The Negative Effects of Cellphones

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Submitted: November 05, 2016

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Submitted: November 05, 2016



Negative Effects of Phones


As you get home from a long day of work or school all you do is plop down on the couch eat a snack and pull out your phone to look at instagram and facebook. Then your friend texts you and you text her back immediately. As you see their typing back. Then you go back onto social media and its loading and loading and loading. Then you check the internet on your screen. You see that it’s down. Then you get a lump in your throat. Why me? Why now? Ugh. And you close your phone. Is this the world we’ve come to? Getting upset about our phones?

As you all know, we use our cell phones pretty often. No matter where we are or what we are doing. We use the cell phone for grocery lists, reminders, social media, texting, andcalling. They can seem useful but really they are dangerous. says we should keep our phone at a minimal of 20 cenimeters from our face just so it doesn’t interfere with us majorly. We can get cancer from our phones if we are on them too much and they are too close to our face. Ahh I remember the old days when you would get cancer from smoking not cell phones. Oh wait no I  don’t.

Cell phones also interfere the way we act around others. If we were to look at our phones while talking to someone, we may not be as into the conversation. Like say you are talking to someone, yet when you are on your phone you put up your index finger as to signal i’ll talk to you after this game of candy crush is over. Or as soon as i finish this text. This can put a negative effect on the both of you.

Phones are also proven to increase stress levels on teens and adults. According to teens will try to finish a text or call. And stay on their phones all day. Which will later increase their stress. They will choose to do this all day instead of doing anything productive. And when it comes down to the last minute for a school project they will be completely stressed out. This also goes with the fact of anxiety they will be full of joy when they get a text back. Yet when the response to a text or even email is delayed they will get a touch of the crazies. Meaning anxiety all over and them racking their brains thinking of reasons that the person never texted them back.

Going back to the point of cancer to explain how it will happen. Cancer will happen because your body absorbs all the radiation the phone is putting out when it has signal and is connected to wifi. This cancer from phones will mostly occur to children because according to dr.oz  kids skulls are smaller so they will absorb more than adults usually will. And also found that they absorb the radiation 10 times more than adults. But it will usually take 10 to 30 years to see the affect it has on your body. People are saying cell phones are the new tobacco. I agree! Especially knowing what smoking does. Phones and cigarettes. Synonyms!

So now that you know what the negative effects are. Will you get upset next time your wifi doesn’t work or will you jump for joy?

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