Dear dad

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Submitted: November 05, 2016

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Submitted: November 05, 2016



Dear dad 

You're just a dead man 

A man with too much pride 

says that everything he did was all for the sake of our lives 

Like hitting a child wasn't a crime 

That it wouldn't follow me around until I die

You would go around and fool around with girls just to make yourself look cool

But who knew that you'd have 4 kids from different mothers that you laid a hand

Going around like love is a joke

well who will love you now that your broke

A broken man who can't get his kids back becuase all of them act like you dont exist 

You think it's fun to follow us around,  harrass us and laugh about it to your bitch 

The women who told me I was nothing but a helpless kid

You let her step all over me and treat me like shit 

Was it worth it in the end? 

Every single day It replays in my head

I cry myself to sleep becuase I feel dead 

I feel numb where you had hit 

These bruises have faded but what about the trauma I had to live ?

Go and live your pathetic life and keep me out of it until your dead 

There is nothing to forgive

Pull the trigger to your brain and ask god to forgive. 





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