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Submitted: November 04, 2016

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Submitted: November 04, 2016



- Your fucking ass! What do I have this punishment for? – She’s looking around. Quarry’s mud was everywhere. A little rain started, flooding the mine, tools and them.

- My fucking ass? Do you really know why you sent here with this order? Shut up and keep working!

- What? I’m outranking you. You’d do I say.

- Ha. Yes, of course! And now, give me this pipe; I need to measure its diameter.

Rain became stronger.

- It's raining cats and dogs! I come to the end of my journey in this damn place!

- If you hadn’t pinched my ass when we stood in the line in the morning I wouldn’t have been here! – She wanted to howl from the felling of the powerlessness.

- C’mon! You’ve been here, because you bit officer’s wife two months ago. You’ll be here sooner or later. It doesn’t have any sense.

- Yes, I did it. But I did my best to hammer down this trouble. You crashed all my plans on this weekend, I hate you! – She was giving him a piece of the pipe and stumbling over a lap. Mud was spreading in different ways.

- Lucky, you are!

Measurements were completed. Companions could weld this piece to others.

- Whatever, I’m very mad at you. You acted like a curtain climber!

- I know, I can’t help myself when I see your ass.

- I have a boyfriend, you know!

- Yes, I see. Why didn’t he figure out this little problem? Have you ever heard about my reputation? All of you were sent to me and got impossible orders, because I’m for you like a fine battalion. I don’t know why the command took a dislike me. Don’t worry; we’ve got a lot of work!

They got an order to fix communications in this quarry. The command decided that they would have enough time to do all stuff well. They had only two days, but they seemed that they needed not less one week to do this.

- If you had acted like a normal soldier, we wouldn’t have done this by only: a generator, a welding machine, shovels and explosive.

- You’d start thinking like a trail blazer. Try to find a way out of the situation. – He threw bubble gum in his mouth.

- How do you piss me off! You can’t even imagine!

- Take it easy! You demoted to soldier anyway.

- We have only one day to do it instead one week! You must come up something to solve the problem.

- If I wanted to help you it couldn’t help you. I’m sorry. We won’t be able cut it. But …

- Why do you stop (talking)? – She bawled out at him louder than the rain was.

- Do you really want it?

She approached so close to him and nodded.

- I think it’s only one way to keep my rank.

He reached his backpack and got a flask with rum. Smiling, he suavely offered her to drink.

- What is it?

- This’s the sacred vessel with a healing drink, -he was smiling.

She took a flask and made a few sips.

- It’s rum! – While she was breathing air, she answered.

- What did you expect to taste? Of course, it’s a strong liqueur. You get used to it.

- I knew the communication with you would have taken its roll sooner or later. I was such a stupid girl! I planned on taking the dinner with my friend.

He looked at her so skeptical.

- Okay, okay, with a boyfriend. Now it doesn’t matter. I want to pay each other time while we are doing something pleasant. I was knocked for a loop while I was reading the commission’s verdict.

- Stop whining! I know what you wanna do. I had my own plans.

- I know yours. Drink in the pub and caught some girl to fuck!

- You exaggerate…

Their discussion was interrupted by the incoming call.

- Good day, fighters! - There was a commanding voice. The transparent screen was created in front of them. The commander could see these soldiers under the rain waist-deep in the mud. Soldiers welcomed their commander.

- Nice day, sir!

- Would it be done in time? Lieutenant Tracy, do you remember your career depends on this mission?

- Yes, sir!

- That’s great! I’ll be waiting for your report! Remember soldiers, it’s a war! You can’t take off from work!

She sat down on a stone in the mud. It was the end.

- If we had some robots to lay this pipe as fast as possible, I would keep my rank.

- They don’t give them us anyway; I broke 3 of 4 last time.

She looked like a frail cup.

She brought herself to stand up on feet and was going to bring a new piece of the pipe.

- I’m really so sorry, Tracy. It’s true.

- Lead the way… Oh! C’mon, Peter! Who am I asking for help?

- Be confident! I look like a stupid man, but I’m really invincible one. This isn’t the first war in my live.

- But, It couldn’t make a real leader from you. Okay? Throw me the flask.

The rain was going to stop. The rivulets of the mud decorated the sunset. A climate on this planet was not so harsh and there weren’t aggressive monsters. Although this planet was in the rear, sometime enemy landings brought troubles.

- Do you know, this planet isn’t an avant-garde one? I won’t die here.

- They’ll pay a family very little.

A crazy thing popped into his mind.

- Okay, if you’re afraid nothing I’ll try to help you in a very extreme way. Are you with me?

- I'll be grateful to you so much.

- I don’t think so. Okay, anyway. I’ve got so much friends and bodies. They’ll help us to do the miracle.

- May I say you something important in person.

- Yes, of course! There isn’t anybody.

- I’ll acquaint you with my friend Kate if you figure out this problem.

- It’s the tempting offer; not only have I had plans on her but also I had them on you.

- I can’t believe I heard. Only her!

- With you!

- I’m practically married.

- Nope!

- Yep!

- Deal!

- What? I’m getting confused. Okay!

I’ll do it, because she’s a completely right soldier and girl. She’ll be hard to get through if she is disranked. He opened his contact book and flipped through contacts when one of them was come into focus. She tried to make out notations which were under the face and number, but unsuccessfully. The first call was started.

- Hi, bro! – In the big screen, there’s a smiling face of the elder mage.

- What’s up!

- A-ha-ha! I saw you relax in the mud with your girlfriend.

- Yes!..

- No! I’m not his!

- I see, I’m joking; I’m in a good mood.

- We have troubles, little ones.

- You say in this way, because you won’t be able to pay me to decide big troubles.

- Such the wise is! She had a lot to take in today. Her live was totally changed. It was all my faults.

- Could I possibly help you?

- Give me three, not forth are better, golems.

- Are you crazy?

- Totally! C’mon! We've gone through so much together and how much we’re going to go.

- I’d report to the council.

- You always help me, so do I. I can’t give you best advices, but if I were you I would be tell them that I asked you for help.

- Are you out of your mind? But, it has a meaning.

- When I helped the council in a very delicate question they didn’t matter that I’ve been troubled on every side. You in?

Where does he know this mage from? Both of them look like men from absolutely different universes. It doesn’t prevent them talk like buddies. I’d try to know him better.

- I’m going to hit the road for not less three months. I give you them. Use them reasonably!

Call was completed. In front of them four spheres were created by a mage.

- It isn't enough to complete your tasks till the morning comes.

She flipped out.

- Do you explain, what’s going on, don’t you?

- I asked for help, it’s all.

- The race of mages is our enemies now!

- Yes, it is. You’ll be able to message our command if you kept being a soldier.

- I pretend that it didn’t hear that.

- Putting bugs in people years gives a result, it’s only diplomacy. – He got sandwiches from the backpack. How about eating?

- I’m completely famished, especially after rum.

- Give me the flask.

- Nope! You said that I’d take it easy. I follow your advice. – This is the first time she has smiled.

- Idea! What do you know about succubuses?

- We’re fighting with them in different galaxies for a long time. What are you asking for? Stop! You wanna … - She stranded on him.

- Yes! I used to do it, but I haven’t got so much practice in this. I’d summon several them, I think.

- Frankly say, I was tired to be surprised. How have you been tested by the keepers? You should have been forbidden to join the colors.

- They’ve known.

- What the fuck?

- It’s true. Try don’t tell anyone.

- Why? Which reason? You’ve already crashed two cruisers, several aircraft fighters. It’s only that I know.

- I don’t have a correct answer. I think, they check me or system which they created. You ought to ask them.

- Have you got keepers numbers?

He kept silence.

- Unbelievable!

He started doing his business. She was watching for his attempts to summon them. It was going late into the night. She looked like a pristine flower against the background of him. After three hours of attempts, he flaked out. Something was going wrong.

- Fucking Jesus. What should I do that these fucking succubuses have been summoned? When I summoned them to hang out they always were in time.

- Don’t swear sweaty. We’ve been here for two hours. Are you mad at us? – They were abusive giggling. Who’s she? Are we sacrificing this victim? You have pizzazz!

- Arrr!

- Girls!..

Chatter kept going.

- Ladies! I committed a responsibility on myself, because you’d help us.

- We were left to fend for oneself by our command. – She interrupted them.

Peter was understandable and predictable and they used to spend time together, that’s why they were wary of her. They weren’t skittish, but nobody wanted to get troubles.

- Okay Peter. What do you offer us? – “Ladies” gathered around him. One of them kept leading – I wanna you, so do I, me too, I with you!

- Oh! C’mon. We haven’t got enough time to discuss about your wishes.

Tracy looked overwhelmed; she saw inexplicable situations one-by-one. He took spheres and opened them. Stone golem was summoned first; Air and two Water ones were done.

- Ladies, I love you. Where are your devils? We heed not less 50 to work tempo.

They summoned devils. He ventured out for me. It’s so cute with his hand. The runt devil came up to Peter to ask: “What should we do?”

- We’ll make a fairy tale come true.

Succubuses and Tracy grimaced their faces.

- Elementals, guys. We need illumination over the trench during the entire length.

- I’ll do it, without problems – Said Air one.

- Devils! I’ll mark up a territory; you’d dig 4 meters depths and put explosive charges in them.

- Other Elementals, are you able to do the welds?

- Okay. Slice them by 300 meter parts. I help you in welding.

- What should we do? – Tracy and succubuses asked with the undisguised interest.

- Of course, you’re. Here's the construction plan, tasks and drawings. You’ll check out our work. Can you be reading drawings?

- It isn’t a problem at all.

- Where did you study to read them from?

- I tell you later, - She went into a smile.

- Lets the game begin.

Ladies marked the territory; devils dug depths and set up explosive. It was time to start. The explosion flashes cover all. Without doubt, this action was note by all satellites this star system. The near work continued during morning comes. At 10 o’clock all tasks have been done. He checked the weather forecast.

- Hm. It’ll be a dry weather. Let pump out water from the trenches.

The final steps were done, and Elementals went into their spheres and dissolved in space. Ladies and devils were in mud from the head to foot.

- Thanks for your quick help.

All were hugging.

- See later. We’ll come back for you to hang out. Devils follow me! – Girls commanded. After making a line they went into portals. There were only Tracy and Peter.

- We did it, I did, I did, did it! – She shouted. – I was saved!

- I wouldn’t hurry to rejoice. I think it can’t end so.

There was incoming call in confirmation his words.

- Are you probably mad? You want not only are you dismissed from the army but also I’ll go to a tribunal. Never have I been as angry as that before. Both of you run the ship! Now! The disciplinary commission is waiting for you.

- But sir!

Call was over.

- This is my career’s end.

- Don’t worry, I know, what I’d tell them. We did it, anyway. We did it that still seemed impossible yesterday.


“Sector D” Central Command Headquarters.



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