Writing The Pain

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This is my another a piece of , a beautiful story of a boy and a girl showing that why we should save our love from going , in how much guilt we can face after doing just a silly mistake , i can say you will love just give it a read.

Submitted: November 05, 2016

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Submitted: November 05, 2016



  • What a feeling to be a big dad property and thats what i am , always have luxory and freinds and easy girlfriends due to my money , this has been 2 years i have been in college and have made 6 girlfriends , new in every three months what a great stud life everyone wish to be but i have got it . 
    This was my past but present is that from 2 months, i almost have started to hate my luxory life just because of her , 5 months ago she came became my girlfreind loves me so much , i dont think any body can love me like this , but this is not the main thing many girls have loved me but this time it was different i was feeling something what was it i dont know but there was something but untill i recognised it, the border line came of 3 month and i ditched her just like that but for what just for my ego or my stud personality which i didnt want to destroy but we always had to make a mistake to regret something and that what was it i was regreting ditching her but it was late ,she was gone already just leaving a letter for me , just a letter but comprising our story in just few words 

    "i am sorry for loving you and for making you love me , for making you ditch yourself whom you love before coming of mine into your life , but now you are doing right thing by realising your first love and giving it a chance, but please dont be surprised how do i know all this because we were in love , love is not only sharing our fb password or atm pin , its also of sharing feelings of each other without saying a single syllable and this was it ' love' what i have felt with you and feeling blessed to have experinced this but also cursed as i experince it with you who already love someone but what we can do as we know that love always comes with pain but this time it has came with an everlasting pain and i cant bear it more so i am going from your life not mine because i cant give you pain of regret just because i have loved you that so much while you will be reading this , i would have been gone already but please dont try to find me and betrays your first love again just for me , only thing i want to say bye , prays that you suceed in your life and the last thing 
    i love you"
    she is gone and i am alone here , i had tried to find her but not much because the last thing she demanded from me was this so i want to give that thing because i loved her that much but all above it was everlasting pain what i am bearing now what our love has given to me , she has taken her revenge by pen , her words have stabeed into me just like knife but whom i regret my mistake i had done 2 months ago


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Writing The Pain

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