is a place of hardship, sorrow and a capital of horrible events. Lying on his bed, the prince gazed around the walls of the room, thinking about what had brought his beautiful kingdom to this state. Star is at stake, with a nervous tremor the prince taught. Prince Raziil rolled onto his stomach, pulling the pillow tight around his head, blocking out sharp arrows of sunlight that pierce through the window. Morning was not a good time for him, too many details crowd his mind. Servant: my prince, we have arrived. Prince: Huh! Servant: Yes my lord, we have reached Laqua. Prince: So soon! Servant: Yes my Lord. Prince: Get my royal cloth. Servant: Ok my lord. Prince: Are you sure the people of Laqua will accept to be our ally? Servant: I don’t know my lord. Prince: Okay my humble servant fix everything for me, my cloth and breakfast. Servant: Okay my lord and I wish you the best of luck today. Prince: thank you. I am indeed grateful. Servant: the pleasure is mine. After a good breakfast by his personal servant, prince Raziil was ready to meet with the king of Laqua to discuss matters concerning both of their kingdoms. Prince Raziil's royal clothe was like the drooped wings of a dying bird. The young prince of Star was troubled and almost heart- broken, filled with grieve for the recent death of his father. He had to reinstate the friendship between Star and Laqua. Because he needed aid in time of trouble, he was to do everything possible to convince the king of Laqua. After entering a well-furnished palace, which is a great opposite of what he saw outside, prince Raziil finally meets King Benedict. There was a lot of struggle with the royal guards because the king did not instruct the guards to let anybody in. Prince Raziil: Good morning my lord, his greatness Benedict. King Benedict: What brings you here? Prince Raziil: Trouble! We need to join hands once again. King Benedict: You did not send the news of your coming, why did you not? Prince Raziil: There was no time for that. King Benedict: No time? Prince Raziil: Moreover, for my safety, no one had to know I am visiting. King Benedict: Okay Prince Raziil: I am deeply sorry for not sending news of my arrival. King Benedict: I heard news of your father’s death that must be very painful for you. Prince Raziil: Yes of course very painful indeed.

King Benedict: you know, even though your father and I did not see eye to eye I always took him as a friend. Prince Raziil: I will do anything for that love between the two kingdoms to grow once more. King Benedict: I want that too but it’s too late. Prince Raziil: But why? King Benedict: Your father abused our friendship, killed my son stole my animals and you want me to help you! You have moved right into your grave young prince. When my son was killed by your wicket father I told him that a son for a son. He laughed at me for my kingdom is poor and now I will return the favor, I will not miss this opportunity. King Benedict roared and his words were like cold steel slamming against a glass. Guards! Guards! King Benedict barked as he ordered his security to seize prince Raziil. Prince Raziil was seized after a great defeat of his convoy. He lost so many men in the small palace battle that he ordered his men to give up. He was seized and thrown in prison. In Laqua the clothes of men, women, and children were tattered, their faces ashy and their bellies tight, they marched with cold eyes as they watched their city turn to ruin, Laqua was great in suffering. They had no place to go, the dying sun blazed their sorrowful bodies. Prince Raziil sat quietly in the furthest corner of the dark cell he was kept in, heads bowed and hands clamped tightly behind his back, right wrist tight in a death grip by his left wrist, shoulders straight, abdomen flat unconsciously presenting. Everything had a mirage-like quality in the cell, or perhaps he wasn't familiar with such dirtiness. What had he been thinking! He was such a fool to sail over here. He had to ascend the throne in his kingdom very soon. The door of the cell swung open and it was a guard holding the wrist of Raziil’s servant’s hand. He had received orders from the king but what could it be? The palace guard dashed in a forceful manner and to prince Raziil’s greatest dismay abused his servant in front of him until her terrified heart gave up, too much pain but Raziil could not do anything. In an exceptional thought of how to escape the present situation an undercurrent of anticipation hummed in the air as Prince Raziil drew his plan, the cell door swung open again he shivered a little, it was his uncle his father's brother, Von Red. Von Red came in a forceful manner, he wore a fashionable tailored green royal robe and with well-polished shoes, his robe swished around his ankles. He wasn't happy at all and his face was covered with a terrible look that could have frozen molten lava. Then in a cold frustrated tone he barked; Von Red: You lazy scum, so you are in prison. Prince Raziil: Anything you have with my father has nothing to do with me. Von Red: Ooh it does have something to do with you, you are his son. Prince Raziil: I am not my father. Von Red: Your father threw me out of Star, after stealing my throne. I hope you are not thinking of following his footsteps after all you are not like your father. Prince Raziil: About the throne, forget about it uncle I am not going to let you steal it from me. Von Red: I need to take back what is mine! Prince Raziil: You were reckless and conspired against my father that is why he drove you from Star. Von Red: You are never going to take that throne you are going to rot here in prison, dirty prince. Prince Raziil: You know! My father is right about your ugliness if it is to be bottled there will be no more empty bottles available. He roared his displeasure. With a flush of anger, Von Red hit the prince and left the prison

Chapter 2

Food was served to Raziil and he could not imagine that the substance that was served in the cracked bowl, with a pungent and choking smell coming out of it was called food. The guard that served the meal was attacked by Raziil. Raziil used the guard's sword to cut his chain. He fought like a mad man and killed the guard. Raziil's thoughts about his kingdom and his throne were eating him up and every instinct he had was screaming at him to save them. His hands and limbs streaked with blood from his fight with the guard, his shoulders slumped. He had to leave the palace before dawn, but greatest he had to free his fellow citizens of Star who were part of the convoy that escorted him to Laqua. The security in the iron made prison was tight, guards everywhere, the prince had a very little chance of surviving if he tried to escape, not to think of saving his convoy. Prince Raziil had a soft heart and decided to save his people no matter the result, the rich, snobbish and rude king of Laqua cannot be predicted how would have prince Raziil known of his dark heart? How would he have known that he could land him in prison? He had a heart of stone for sure, Raziil taught. It had been 3 weeks since their arrival in Star, Prince Raziil had lost his personal servant on his unpredicted journey. That was not the only bad news for the prince, Von Red had already ascended the throne and so prince Raziil was in hiding. After some few weeks, he Finally decided to confront his wicket uncle and so went to the palace to battle his uncle, the new king of Star. Prince Raziil arrived at the palace, slaughtered all the guards and bashed into the throne room, seeing his wicket uncle Von Red and his new queen Lau Red. With a flush of anger he roared; Prince Raziil: How dare you steal my father’s throne, I will make you pay for this. Von Red: What are you talking about? (giggled) Prince Raziil: You are not the rightful owner of that seat. Von Red: And who are you to determine who is to be king, young man you have crossed your boundaries. Lau Red: Indeed your boundaries have been crossed. Von red: Guards! Guards! Take this cockroach to the dungeon and lock him up in the darkest cell, no food, and water for 3 days and after the 3 days he will be burnt, he is hereby sentenced to death for treason. Von Red, without doubt, had a horrible temper, he had always been jealous of his brother. His wife contributed to his bad attitude and greed. His wife, Lau Red is a fierce fat lady. A handsome and short woman who was very devious and used her husband to get what she wanted. She had dark hair and had survived a severe episode of acne that almost led her to suicide. They now lived their lifelong dream of ruling the kingdom, finally, they succeeded. Prince Raziil was thrown in the dark dungeon where he was to make 3 days without food nor water, before his crucifixion. Alone in the whole world with neither brothers nor sisters to share his anxiety and sorrow, prince Raziil did not know who to trust anymore. His only friend, his personal servant, a helpless woman was raped in front of him why he was in chains. Prince Raziil had begun to doubt the circumstances surrounding his father's death and was sure his uncle, Von Red is responsible, he was damn sure his father was murdered because of his uncle, Von Red wasted no time to seize and ascend the throne. The throne had always been a trophy for Von Red who had tried to seize the throne through coups to no avail, for his father stood firm. Von Red was his father's first son but was not made crown prince, he was always jealous of his little brother, prince Raziil's father. A steamy air swirled through prince Raziil's cell. It was at midnight when prince Razaiil heard a voice. It sounded like his father's voice. He must have been imagining things his father was death and gone but the voice persisted, It sounded like a sudden blast of icy wind. He then paid attention to be sure he is not imagining things. Something about that voice made the sparse hair on the back of Raziil's neck stood up. Browed furrowed, Raziil inclined his donkey ears to get a better hearing. There was a note of menace in the cold voice now suddenly a white light came in through the prison corridors to his cell. The was a figure in the light, it was shaped as a human, it looked like an old man in shiny amour and Raziil immediately recognized the image to be his father, the ghost of Raziil's father had tried to make an apparition to speak to him, but without success. Then his father the late king spoke, his voice filled Raziil with horror; Death King: My son, my son, my son my soul is restless. Prince Raziil: What! Dad I have missed you so badly, why is your soul restless? Death King: My enemy succeeded Prince Raziil: Which of them? You had so many Death King: He who wanted what I had, he who wears the crown. Go to the mountains of Astaris and I will be waiting for you there, your life is in danger, escape so that you will be able to avenge my death and claim your rightful place as king of Star. The prince got up from a short nap, he had been asleep, it was all a dream, the voice and all was just a dream. Raziil then thought of what he had seen in his dream, a figure of his father, could it be a real experience? No, it's not possible, his father is death and gone. Looking up he saw the prison cell door wide open, shocked but happy, Raziil confirmed that his encounter with his father was real and felt a lot of distaste for his uncle. So Von Red killed my father, he giggled as he thought. Brave prince’ don’t smile at this, Von Red had to get justice these incurable conspiracies for the throne had got to stop, with a nervous tremor and a sinking heart he thought. Chapter 3 The death of his father was caused by his uncle, but how did he kill him? The prince wondered, hopelessness wrapped around his body like a thin cord, the throne is far from reach, alone and beaten each breath comes closer but he had to be strong, he had to escape that night because his execution was the next day. His father’s soul was restless and his father had given him a chance to escape, his father had opened the iron gate for him. Prince Raziil left the prison cell he was in and started his trial of escape. Wondering about the battlements of the castle, the prince heart pounded vigorously. Guards everywhere, the security was tight and dangerous but he nevertheless tried to defeat it with his wisdom. Going through the corridors of the court, Raziil met a human figure coming towards his direction, it was the court chamberlain and like a flash of lightning, he hid behind a pillar for the court chamberlain to pass. As Raziil left the kingdom gates he ran for his life like a young goat, and shaken off like a nightmare he had legs unbreakable as iron. He ran with the speed of light heading to Mt. Astaris, where his father's ghost had placed an appointment. His eyes were almost swollen shut with only tiny slivers of light shining through to let him know the path, in the deep dark forest he paced. Thank the god of star it was the full moon, he had been caught in the grasp of evil and successfully escaped. His heart pounded like never before, a dirty purple rob held upon his shoulder by thick straps, covered his naked body. His lips quivered and his chest expanded heavily, tears squeezed through his swollen eye as he thought of his father.

It had been a long and tiring journey, Raziil's legs were at the point of breaking but at last he reached. The mountain of Astaris was beautiful indeed, there were a cluster of trees with fruits scattered on them like the stars in the sky, beyond which lied natural fresh green grass nested within the terraced hills and outlined by colorful birds. Three days have passed no sign of his father. Was he imagining back in the cell in Star? The prince thought and shivered. If it was an imagination what will I do now, his troubling mind still directing. The cork cried for the 3rd time, its dawn. Prince Raziil woke up with a rested but sleepy body. The cave he lived in, on Mt. Astaris was not a comfortable one but he had no choice. He saw the shadow of a mysterious figure cast in front of him, there is a large creature behind him. The prince panicked as he turned around to see the creature, horrified and transfixed he realized with a thrill of terror that it was a dragon, the prince shook and a flush of adrenalin went down his spine, he found himself paralyzed with fright. Its red scales shimmered in the glow of the cave's firelight and reflected off the mineral walls, sending a splash of iridescent light all over the cave. Horius: I am Horius. Prince Raziil: (shocked) so you can speak! Horius: I am the last of my kind. Prince Raziil: I must be dreaming because dragons do not exist, I must be dreaming, tell me that I am dreaming! Horius: You are not dreaming, young prince Raziil. (voice suddenly sounded hoarse, as though his mouth had gone very dry) Prince Raziil: How did you even know my name? Horius: Your father sent me. Prince Raziil: How can he send you? My father is death. Horius: That is exactly why he sent me to you, to take over his duty. Prince Raziil: Duty? What duty? Horius: Your father was a dragon lord. Prince Raziil: What! How does he expect me to take over his duty? He did not teach me anything, I did not even know Dragons exist. Horius: You are a dragon lord, my master. Your gift is within you, I am waiting for your commands, (the merest trace of sullenness in his voice) my loyalty have never wavered. Prince Raziil: What about my father? (A sulky edge to his voice) Horius: That I cannot tell. This abbreviated visit by the dragon (Horus) did not barricade the road to truth, the prince (Raziil) must be certain that his father’s killer is Von Red before he strikes. The mysteries surrounding his father’s death were dark and deep as night and continued as the stars that shine. The dragon looked really old, old as an evening star and kindle like an angel’s wings the western skies in flame and from Prince Raziil’s judgment, its mentality was hard as bronze. Now his father had sent him a dragon to protect and defend himself, Von Red and King Benedict are going to feel the full length of his wrath. Back in Star, the new king and his wife had put the people through so much suffering. Taxes had been raised and poverty was at an alarming rate near that of the neighboring kingdom, Laqua. The ugly couple extended their level of riches at the expense of the kingdom and its people. The ugly couple cared less about the citizens and cared more about their personal gain, greedy was an understatement. They embezzled the funds of the people to fund their private projects. The queen, Lau Red got up from sleep in a forceful manner, she had a nightmare in which she was horrified. She explained what she saw in her nightmare to her husband, Von Red;

Von Red: My lady, what troubles you? Lau Red: I had a nightmare. (Gasping for air)

Von Red: What! A nightmare, tell me what you saw in it. Lau Red: I saw a fire, I saw blood, I saw sorrow, I saw our kingdom at war, things were terrible, I was horrified, but why was I? Von Red: why were you horrified? Lau Red: I saw you in a pool of blood, oh god I saw you in a pool of blood. (sobbing) Von Red: Pool of…. No that’s impossible. Lau Red: I hope it’s just a nightmare. (Still sobbing) Von Red: Don’t worry it’s just a nightmare. Lau Red: Oh God I saw a dragon, a red dragon. She said in a voice as cold as ice Von Red: A dragon? Are you sure? Lau Red: What with the expression on your face, you said it’s just a nightmare. Von Red: Yes I said, that is why it is nothing serious. Lau Red: My lion, are you hiding something from me? Von Red: Hiding something! No…no…no Lau Red: You know you can trust me, you can tell me anything, I know you, you are trying to hide something from me, tell me, my love, what is troubling you? Von Red: Ok..ok I will talk, in my family I was told we own a dragon, it is being handed down secretly to chosen family members from generation to generation, I don’t know if it’s true, and I also heard that is why our family name is Red, because we own a Red dragon, the last existing dragon, get back to bed my heart it’s just a myth. Lau Red: Ok my lion no need to fear I have confidence in you, you are always there to protect me.

Chapter 4

The queen roared since she noticed her breakfast was not yet served in bed. Shura? Shura? She screamed, every note coming out as sharp as the edge of an arrow. Shaken off like a nightmare the young female servant rushed in with the speed of lightning, she ran like a young spawn. Shura entered the well-furnished bedroom, the royal bedroom was glistening like threads of gold, Shura attended to the queen with trembling hands.

Lau Red: Why have you not served my breakfast?

Shura: I am in the process of preparing it at the moment my lady.

Lau Red: Shut up you lazy servant, I will one day execute you for your laziness. She said harshly.

Lau Red then angrily got out of bed and grappled Shura's head, her finger digging into her scalp and she lifted her until she was dangling on the tips of her toes, the pain rippled across Shura's breast, she then flung her servant to the side of the bed and roared, commanding her to leave, she was a short, fat and powerful woman indeed. Sobbing, Shura disappeared from the bedroom in no time, tears oozing out of her eyes, she was confused for her head was clouded like dew on the mountain.

It had been 7 months of prince Raziil's stay on mt. Astaris, he was still in exile. Seven months of loneliness had changed the prince, he had started talking to the trees, if not of his companion, his gift from his father, the dragon Horus he would have died of loneliness. Raziil bent down near the stream, the stream that had provided him with fish and water for his survival, as he bent down and looked into the stream, a young handsome prince looked back at him. It was a cool morning, Mt. Astaris was quiet as a nun's face, everything seemed normal.

The grass shook, Raziil took his face out of his hands, opened his eyes to navigate the arena, he had not had a game to roast for a while and he would be lucky to get one, probably a rabbit will be best.

Raziil took his self made bow with some arrows and headed for the thick forest to try his luck, his mouth was already watery for he loved roasted meat, there were an extraordinary amount of unusual things happening on this mountain but for sure this was just a game in the forest waiting to be caught, skinned and roasted. Nothing could disturb him at the moment. He entered the forest and there was no living creature in sight. Prince Raziil searched the forest restlessly, he noticed a shadow lurking it was a human figure, What! a human being on this frightful mountain? The prince shifted the thought from his mind, it cannot be a human being, humans are afraid of this mountain for Mt. Astaris was dreadful indeed. The idea of a human lurking on Mt. Astaris was absurd, impossible… Raziil shook himself mentally, he was being stupid.

The prince listened closely to the silence around him, the figure started getting closer and closer, finally it emerged from the thick forest it was hiding in.

It was a girl, a very beautiful girl and for the first time Raziil felt as if someone had knocked the breath right out of him, she had a body of milk and a hair of silk, his muscles loosened and his mouth went slack, with a lot of concern and care he approached the tender being for she was crying.

It was highly unlikely that a human being will be found in this dreadful place, Prince Raziil thought. The girl’s long red hair freckled, the last woman Prince Raziil saw was his big boned aunty, Lau Red who had the size and weight of a young killer wale, atlast finally he sees a beautiful female, after an episode of his aunti’s acne battleground face in which she used to frighten him with her large piggy eyes.

Prince Raziil: What is your name angel?

Rythia: Rythia, please don’t kill me, please…

Prince Raziil: No I will do you no harm, what are you doing in this dreadful place?

Rythia: Hiding

Prince Raziil: Hiding from?

Rythia: From my king.

Prince Raziil: Your king! Who is your king?

Rythia: King Benedict of Laqua.

Prince Raziil: Why are you hiding from him.

Rythia: He wants to kill me, he has ordered for my arrest and execution

Prince Raziil: But why? Why will you spark the interest of the king to the point of execution?

Rythia: He forced me to marry him and be his 13th wife and I escaped before it could be consummated, I did not want to lose my virginity to him.

Prince Raziil: Come here don’t be afraid, I will take care of you no one should be forced to marry, he is not my friend by the way.

He glowered at her and she raised to the occasion magnificently. He yanked her hands up and her shoulders screamed with pain, probably she had a dislocation that needed to be located. A whimper tried to escape from her but couldn’t get pass the lump in her throat, he gripped her elbow and pulled her along, her long rob in varying states of shabbiness creeping through the floors, light exploded between the tiny cracks in her swollen eyes while heat from sunshine hit their skin, he headed to the safety of his cave. Prince Raziil treated the girl harshly for he had no time to waste in trying to convince her to follow him, her life was in danger and she needed to stay hidden.

It was midday when they reached the cave, sunlight casted on the cave had turn its walls to gold. The cave floor was covered with dry, soft, olive-colored moss, they gave an exasperating sigh and plopped down on the floor, the prince shook his head in palpable sorrow for the poor girl. They both wore their wounds like stars.

Rythia: This is a comfortable place (astonished)

Prince Raziil: It’s the best on the mountain

Rythia: That means you really did research the best place on this mountain that can be inhabited by humans.

Prince Raziil: Yes I did (Looking into her eyes)

Rythia: I went through so much suffering in Laqua.

Prince Raziil: Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is God’s gift that is why we call it present.

Rythia: Whoa, whoa, whoa great. Where did you learn that from? Only royals are being exposed to such degree of knowledge.

Prince Raziil: I learned it from my father.

Rythia: Your father! He must be a man of great knowledge indeed (exited)

Prince Raziil: Well! He was.

Rythia: Ouch I’m so sorry for your loss.

Prince Raziil: you need not be, you did not kill him.

Rythia: what killed him?

Prince Raziil: I am to find out soon (with a depressing look on his face).

Rythia: Don't wait for a light to appear at the end of a tunnel, stride down there and light the tunnel yourself, if you need answers search for answers.

Prince Raziil: Are you royal born?

Rythia: No, why do you ask?

Prince Raziil: Because you also sound royal.

Rythia: No I’m not (laughing)

Chapter 5

Seating on the cave floors and looking around the enormous cave, they rested their lives, butterflies fluttering in their stomachs, to say they were hungry is an understatement. Excitement vibrated through the prince’ heart like fireworks, he had finally met a companion on this lonely mountain. Prince Raziil felt a palm sqeeze his hand, it was Rythia, she turned and gave him a sad smile, a smile of hidden sorrow, a smile of being liberated from king Benedict. Prince Raziil smiled and it touched his eyes. A few icy droplets of water hit behind him on the back of his head, prince Raziil shrugged as the droplet ran down his long and slender neck. The prince was struck by Rythia’s commanding presence as if the world revolved around her, he lunged for her.

Back in Star there was war, prince Raziil had stayed away too long. King Benedict of Laqua had stage a war to seize control of Star in order to extend his kingdom, warriors of Star were outnumbered 10-1 by King Benedict's army, Von Red might have been a man of great wisdom but he was lacking in terms of war s, Star was on the verge of falling, they were losing the war both on water and land, King Benedict had 10,000 ships, women and children were been slaughtered, Star was in great panic.

King Von Red staggered through the vaulted archway of the palace, trembling he sweated and his expensive rob was in ruin, he lunged for his sword for it was no where near reach, all his commanders were failing, he had no experience in battle but had to do something as a king, he had to defend his kingdom and had to get them to victory, oh what would he had done, why did he ascend to power in the first place, king Von Red taught. The 83 year old man gasping for air, a frown seized his brow and he began to perspire and then fled to his chambers like a moth to flame. On his way to his chambers, king Von Red met King Benedict’s army commander, he was tall and broad with ghost pale skin, a frightful man indeed looking very angry and brutal. What will he do now? He had no sword, nothing, no bow and king Benedict’s army commander who was 18 feet away ascended towards him with increasing momentum. King Benedict’s army commander’s irises were wide and dark red in color, he swung his sword as he gained grounds. King Benedict felt a surge of Adrenalin run down his spine, he had to use his secret weapon by the way only the two of them were involved in the party and so it will stay hidden, so this maggot things he can take me down so easily! He should be joking, king Von Red thought.

Benedict’s commander: No need to panic, just surrender and all will be over and you may and I mean may stay alive (swinging his sword)

King Von Red: Never! I will never surrender to Laqua, Star will stand its grounds and defeat your pit of ruins.

Benedict’s commander: Arggggggg. Grumbling due to King Von Red’s referring to his kingdom as a pit of ruins.

King Von Red: Do you think you can kill me so easily? I mean you must have heard of the saying “ as wise as Von Red” going around, haven’t you?

Benedict's commander: I have not heard of such imaginary saying, no one considers you wise and I can defeat you, as a matter of fact, I will kill you now. He stammered.

King Von Red: So you are one in a thousand that have not? Ooh, no doubt you are so ignorant of who is in front of you.

Benedict’s commander: (laughs)

King Von Red: Ooh then try and see. His accent was not easy to place.

The army commander leveled his sword at king Von Red's neck, then with the speed of light King Von Red reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver ring and immediately chanted some words that appeared to be magical words. Within a few seconds a yellowish light was vomited from the ring which aimed straight to King Benedict's army commander and he perished utterly like a blown out flame with no atom of him left to proof of his existence, he vanished into thin air, King Von Red then looked around to be sure no one saw the episode of event that had just happened for his secret weapon had to stay secret.

Queen Lau Red had no knowledge of what was going on, she was for a retreat accoding to the tradition of Star she had to have at least one retreat a year as queen to pray for her people. Queen Lau hated retreats and she had been itching to get it done since she had to abide by it for she was compelled to do so. She came back withered and she was as tired as tired could be, her usually sharp eyes looked lazy and hazy for she had been praying for 2 weeks. She came back ready to roar at her sorrowful servants but to her embarrassment, saw her kingdom in a state of ruin. She fumbled for her chambers in order to keep herself safe, her guards fierce and ready to destroy any threat. She made it to the chambers and found her husband the king sited on a colossal mahogany four-poster bed with a look of fright and confusion on his face and his eyes focused to wonderland.

Lau Red: my king why are you so troubled? She said trying her best to be polite (Gazing at the king with terrified eyes)

Von Red turned and gazed tiredly towards his wife looking very tousled and weary but said nothing.

Lau Red: What is happening to our kingdom? (She barked with concern covering her on her frightful face)

Von Red: It seems Benedict want to thirst our strength, can’t you see there is a war?

Lau Red: I do have eyes but this is not you, nothing has ever made you look so pale my lion if you are down how will I not panic? Bottle up his highness you are a Red for god sake (She roared).

Von Red: Call for a servant, send her to look for Sisis the female commander, Sisis should be told it’s urgent. He said calmly and in a cold and painful voice, King Benedict’s men are hungry, they are hungry to take over Star but they will fail and fail badly.

Sisis was called and she appeared in the room, she came to the king as fast as possible, the king sent her to search every part of the world for Prince Raziil, he claimed Prince Raziil may have a family secret that would liberate Star from this moment of hardship and defeat. Sisis was the first woman to go to war, she was a bony and handsome woman looking very muscular and frightful, her lips always pursed above her horse-like teeth and she had no breast, most people who did not know better mistook her for a man for she was always in shiny amour. She did not only go to war as a warrior, she is now a commander. Sisis left the war battle ground and she did not bother to search in Star because she knew the prince could be nowhere near Star, she fled straight to the neighboring kingdoms. She was bellowing like a wounded hippo as she rides her horse putting the horse through so much pain and sorrow by serving it with numerous lashes, she was a bad tempered woman indeed. 

Sisis the female commander batted her eye in every corner of the seven kingdoms, she managed to survive the tragic site of some slums in the name of kingdoms. There was a tragedy, people were dying due to the war and the people lived in a survival of the fittest, the weak died. There were many disenfranchised men and women still alive, the marginals of peace had been forgotten.

What did the other kingdoms care about the war? The truth is they didn't there was a lot of division among the seven kingdoms and everyone was everyone's enemy. Wheather these vices were a contributing factor to the war, it did not matter for every kingdom was out to gain as much as it could get. Sisis the sixty-year-old commander was a woman known across the seven kingdoms for her intense bravery, she had defended star and won so many battles and she was the first woman ever to land on a battlefield. She did not care about comments from her fellow humans because they were harsh for she was always badly labeled for her manliness, she was far removed from the conventions of society. The jaded residents of the neighboring kingdoms were of no help to her so she used her few scouts from Star for the search of the prince. During the search, Sisis encountered difficulties and resistance from some kingdoms to allow her entry, she treated such hosts by slaughtering them with her sharp sword and sliced their stomach open, emboweling them and ripping their gut from liver to spleen, she always left the decapitated bodies where they were been killed.

She had searched every part of every kingdom, but she did not succeed to find the prince, when she was about to give up, a strange thought came to her senses and it read “what about mt. Astaris?” she shook her head and decided to give it a try, she then turned and after a big decision making with her convoy, she went started the journey to mt. Astaris in search of the prince, the search had taken a heavy toll on her and she was about to give up. She ride her horse and her red eyes scanned across the thick forest climbing the mountain, birds songs were like chocolate for her ears for she loves the sounds birds make.

Many miles away prince Raziil and her new love Rythia were having a honeymoon without marriage, Rythia’s hands jerked at the sound of Raziil’s voice as they discussed causing the lizard in her palms to scamper away it was so good to be true for the both parties as they looked into each other’s eye sitting on the floor of their nature granted cave. They were fond of themselves and were killing each other with their presents. Prince Raziil jerked his head up as he heard the floor of the mountain shaking, it was the female commander Sisis and her convoy, he immediately held up his bow and aimed for her but missed.

Sisis: I come in peace, my prince I am not here to capture you and take you back to prison (she said gasping for air)

Prince Raziil: Why should I believe you, how am I to be assured that you are not here to kill me (looking at Sisis very suspiciously)

Sisis: Your kingdom needs you my prince, Star is under attack, King Benedict wants to seize control of your kingdom, your uncle Von Red has sent me to search for you and says you are granted your freedom if you help Star (still gasping for air)

Prince Raziil: How bad is the state of war?

Sisis: We are losing, Star is on the verge of falling.

Prince Raziil immediately climbed on his horse and was about to start riding.

Rythia: How am I to be assured of your safety, I want to follow you, I wish to die by you (she said, with a look of concern on her face)

Prince Raziil: Stay here my love, I will be back to take you to star to be my queen, when all of these is over I promise (he said why he left alongside Sisis and her convoy.

The war was brutal on the side of Star, the queen had been captured, Lau Red had been killed with a deep sense of loss Von Red was fighting restlessly aiming at his enemies with all his strength and might. The frightening image of his kingdom in ruin remained locked up in his head, this was no coincidence and this was coming he knew this since the day his brother closed his eyes, other kings will take advantage of the situation and feast on Star.

A grayed lord and his lieutenants stood infront of King Von Red, it was king Benedict, they were face to face now with each other. Concern and confusion filled each party as they gazed ineffectually in each other’s direction. Each knight was armed and armored in hard steel, chainmail and a sword with some holding hammers as a substitute, all silver hued and polished to a gleaming shine. Their war horses snorted and skittered as they started advancing towards each other. Steamy breath rose from both horses and men as they attacked each other slaughtering each other with all might and strength.

King Benedict slaughtered all of Star’s army, they killed King Von Red and was about to celebrate when a malignant and clinging mist appeared appeared from nowhere and cut their vision but to a distance. It wafted about and sickened the men of Laqua, it was the site of Prince Raziil and the female commander with her convoy, with their mist came a bone chilling cold that made the men of Laqua shivered.

King Benedict: hahaha, welcome young prince to your doom, you will not escape this time because you will be killed here and now.

Prince Raziil: Fotatol aerifon hexicadi pfeatherlit. Fotatol aerifon hexicadi pfeatherlit. Fotatol aerifon hexicadi pfeatherlit. Fotatol aerifon hexicadi pfeatherlit

After prince Raziil spoke the dragon language, a red beast that seemed unbreakable as iron appeared from the sky, its wings spread and descending as powerful as possible. King Benedict’s eye narrowed and his army tried to save themselves and fight the dragon but it was too late, the fire breathing red dragon roasted their sorrowful bodies and Star was saved, the men and women sang songs for their victory and their brave king and Raziil was crowned king. Raziil got married to his first and last love Rythia and they bore two children of the both sexes, they lived happily ever after.


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