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Submitted: November 05, 2016

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Submitted: November 05, 2016



Having spent a while
helping my father
saw wood
I go off to meet Jane
by the water tower
by the farm drive

birds fly to fro
from hedge to hedge
across the narrow road

a slight breeze moves
the hedgerows

a sound of a tractor
in a field over the way

I look along
the narrow road
and see her walking
along towards me

her dark hair
tied in bunches
a summery dress on

have you been
waiting long?
She says
as she approaches me

no not long
I say

she smiles
and her eyes light up
as she comes to me

just been helping
my dad saw logs
I say

that's good
I helped my mother
with the washing
before I left
she says
where shall we go?

Don't mind
I reply

let's go to the top
of the Downs
and see how far
we can see
she says

so we do
we walk up
the drive
that leads to the Downs
and see the ruts
where the motorbike rally
goes sometimes

walk past
the hollow tree
where we have been
now and then
and up through
the avenue of huge trees
on either side

she talking
about birds
she has seen
that morning
about a Yellow Hammer
by a hedge
not long before

I watch her
as she talks
and take in
her fine black hair
and her brown eyes
lit up with life
and the excitement of being

I say nothing
just listen
wishing I could
hold her hand
and kiss her cheek
but do not
just listen
to her words
come and fly
like uncaged birds.

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