When the Bombs Fell

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The prequel to the events of a larger novel under construction currently. It follows the following couple of hours after the nation of America comes under attack from foreign enemies. *character names could possibly change*

Submitted: November 04, 2016

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Submitted: November 04, 2016



When the Bombs Fell

Clarke, New Genesis…

Isaac and Aaron sat together over a campfire just outside the boundary of a designated campground.  The flames danced and popped inside the handmade fireplace.  Stars glowed brightly in the night sky.  Aaron stirred the fire with a large tree branch.  He silently stuck a pot containing their dinner in the middle of the fire pit. 

“What was it like?” Isaac asked. “Earth, I mean.  Before the wars?”

Aaron built the fire back up where the pot had smothered it.  “Honestly, I can’t remember much prior to the end.  Maybe a few days of school before the bombs dropped.  Not much more before that.” He stared into the flames for a moment. 

“Well, what about the day it happened?” Isaac questioned the man.

“It was bright and sunny,” he answered.  “Just an ordinary day in school.  I was in the eleventh grade.  Just got my license a couple of days before…”


Aaron was bored out of his mind in English class.  The teacher couldn’t be any more boring.  To pass the time, Aaron had a copy of The Hobbit hidden behind his textbook.  It wasn’t helping much today; because he was stuck at a boring spot in the book now.  His friends sat all around him.  Trevor was fast asleep.  Cole was actually paying attention and taking notes.  Why he needed to take notes on his own native language, Aaron had no clue.  Austin might be daydreaming, but his back was to Aaron.  The teacher must’ve given up on keeping Trevor awake.  That was fine, because Aaron gave up on helping him stay awake too.  They only had a few minutes left in class, but it couldn’t let out soon enough.  Aaron was already starting to pack up his things when he felt the first rumble.

Trevor popped his head off the desk and looked around.  All of Aaron’s friends had looks of confusion on their faces.  The teacher kept talking, unfazed by the small quake.  There was a second and third rumble that made her coffee mug fall off the desk and shatter on the floor.  Aaron knew exactly what was happening and snatched his back pack off the floor.  The high school student was already heading out into the hallway. 

“Aaron, where do you think you’re going?” the teacher snapped.

He didn’t answer, just snapped his fingers and motioned for his friends to follow him.  Other students were stepping out into the hallway.  Teachers were calling to each other from opposite classrooms. 

“What’s the plan?” Cole asked nervously. “I can’t believe this is actually happening.

“Yeah, your brother was right after all,” Trevor shuddered.

“First thing’s first: we need to get to the gun and pawn shop,” Aaron answered quickly.  “Empty our bank accounts, because they won’t matter for much longer.”

“Aaron!” Kristin, Aaron’s girlfriend, shouted and ran down the hall to meet him. 

“We gotta go, hon,” Aaron told her. “Right now!” He turned to his friends. “Get going!”

They were sprinting down the hallways now, hurrying to get out.  The building shook violently, glass shattered around them.  Then, Aaron was thrown to the ground.  Bells rang in his ears while dust and bits of sheetrock pelted his back.  There was screaming.  Someone screaming at him and tugging at his shirt.  He shook his head and jumped to his feet.  Thomas, another friend of Aaron’s, slapped him on the back.

“Let’s go!” he shouted and pulled Aaron along.  His friends were already outside when the bomb struck the school.  They were gathered in their usual parking space near a side exit in the student’s parking lot.  All of them were panting and scared out of their minds but under control. 

“We all know the plan,” Aaron sighed.  “Let’s get going!”

Trevor and Austin climbed into Cole’s car, Aaron helped Kristin into his truck, and Thomas hopped into his own pickup.  The pawn shop wasn’t even a mile away from the school, but Aaron was worried about how many people might be struggling to loot the guns already. 

“Crap!  I can’t get a signal!” Kristin threw her phone up onto the dash out of annoyance. 

“Whoever’s bombing us is jamming communications,” Aaron said as he sped down the road. “I’m glad my brother warned me that this might happen.”

“Holy- What about him?” she asked worried. “Do you think he’s okay?”

Aaron thought about his older brother overseas.  They had been fighting in the Middle East while they struggled to fight the impending threat of Turkey invading the small countries to the south.  Most likely, Allen would be flying high over the enemy right now, waiting to jump into combat with the rest of the 82nd Airborne. 

He just shook his head and gripped the steering wheel tighter, “He’ll be fine.”

They were in luck upon reaching the parking lot.  The only vehicle parked outside was the owner’s old Ford pickup truck.  Aaron finally took a moment to look up into the bright blue sky.  There were bombers flying in endless formations trailing jet streams behind them.  Aaron was shocked at their numbers.  He peeled his eyes away from the planes and marched to the shop with confidence.  Aaron grabbed the doors and swung them open.  A shotgun barrel greeted him in the hands of an old man.  All that confidence melted out of the teenager and almost wetted the seat of his pants.  The man lowed his weapon slightly and looked at the other high school students lined up outside.  When he realized they were no threat, he motioned for them to come inside. 

“You’re Kevin’s boy, aren’t ya?” the man asked as he barricaded the door.

“Yes, sir.  We’re not here to rob you.  We’ll pay for everything we need,” Aaron answered as an explosion shook the store.

“Boy, we’re being attacked and the apocalypse is upon us,” the man spat onto the floor. “Take what you want.”

If Aaron didn’t feel like he needed to be in such a hurry, he would’ve been shocked by the man’s answer.  Instead, he just started grabbing weapons off the wall and stuffing them into duffle bags. 

“Cole, load us up some ammunition.  Only grab boxes that say 5.56mm and .223,” Aaron ordered his friend and tossed an empty bag his way.

Trevor broke one of the glass cases and shoved handguns into his backpack. “Austin, get some 7.62mm, 30-06, and some 9mm and .45 ACP rounds!  Grab extra mags for those sizes too, including the AR mags too.  Thomas, grab any rifle with a 7.62 or 30-06 caliber!”

“What about me?” Kristin asked. “What should I do?”

Aaron looked around the store and handed her a bag, pointing to a small rack of shotguns. “Look at the tags and grab 12 and 20 gauge guns.  No double barrels or single shot barrels.  Austin, when you finish with those boxes of ammo, get shotgun shells!”

They emptied the gun store and were on the road within ten minutes.  Each of them went their separate ways with promises to meeting again at Aaron’s house out in the country.  Tires screeched as Aaron turned into Kristin’s driveway.  The house was empty.  Kristin’s mom was gone on a business trip while her dad was probably already at the Air Force base an hour away deploying drones.  Kristin’s sister was out of the state in college. 

She was furiously packing clothes into suitcases while Aaron paced the first floor, keeping an eye out for looters.  Everything was chaos within the city limits, they had a small brush with it when they were trying to get to Kristin’s house, but all was quiet for now.  She left a note on the kitchen counter and was ready to go.  Thomas was already at Aaron’s house.  He was unloading his bags of guns right there in the driveway.  Aaron moved his mom’s car out of the garage and pulled his truck inside.  They began to stack the bags on the bed cover of his truck. 

It was over an hour when the others finally arrived.  They were white as sheets and trembling.

“What’s wrong?  What happened?” Aaron asked nervously.

“Nukes, man,” Cole began. “They dropped nukes.”

Aaron kicked into high gear and began running to the backyard. “Thomas, on me!  Everyone, just get the weapons inside!”

“We started reinforcing the house and surrounding property,” Aaron said calmly.  “We kept a trailer loaded with scrap metal and began using it as defenses on the windows and doors.  It took us about a week, but we managed to fully fortify the house.”

Isaac sat at the man’s feet, just taking it all in.  Absorbing the information like a sponge.

“My brother had told me a month before that something big was going to happen.  I made plans with friends and got things ready.  It only took a week for everything to collapse.  But it’s a long story from there, you don’t want to hear it,” Aaron waved his hand whimsically in the air.  “Anyways, let’s eat!”



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