The Notebook, Part I

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Submitted: November 05, 2016

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Submitted: November 05, 2016



"Ah, yes, here we are --
lovely little thing,"
she silently muttered
as the metal pinged
atop the dirty glass table:
a notebook, spiral ringed;
rain flooded the garden.
"Keeper of all secrets, sing."

Scared yet? You should be.
The things I could tell...
Destroy you silently
just to watch you sell
out, your soul to the next buyer.
Run while you can; farewell,
you've no dignity left,
and swallow your 'tu es belle.'

Stalk me again? I
dare you to try it.
'EUT' and some change, when you
trailed me home, then split.
Just go grab a spade and bury
your soul while you're at it.
Or a knife so I can
carve these words in you; submit.

Coke addicted mom,
and lies that would spout
from sociopath dad
through the roundabout;
all the questions that would soon come --
your dismay, truth will out.
And what about the booze
Harry knew so much about?

I'm sure Sprint has some
stories to share; ten
times you'd lie 'bout Mandy;
'I was drunk,' but then
who realized how dangerous
I could be with a pen?
And Sarah at the start...
LostSisterGrimm strikes again.

January's tales,
and let's not forget
the ride home with Carla;
band practice, abet.
Excuses that reeked of Merlot.
Forever in your debt;
somehow, I. Your actions
justifiable? No bet.

Oh, so many girls,
and so little time.
Ha, I lied. You've all the
time in the world! I'm
done with you, leper; you diseased
fiend, disgusting; begrimed.
Despicable human.
My life now? Purely sublime.


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