Silent Remembrance.

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Submitted: November 05, 2016

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Submitted: November 05, 2016



 Zhikr Khafi. Silent Remembrance.

Zhikr Khafi is the Silent Zhikr, the secret remembrance. There is always a way. The light of silence guides that way. In the Qur’an, surah 7, ayat 204 it is written ;”Listen in Silence !”. As it is written, there are 7,000 benefits in Silence. “All of His Most Beautiful Names are contained within the Silence-As white light contains the Rainbow”, says Mevlana Jallalodin Rumi, the World’s most recognised, and most popular poet of the Islamic World. “As Sukun”, the “Great Silence”, or “Sukoon wa Sakinah” the “Prophetic Silence and Inner Stillness”. Sakinah is the highest point of silence. Sakinah means stillness, it is the aim of all zhikr, all forms of remembrance, the stilling of the mind, the transcending of inner chatter. The impulse to create an inner space of stillness and quite tranquility has always existed. Light things need heavy roots, moving things need still centres. Silence is not a gap to be filled at all costs, but a living presence to be cultivated, as a comfort, and a therapy for the busy mind. Silence is when we leave the world outside and go inside. Silence opens up a dialogue with the Soul, our Inner Tutor, our inner tuition or Ilqa / intuition, our connection to God within us. Kashf al Asrar / the Unveiling of Mysteries happens inwardly. As Rasullah Muhammad (saws) told us in Hadeeth:”True richness is the richness of the Soul”.
Rumi tells us;”Be silent so that He Himself may describe Himself”. Silence is reverance. Silence is the beginning of worship (Ibaada). Silence helps us tap into the often neglected Spiritual Reality of the Soul; an invisible but dynamic reality that flows inside each of us. Madaad is the Flow that springs from a quiet courage and optimism that gives birth to creativity. To go with the Flow is to be surrendered to Peace. This is the spiritual meaaning of the word Islam. It is in this way that creativity is our direct link to the One Creator of every living thing that walks, crawls or swims, or takes to the wing.
“Keep silence that He Spirit may speak to you”, implores Rumi. He adds:”Be a blank piece of paper, an empty space, waiting to be filled with the will of God…Hold the tongue”.The silent zhikr is a watering hole, an oasis in the desert, where we always have a river of strength to draw upon, an endless resvoir of inner virtues which are Allah’s Most Beautiful Names within us. As the Qur’aan states; “Allah taught Adam all of His names”, these names are contained within each of us. Al Barr the Good, al Ghani the Doer of Good, just two of God’s most beautiful names as dadi janki tells us:” Great goodness is like water, life giving by it’s very nature. It settles in the lowest places. Make your heart still, calm, silent with great depths of serenity and compassion”. As Brother Anthony Strano her student shows us; “The most important journey you can make is the journey within. This is the journey to the truth of who you really are, an experience of the Inner Beauty of your own Soul”. “And as the Lion of Islam, Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA) told us:”One who knows himself, knows his Creator”. True prayer is pure play, for it is a joyful experience.
Maester Eckhart believed that;” the most beautiful thing a person can say about God would be for that person to remian silent from the wisdom/Hikma of an inner wealth. So be silent.” It is written that a person who feels the attraction of concentration and inner silence knows that experiencing al Haq/the Truth is the highest form of knowledge. Everything becomes clear/mubeen in silence, in that stillness of mind and heart where the Creator within us lives, and is active whenever we experience a creative flow towards a new, more evolved, and clearer perception of reality, both internaly and externaly. This is the key to inner integrity. To be inwardly intergrated with your own Soul. Spiritual integrity means to thine own self be true. In a state of “Fukara” / Spiritual Poverty, that is to be free from inner baggage. No identifications, no badge, banner, no flag, no creed, no need, just Soul Presence. Being and the potential to become yourself, as you consciously create thoughts. Be what you already are, vast, spacious, whole, Unified, one with the Ahl an Nur Mubeen, the People of the Clear Light. Silence is the crown / Ikhleel of the enlightened /Alim , and the cloak / Burda of the ignorant / Jahl. Wisdom is one part in silence one part in solitude. Solitude being the school of genius. Silence always wins out, silent knowing-ordinary but full of potential. Remember hat silence is sometimes the best answer.
Silent meditation is about creating that empty space where creativity takes place.“Keep silence that you may hear God speaking words utterable by tongue in speech. Keep silence, that you may hear from that sun, things that are inexpressable in books and in discourses”, so sayeth Allah’s poet. When the mind is absorbed in stillness and silence, and when the ego is quieted, a space is formed from which creative thought is born, and can be effortlessly expressed. Silence is empty space, a mystery which is the gateway to understanding.  Earth hangs in apparent silence in the void of space. Yet there is no true emptiness. Space is filled with waves of light and other natural forms of radiation. Likewise deep within the silence there is a Light from which all sound emerges. Emptiness is Eternal, the Mother of all Life dimly visible behind a veil of mist. The Silence within that allows all else to be. The Silence before Sound. Learn to practise the tuning in of the mind to the silent zhikr, an endless source of help and strength to draw upon, and infinite resource of power and light energy, love and Soul power. “ The word that is hidden still sparkles in the darkness and whispers in the silence. In the stillness and peace is the unknowing, the Mystery of God speaks to the Soul”; Meister Eckhart.
Singers learn to treasure silence, and are trained to avoid unnecessary chatter before a performance. The Silent Remembrance relaxes, refreshes, invigorates, and helps refine your voice, your vocabulary, and your speech patterns. Take time to go into Silence, silence stops confusion, and restores Soul power, which is your Spiritual awareness which keeps you Centred. In the light of silence, we experience the power of the invisible Spirit within that we call the Soul, and can create a life based on truth and Soul consciouness, and “Tartil”. Tartil is Soul Presence,this is how the Adhaan / call to prayer is sounded, how al Qur’an is recited. This is the way of the Jazz musician, the Beat poet, the Whirling Dervish, the African Master drummer, and the Kung Fu artist. JAM, take just a minute for some Raj Yoga, some Royal Connection, some silent remembrance. “Stop and be silent just for one moment”, silently meditateAnthony Strano tells us. “ Silence the to complete the poem, our speaking King is coming” adds Rumi. This is the the Soul’s self-disclosure/Tajalli. “When you are silent, His speech is your speech”. As the Dervish once said;”Stay with God’s inspiration and lead from the heart / qalb”.
Become free of identifying with form. Be nothing / la shay, nobody. Dis-identification with outer form is the release of pain, as form is Ego / Nafs, and Ego is the source of the Soul / Ruh’s pain. “If you want to know yourself then go into the silence, the Golden Silence”; as the Golden Sufi’s tell us. Silence is power. “A stage arrives when silence becomes the height of eloquence”. “One world here, another world there. I am sitting on the threshhold. Only those on the threshhold know the eloquence of silence”, Rumi tells us. The inner silence is able to fill and satisfy us, giving us the inner strtength and ability to heal ourselves by putting us in touch with the real meaning of life, as found in God’s Most Beautiful Names, among which are Peace, Love Purity, Wisdom, Truth, Hope, Joy, Compassion, Generosity, Beauty, Light, Soveriegnty, Mercy and Beneficence. Rumi tells us; “Sit in silence, and the silence will teach you everything”. As Rumi says; “When the lips are silent the Heart has a hundred tongues. Be silent. Make your heart like a still lake, calm, silent with the great depths of compassion!”. Thomas Merton speaks of “A true silence which is alive and which carries a loving presence”. Pythagorus said “Learn to be silent, let your quiet mind listen and absorb”. Silence is the Supreme Parent, the energy of pure unconditional Love that stills the ripples on the lake of the mind.
“Listen! Clam up your mouth and be silent like an oyster shell, for that tongue of yours is the enemy of the Soul, my friend” Rumi’s advice. If you want to know yourself then go into the silence, as this poet once wrote in a Blues, become “an empty picture on an empty wall”. Tilawa-reflection has many forms. Mushahada sit still and witness your inner life, watch everything come and go. Be still-Silent. Muhasaba is to assess your thoughts and feelings from within the Silence, this meditation is know as the Hearth stone. Muraqqaba is the taking into account the events of the day, in a similar manner. Mujahada is to struggle with negative thoughts and feelings inwardly, silently
“ God sees us clearly as we can see inside ourselves”, Brother Cadfael. Silence is the the “Inner Jihad”. The struggle against the Dajjal / Deciever within, the Nafs / the Ego. To embark on the Inner Jihad is to train your mind into Peace. It is the practise of the art of maintaining your Soul awareness, your remembrance of who you are as Muslim surrendered to the Peace of Allah’s will. The influence of Peace protects you, if you master it as a state of Being. First there is Silence and formlessness. Secondly the creative Word precipitates the Cosmos, and the interaction of all eneries. Thirdly your individual consciousness hears the Word, recognizes it, and returns the seperated parts to the whole. Fourthly the ego is temporarily transcended in this communion with the greater Self. The highest notes can not be heard. As Rumi hints; “If Allah is your Beloved, keep your Beloved veiled in silence and in secrecy. In another poem Rumi says;” Yesterday, as day was breaking the beloved said to me… You are a drop of the ocean. Why are you still spouting words. Come drown in the ocean and fill the Soul’s oyster shell with pearls… Enough has been said, say no more”. And as this poet has often requested:” Oh Allah make me of those who purify the tongue in silence”.
Like a pearl diver sense the quietness of the moment. Dive into an ocean of clam. Submerge your whole being in the quiet, still waters of Lake Sakinah. Be water my friend as the waves of calm ebb and flow slip out of your ego into a place beyond mind, a place of non-thinking. A place of no-thought. From the sweetness of this non-exitance, that is the annihilation of the ego’s debilitating vanities in the Soul’s remembrance, will arise a thought. Control that thought, be conscious of that thought for from that thought comes the feeling that begets the action. Learn how to make a descent cup of tea. T.E.A. equals Thought-Feeling-Action, thus giving an elaborated meaning to Chado, the Way of Tea. The heart of the original Tea Ceremony, as in “the Story of Tea” by Hamzani. The acronym expanding on the original metaphor. All thoughts, beget emotions, and feelings that give rise to actions, and all emanate from the silent stillness of the Surrender to Peace. Synchronicity is surrender. Synchronicity happens when you rest in God. It’s when God’s in the plan, and you are going with the Flow. Rumi sings; “become the river, now find your way to the ocean of God’s Love”.
In the stillness become aware of your Fitr, your original nature, your Soul power, shapeless, formless, colourless like water. Like a pearl, or a diamond spark of light emerging from the lake of stillness and silence, luminous, a being of light. The ancient memory of the Day of Alast the Soul Presence begins to stir. Inner awareness becomes concentrated, focussed light through a lense. This “Remembrance” is the Serenity and the Unity of the Soul The Tauhid of the Ruh, the Oneness of all Spirituality/Ruhaniyya. This silence, this stillness, this serenity, this “Tauhid/Unity” is the power of the Soul. Unified thoughts created from this Universal place of origin. Mind focussed on the Eternal, with no outward loss of energy feels full. The Soul’s  Nur / Inner light, increases with concentration and connects to the source of all Light, this is called Nuran ala nur in the Qur’aan, or Light upon Light. God’s light is very loving and has a radiant energy that illuminates Human consciousness. Allah’s nur or God’s light purifies and liberates the Soul from it’s own darkness. The Soul consciousness silently radiates it’s luminous beauty, as the rose exudes it’s fragrance, without a “Why?”.
The “Universal” starting point for the self-healing/Tarbiyya, self-purifying/ Tazkiyya, self-renewing/Tassawuf, rejuvenating power of silence is our thoughts. Our mastery of this affair is at the heart of the matter. Master your thoughts, learn to create beautiful thoughts, for Allah is beautiful and He loves beautiful things. “Allah Himself was a thing of beauty that wanted to be known, so thus we the people of mud and clay were created, as from within the Great Silence He said “Kun!”, “Be!”. The aboriginal people of Australia believe the Creator was a poet who sung the Creation into being. Create the space in between those those that allows you to tap into the healing power of your own inner silence. This is what Sister Sudesh means when she tells us that silence can transform the atmosphere, it can transform matter. In silence not only is mind transformed, but matter is purified.
Atakhali / emptyness, is to tell oneself, “I know nothing”. This is the beginning of knowledge. This is the healing that takes place deep within al Khala /the Void, al Akhfa / the Place / Watan /the Placeless Place, what Nahjmadin al Kubra called the “Sea of Black Light”. Also known as al Waqt / the Moment, the Now, as this poet once sang:
Sweet Non-Existence / Radiant Night / Luminous darkness / like a Sea of Black Light / Womb of the Formless / outside of Time / Perpetual Presence / the Slayer of Mind / Right Now ! Here in the Now / Right Now ! Right Here in the Now / Here in the Ever Present moment / Here in the Ever Present Now / The Ever Present Now / Observe only causes / Life's rippling effects / Golden with Silence / The Tranquil depths / Peace is of Being / The end of all pain / Shapeless and Colourless / No loss No gain.
“To become the master of my thoughts, feelings and actions is to become master of my experiences”; says Brother Strano. Let go of the compulsion to think, speak, see and do, and silence becomes a natural release from burden of worry, everyday stress, and wasted energy. “Let the mud settle. Be still until it is time to act” Rumi advises us. Be mindful of breath. Breathing happens by itself. Every breath a precious jewel that can only be spent once. Conscious breathing stills the mind. Fills it with something simple, something fresh like a breath of fresh air. The task is to master the art of choosing what and when to think. And when allah wills it, you will begin to master your life with the choice of a thought. Let go of the story of your life. Return to the silence, the place of power, the Ever present Now. Stillness is the language that God speaks. In the stillness of presence, sense the formless essence in yourself and in the other as one. This is Tauhid / Unity.
The mind stops thinking, no words can be spoken, the ears do not function, there is just  as Wijdan/ discoveryand Sa’ada / happiness. The joy of discovering your original Soul deep within the stillness of the silence of the moment. Shut the mind down. Go inward and surrender, become still and silent, clear and focussed, then fill your empty chalice of mind with serenity and peace. Allah says; ”Focus on me and I will whisper good things in your mind”.  In confirmation of this, “Cultivate a true silence which is alive, and which carries a loving presence” says Rumi. Soul silently standing guard at the gate of your own heart, consciousness full of thought power, the powerful thoughts that contain the seeds of silent harmony, create in the spirit of the al Wadud/ the Most Loving and Kind. Lord of all the angels jinn and mankind, renew, refresh, rejuvenate as opposed to rehash, relive, regurgitate. Try healing a negative thought by holding the remembrance / zhikr, of “Allahu akbar / God is Most Great”, in your mind firmly, and with Iman / Faith, gradually it will release it’s energy into your open consciousness. Dissolve that dark energy in one moment, the Eternal Moment of the Now. Cease to cherish opinions, keep a candle at the window of your Soul.
Let the power of silence shape time into an eternal beauty, simple like uncarved wood, or a blank piece of paper on which there is only the anticipation of the point of beginning, the dot below the ba, that contains the whole of the Bismillah, that contains the whole of the Fatiha, that contains the whole of the Qur’aanic recital when recited with a mindful tajweed and a heartfelt tartil, that contains the whole of Allah’s creation in the invisible language of silence.On another level the language of silence is the language of our eyes, feelings and attitudes. Body language reflects these aspects of silent language outwardly. Learn to read your own body language. It is written that every being is a book of the signs of Creator. Silence has a powerful vocabulary. Being still and with inner tranquility I contemplate “I the Soul”, the I Am that I know myself to be, this is the grammar of silence. To be Here in the Present Moment, in the Now, this is the tense of silence. To practise silence is to be Present in each nano second of each moment. This is the esoteric meaning of “Knowing what time it is”. It is always al Waqt / this moment.
Rumi tells us to:”Shut up! Go inside! Soften your sharp edges. Simplify your thoughts, follow your own light. Be ever so ordinary. Be still and offer a bouquet of Tauhid / Unity / Oneness”. Create only that which is of Universal benefit to all. Tauhid-Oness-unity exists beyond the sound of verbs and nouns. It is not revealed by ideas, but by sitting ij silence. Makhtub, as it is written: “the wise know there is nowhere to go”. As al Ghazali tells us;”Silence! Silence! Love’s allusions are upside down. Too much speaking keeps the meaning hidden”.
The meaning of Kung Fu is “hardwork and discipline equal skill”. Silent meditation is a dojo for the art of the continual maintainance of Soul Consciousness. From the silent Ribat of the Soul’s presence, we can create our own zhikr, cultivate our own garden, our oasis of inner beauty. From where we can “live life like a poem, arrange things as if they are in a painting”, the Wu-Wei of just being as the wisdom of Lao Tzu suggests. “Awareness is consciousness connected with the Universal”. Silence regains equanimity, and creates balance between the inward and the outward manifestations of the Soul’s presence. Silence stops confusion, and thevain glorious rantings of the “Nafs /ego”, cold in it’s tracks. Empty space, the Great Mystery / Wakantanka, “the silent Mother of all Life, dimly visible behind a veil of mist”, this is the gateway to undertsanding. “Grace is to sit in silent meditation nourished by the Mother”, the Veiled One of Inner purity, Humility  the Beloved Mother of Courage. In humilty / Kushoor I give space to others, and in that silent sacred place I dissolve my ego and it’s Worldly attachments. A being of self respect, I wear my veil with pride inwardly like the Murabatoun, Moorish warrior monks of Al Maghreb, and Al Andalus.

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