I met a person, ONLINE…!!!

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Being alone and single, I do needed it sometimes.
I needed it sometimes because I want to know the purpose of my life.
But sometimes, you do need somebody in your life.
So, I entered the ‘ONLINE’ world.
I was scared to not know the unknown
I was scared what if I meet the wrong people
I was scared what if I get hurt again
I was scared but I am taking the risk.

I registered and started swiping the account of the men online.
Most of them were not true and was there for only for 1 thing (SEX).
I hated it so much, I closed my account but loneliness push me again to reopen.
Then I saw a picture which really skip my heart a bit :)

And yes he liked me too, it was mutual …!
We started chatting, days, weeks and months and finally met.

My first date wasn’t easy as I had to go through few hurdles, I don’t know why, but I overcame the hurdles and met him.

I was late, I am sorry my dear, for being late cause I hate being late.
When he saw me, he gave me such an enchanting smile and my heart skipped a bit again.
I was shy, my brain stop working, he hugged me and I felt, ‘Is he the one?’
We went to a bar and we were talking, basically he was talking most of the time.
I loved hearing him talk, I was mesmerised with his words coming out from his cute mouth.
I had to go because I was getting late though I didn’t want to bid goodbye.
He took me to the train station and my heart didn’t want to leave him.
I still remember his innocent, cute, positive, smile in his eyes when I bid goodbye.

We continued chatting and we met again…..

This time he was drunk….
He was lost,
He was confuse,
He was sad
He told me he lost his job, I felt so bad for him.
I wanted to help him and I tried my best to help him.
Still we went to see the movie and he was holding my hand, I liked it.
And then the unexpected thing happen, he kissed me and I was lost in some dazzling irresistible world.

I felt being wanted, being loved again, being someone’s somebody but I wasn’t sure as he was drunk.

After sometime, he went out as he was hungry and didn’t come back.

I was worried about him, if he was ok.
I messaged him, shall I come out and he said, ‘DON’T,’ he will be fine and he is coming in soon.
But I felt he is not fine and I went out.
There I saw in the mist of darkness, found him waving his hand.
I went towards him and I felt better to see him.
We went to eat dinner and he hold my hand while we were sitting, I liked it.

I still remember, there was some good music playing and he starting grooving and shook his shoulders. That was the cutest expression that I have seen in this man.
Though the night wasn’t going well because of his sickness, I still liked being with him and spending time with him…but…!!

A phone came, he picked up and spoke.
He continued talking for quite some time, I did not like it.
I wasn’t jealous or sad or angry.
I felt bit disrespectful but I ignored because it was just our second date.
The next day, he apologise a lot for being a jerk but I had already forgiven him because I started having feelings for him.

I had to leave for Dubai and still we continued chatting during my time in Dubai.

I was missing him a lot.

One night, after I came back from Dubai, I was talking to him and again he was drunk.
Well, when people are drunk, they start talking rubbish but I ignored again.
But what hit me is, the next day, he messaged me that he is not doing any good for me and going to give me some space until he sorts himself out!


I message him back, if I needed, SPACE, I can tell him and he doesn’t need to worry about that.
Dealing with his craziness, it’s my problem, not his.
I told him, I am not ready for this 50/50 maybe situation.
He better tell me, whether he wants to be with me or not and then he replied……‘’I DO.’’
I felt in that very instance, he was already giving his vows to me for lifetime but I am not sure……..


Submitted: November 05, 2016

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Submitted: November 05, 2016




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