The Month of Love

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This is about universal love and brotherhood

Submitted: November 04, 2016

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Submitted: November 04, 2016




Ruchida Barman (Jaipur, India)


Love is trendy; it is matter of craze,

Now love is tagged into particular dates,

Can love be confined to a day, week or month?

Should we celebrate this lovely love?

Only on particular one day, week or month?

Is this emotion an object for market’s commercialization?



Love is lovely, love is eternal, all encompassing,

Love is pure, love is tolerant and love is about sacrificing.

But today I am not so sure, that love is so pure,

The love for religion and power makes others kill,

The love for short pleasure makes others rape and kill,

How this inhuman brutal thing could be known as love?



It shatters me into pieces,

My inner core screams to stop!

This can’t be love, please don’t name it as love,

This is not lovely at all,

This is not pure, this is not tolerant

This is not love for sure.

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