And Straight On Till Morning

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is one of those times, where trying to explain this can be more difficult that just showing you. The world is full of magic, monsters and things we either don't believe or can't believe. Would you believe me if I told you I had seen it all? I have been through the ages and etched myself into the footnotes of history waiting for the right time to awaken again. The 4 of us came from a long way away, many years ago to try to find a member of the royal family who was lost. We stand like ghosts, never allowed to live or love until our task is complete, but that is not to say we have not come to love this world. Calamity follows our every move, and death on every doorstep, so when all the familiar faces fade, we remain. If you have found this then we have failed, please listen to our story so our lives may have had meaning.

Miyako Chiura keeps having nightmares. They are so real and vivid that she has trouble discerning reality from her dreams. Recently she has started to develop insomnia as her body's defense against the anxiety and fear making her question how much of her dreams are imaginary. A quiet boy starts going to her high school, who always seems to be at the center of controversies that interfere with her life. Will this stranger shrouded in mystery hold the answers to the odd dreams and what has been happening all around her, or is he a nightmare come to life.

Table of Contents

Finding Light in Dark Places

Submitted: November 05, 2016

The earth starts to shake, the sky is filled with fire and the sounds of people running in a panic trying to get away from their impending doom at the hands of a cataclysmic force. "Can you hear
me?" a man says kneeling over a girl who is lying flat on her back in a cobble street, the air smells like sulfur and the heat intensifies with every breath that seems to burn her lungs. "I can
hear you, but why are we here? What is this place?" she asks with no recollection of what has happened up to this point. "I can't explain now, all you need to know is we have to get out of here,
can you stand?" the sound of desperation fills his voice as he places a hand under her back to help her get up and stand. "Is it snowing?" she asks while still very confused about what is going on
and who this strange man is. "Not quite" he says with a half-smile as he surveys the area seeming to look for something or someone to guide him. "How do we get out?" he shouts as a roar bursts from
his lips across the white covered landscape, and a man’s voice almost sounding like it is coming off the wind replies, "follow the west bank as far down as you can, the rest of us will meet you
there". The shallow waves break onto the sand and cobble shore with increasing intensity. The embankment curves like a crescent as it disappears into the distance with hills and cliffs protruding
out like spines from a creature. "What’s going on?" she exclaims as she looks into his eyes with tears in her own, trying to mask the fear that has taken over her. "You have such soft eyes" she
says calmly smiling anticipating her own doom, "You always say that" he says with a smile and a soft tone that is reminiscent of the way old friends speak to each other. She thinks hard to remember
his face but has no recollection of him and wonders why he would say that.

A loud boom sends a violent tremor with an ear shattering shock wave that spreads across the city towards the sea that lays to the west. The sounds of people screaming, running and crying fill the
night sky, and the clouds that hang over head are so think you can almost grab them. This place seems abandoned, like the people all got up and left, is there a war going on, she wonders. What
could be causing this? Why is this guy helping a girl he doesn't even know? if we get out where is he going to take me? So many questions raced through her mind as they headed further down the sand
and stone bank trying to resist the urge to look back and see what all the commotion is about, but unaware if her mind could handle it now.

The night is dark, with only seemingly weightless white flakes filling the air and the sound of waves breaking on the shore. "Don't look back, it will only make this harder and make you more
confused" he says with a stern tone in his voice, but now that it has been brought up it makes it harder for her to resist. A final colossal boom shatters the surrounding area leaving her ears
ringing and fear takes its grip around her already fragile heart and mind. Molten rock begins to rain down from the sky as if the clouds of death that hung above the city had started their final
descent to cleanse the city with a divine inferno. The girl looks back in horror as she sees a mountain in the distance projecting fire into the air with such sublime force that it leaves her
awestruck and frozen in place.

"Didn't I say not to look back?" he shouts over the sound of the shattering sky. The girl is watching the world fall to pieces and tears roll down her face. There is no emotion or word to describe
the sense of hopelessness that she feels as reality fractures and all of the light in the world seems to fade away.

A faint whistling sound is coming from the distance but growing louder by the second, she looks up into the sky and sees a large boulder falling right over head with a flame and a plume of smoke
that accompanies it. "We need to get out of here before that giant rock lands on us" she screams in a state of panic. "We will be fine" he says calmly with a reassuring look in his eyes, as if he
has seen this scenario play out before. The boulder is only about 100 feet above them, when she starts to cry and drops to her knees with her arms over her head. "You will be fine, don't worry" He
says calmly as he stretches his hand up and a silver light starts to glow in his palm, and then it spread and washes over her. It was soft and warm as if all the weight of the world has been
lifted, then it all fades to black.

An alarm clock rings with 6:00 am and a tone that would shatter the ears of even the deepest sleepers and the girl rolls out of her bed onto the floor. "Miyako I’m heading to the airport, don't be
late for school, I can't keep calling and making excuses for why you’re late" exclaims a woman from downstairs at the front door. "I will call you tomorrow when I land, be good and try to keep the
house clean" she shouts while leaving.

She opens her eyes after what seems like only a moment and sees the alarm clock says 07:34, "OH NO NOT AGAIN!" she screams in horror and disbelief, and begins to get herself together as quick as
she can to head to school, where she had an early morning student council meeting. Miyako runs with her umbrella to school and wonders who will be in her class this year, and if she will get to be
with her friends again or maybe meet some new ones. She arrives just in time to see the lists in the courtyard of home room class assignments for the year. It’s a warm day, the air smells crisp but
the feeling of rain looms in the city, as a sea of students find their friends after the spring break and start the new year.

"Chiura, Miyako 2-B" states the chart on the wall that denotes the home room classes that each student has been assigned to. She moves quickly towards her assigned room to make sure that she is not
late and see what her assigned seat is for this year. Maybe she will know someone in her classes that she can talk to.


A small house lays on the east side of town. It is inhabited by a young man who looks to be about 17. The land lady is an older woman who frequently bakes for him in exchange for help taking out
her garbage and helping her with her groceries. The house is modest, and furniture is sparse besides a short make shift table and a rolled-out bed that is laid out on the floor. The sound of rain
beats down on the old roof which muffles the buzzing sound of the refrigerator and the rhythmic dripping of the kitchen faucet.

“Another year of school, at least its in another place so I will have something new to hear about” the boy says to himself as he writes his name on a form at the small table in the centre of the
room. Eisuke Hisikawa is the name written on the form. Eisuke has a Japanese name but by the looks of him it is easy to tell that he is not Japanese, but his ethnicity is hard to distinguish. He is
average height with dark hair that never seems to lay completely flat giving the illusion that he has a stylish haircut, but it seems to just be the way his hair grows. His demeanour is that of
someone who stays to themselves, not because of a bad attitude just of someone who respectfully minds their own business and leaves people to their lives. His dark green eyes look like a swirling
tide of a tropical island storm that pull your attention to the blackness of its centre and his pale skin contrasts his dark features. A high school uniform still in a bag is hung from a wire
hanger on the back of the door waiting for the first time it will be worn.

The worn-down alarm clock on the floor reads 10:11 in bright red electric lights

“Well, I guess I better get to sleep, I have an early morning tomorrow” Eisuke mutters to himself as he slides off his pullover sweater and sinks beneath the covers on his roll out bed.

The wooden floors groan and creak with the ebb and flow of the wind as it moves in and out of the old house. The gusts give the illusion that the house is breathing as the wind passes in and out.
Morning comes quickly and Eisuke rises before dawn. There is a light fog that hangs over the city due to the drop in temperature from the night before. Rain lightly falls and to the east the sun
tries to break through the clouds but instead casts a red-orange haze over the city that looks like the whole horizon has been set ablaze as the sun rises and the silver splayed aura disappears
once more.

“I better take my umbrella” Eisuke thinks as he looks around gathering paperwork and ensuring that he hasn’t forgotten anything important before heading to school. Eisuke keeps a piece of paper in
his pocket with crude directions of how to get to school. . Eisuke walks under his umbrella with his headphones in his ears attached to his cellphone in his pocket. He has had problems in the past
making good first impressions because he always looks dark and mysterious, but not by his own volition. His dark hair and dark eyes making him look intimidating and like he is always angry or in a
bad mood. As Eisuke walks he takes in the sights, sounds and smells around him. The smell of the rain on the pavement reminds him of summer and he closes his eyes and just enjoys the moment as it
passes and smiles.

Eisuke arrives in the courtyard and see a bustle of students finding out where their new classes are and finding friends. He approaches the courtyard and looks through the crowd to see what
everyone is crowding around. Eisuke see’s that the assignments for homeroom classes are listed on the wall in laminated posters. "Hisikawa, Eisuke 2-B” reads the center form denoting the homeroom
class that Eisuke will spend his year in. Eisuke heads towards the main doors that are on the other side of the courtyard. The grass is brown and drowned by the immense amount of water that it
can’t absorbed. His black shoes make a squishing noise and collect mud as more grass is crushed and the center grass field turns into more of a muddy mire than a green space among pure white steps
and benches.

The hallways are filled with students and teachers, the green and white checkered tile floors are clean, and the walls seem to have new paint, giving off a faint odour and the illusion of
sterility. The classrooms for year 2 students are on the second floor up a stairwell with 2 sets of stairs separated by a landing. At the top of the stairs there are a series of large bay windows
on the left side and the classrooms on the right, denoted by room number plates above each doorway. "Class 2-B" reads the plate above the door and Eisuke slides the door open to see people in their
seats talking when suddenly, the eyes turn to him, a student no one has seen before. He takes his seat by the window second row from the back. He can see the cherry trees that overlook the court
yard, and when the windows open, he can smell the sweet aroma of the cherry blossoms on the warm wind.

A man walks in and stands at the front of the room. He looks to be in his mid-30's, tall and thin with dark hair, glasses and no facial hair. "Hello everyone, I am your homeroom teacher Mr.
Takamura, we will be together for your year 2. We have lots of great events planned, class trips and festival that we will be participating in. I will do my very best to make sure that the subjects
are interesting." Looking around the room checking out the students he has for this year. "Class representative for this year is Rika Kurosawa, does anyone have any objections to that?" He asks
inquisitively. There is silence in the classroom, and Kurosawa is acknowledged as the class rep for the year. "Ok, we will be starting off today talking about 19th century industrialism in Japan,
please turn to page 141 in your text" the teacher announces as the lesson starts for the day.

Eisuke opens his textbook and reads along with the lesson. Throughout the lesson he can feel glances hitting him from all over the room as other people look over and try to feel him out to get a
sense of what role he will play in the class and school hierarchy. Eisuke ignores the onlookers but understands the curiosity of the other students. Most of the people in the room have been
together for at least a year prior, making Eisuke an outsider which would undoubtedly draw some attention.

The lunch bell rings and students break off into small pods of friends who eat together. A girl approaches Eisuke’s desk. She was announced earlier in the morning as the class representative for
class 2-B.

“Hi there! My name is Rika Kurosawa, I’m the class rep for this year, I wanted to welcome you to our school and let you know if you need anything, I am here to help you! if you need a tour of the
school or if you have any questions on how things work just let me know.” She says cheerfully with a slight bow Eisuke stands up and bows slightly in return “Thank you for the warm welcome. I’m
still trying to get my bearing, so if I have any questions you will be my first stop.” Eisuke says with a smile Eisuke grabs his bag and heads for the door trying to find a quiet place to eat his
lunch and do some thinking. The hallways floors were so shiny that it was almost uncomfortable, and the pale green tiles had seen many years of students coming and going, goals realized, and dreams
shattered. Eisuke wonders how many more days he will spend walking these halls, leaving his own impression in the worn floor polish. How many words, laughs, smiles and memories will be etched into
the walls before he leaves this place. Eisuke finds a quiet place to eat and looks out to the sports field. He seems to lose track of time while he eats and gets lost in his own mind.

The clouds outside were getting denser and looked like there would be more than just a minimal amount of rain coming down. The wind picked up and the trees began to sway from side to side like a
ship in a maelstrom being tossed about as the wood groaned and stretched to its breaking point.

The bells chime denoting the end of the lunch period and Eisuke heads back to his homeroom. Class resumed and the lights flickered, the weather intensified outside with no end in sight and the
imminent threat grew larger and larger as the day stretched on. The whole essence of the world seemed to change and the feeling of something sinister became ever more present. Students reported
seeing figures in the hallways and hearing whispers from dark corridors. Fear is spreading in the student body and Eisuke can feel that there is something wrong. The lights flicker and go out. "No
one panic, we are just fine. The storm just knocked the power out, the generators will kick in soon" Mr. Takamura says calmly from the front of the room hoping to instill confidence in his
students. The loud speaker announces that the back up generator will be active for a short time. Class will end early today due to the power outage and inclement weather, so everyone should exit
campus and brace for the storm. The bulbs crackle into life with a high-pitched ting as they illuminate the room. Screams echo down the halls as the students are hastily moved out of their classes
and into the storm. Shadows that would normally be dismissed as harmless appear malevolent and hasten the exit of students who are scared of the dark and the loud cracks of thunder outside. Eisuke
walks the corridor towards the stairs when a faint whisper creeps down the hall but he can’t make out what is being said. A candle is all that is illuminated at the end of the hallway and there
seems to be a figure dressed in white that is almost translucent. The passageway is flanked by doorways that stand ominously like guards with tall shields directing anyone who should come along to
a predetermined destination. “Is there someone there?” Eisuke asks hesitantly moving towards the corner of the L-shaped hallway A young woman dressed in a white night gown from what looks like
early Victoria era walks with a candle down the corridor to the end of a hallway to a large ornate bay window that was not there a moment ago. Outside of the window is an ocean and a vicious storm
that is blowing what looks to be large trees as lightning fractures the sky and sets fire to the back drop for only a few brief seconds. “Nigel, wake the dockers. The ships have returned, and the
storm is getting worse, there is no time to waste” she looks back and Eisuke and commands him as if she is speaking to him but seeing someone else. “I don’t know what you are asking, or even what
you are talking about miss, are you lost I can help you off campus if you want?” Eisuke reaches out his hand and tries to lead her towards him “Hurry, there isn’t much time left” She smiles and
reaches out her hand “Not much time left for what? I don’t understand” Eisuke asks again trying to help the woman “Come to me, we can be together, they can’t keep us apart” She holds her hand out
motioning for Eisuke to come towards her Eisuke steps towards her and hears a light cracking noise. He jumped back just as the floor collapsed and the woman disappeared. Eisuke sat on the floor for
a moment trying to rationalize what he had just seen. Eisuke gathers his thoughts and heads towards the door and out into the deluge. The rain hits hard, and the deep black abyss is only lit up by
the fierce strikes of lightening that seem to crack and shatter the sky in a spider web of heavenly fury. The walk home is long and grueling, the rain soaks through even the thickest coats leaving
the wearer feeling chilled to the bone. Eisuke listens to calming music, Debussy is his favourite. He listened through headphones to keep himself focused or to just forget the world for a little
while if he walked home alone. The claps of thunder act as accents to the music causing the calming melodies to be laced with the sound of natures primal wrath. Scores of students line the streets
trying to get home and away from the constant pounding of the storm. Across the street from Eisuke are two girls walking home. “I hope the thunder isn’t too loud tonight, I love sleeping in the
rain but not when there is thunder. It really scares me” Sachi, a shorter girl with long black pigtails announces as she and her friend hide from the rain under umbrellas "I just wish I could get
some more sleep, I wake up in the morning feeling worse than when I went to bed" Miyako states blocking the rain and wind from her face. "Is it those weird dreams again?" Sachi asks with concern in
her voice "They are getting much more vivid and they feel like they are memories that are so real that I can almost touch them but then I wake up and they are gone" Miyako recounts from the
previous nights sleep "What was this one about?" Sachi asks inquisitively "It was a volcano erupting and there was this guy, I felt like I could trust him, and he acted like he knew me. It was
weird because he had this strange light come from his hand, it was so warm and just as he saved me from being killed I woke up" Miyako's memories come in waves as she retells her story "I just
can't remember his face, it is just a blur and the more I try to remember the less detail I can get from it" her mood seems somber as the sad reality hits her "Well at least it sounds better than
my dreams, I am either covered in spiders or end up naked at school. I wake up terrified in a cold sweat" Sachi thinks back to her dreams with disdain and disgust holding her shoulders shivering
dramatically. “I guess with the storm we will have to reschedule our after-school student council meeting for tomorrow morning. So, get some sleep! See ya later!” Sachi runs to a nearby house and
is greeted by her worried parents. Miyako walks another block and enters her house. She shakes off her umbrella, and heads upstairs to change into her cat pajamas. She sits at her desk and looks
out the window. She sees the new boy in her class walking by himself in the rain. She thinks to herself, “I wonder if he lives nearby? I hope so, the weather is pretty bad, and I overheard him
talking to Rika and I don’t think he is from around here.” She continues to follow him out the window as far as she can until a few blocks down she sees him enter a house and sighs in relief
knowing that he got home ok. Miyako tends to worry even if it is about someone she doesn’t know, just the thought of someone being lost in that storm made her feel uneasy. Miyako lays in her bed
and reads a book before falling asleep to the sounds of the storm.
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