Progressive Metal

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An article about my deep interest in progressive metal. With bands such as Tool, Opeth and Porcupine Tree. An article about music for intellectual development.

Submitted: November 05, 2016

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Submitted: November 05, 2016



I have had an excursion into the life of classical music only to return to my everlasting passion of progressive metal. I've listened to composers like Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Johan Sebastian Bach and the Russian ones like Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninov and my favourite Dmitri Shostakovich (A new find). I loved the skill of the old classical masters but the Russian ones were more creative, darker and edgier. But this interest in classical music has faded a bit due to the enormous intellectual depth of progressive metal music, especially the ones going darker and more uncompromising like Tool, Agalloch, Devil Doll, Opeth, Van Der Graaf Generator, Nevermore, Steven Wilson, King Crimson and many others.

This music stimulates free thought and goes much deeper in content and musicianship. The best ones even better than the masters of classical music in my point of view.

I began my musical journey with artists like David Bowie, The Cure, London After Midnight, Joy Division and other gothic rock bands. These went deep emotionally but lacked the intellectual angle of progressive metal. I could write about these a bit as my own interest is concerned. These bands were always about the emotion. Dark emotion. But all emotion fades in the end.

The progressive metal bands went into the reality of the occult, the will, death and darkness (Among other things). Without loosing intellectual depth. Establishing perspectives on life but not being limited to one point of view. Stimulating free thought. This was always my approach to writing and I also write with progressive metal in the back of my mind.

Speaking of war, death and destruction but being the opposite. As the dark undercurrents of the metal music stimulates free thinking by going in the opposite direction towards everyone else.

I can also appreciate progressive rock bands like Yes, Camel and many others. Even if they make bright music uplifting for the soul. "Moonmadness" by Camel is a personal favourite as it really is no obvious difference between this kind of life-affirming music and the one of the other kind. The artists were selfish at the core delving deep into creativity and making an imprint into adolescents and grown up minds.

To establish their own kingdom in the world.

I really love black metal bands like Emperor also for the uncompromising well of sound killing unpurity and also containing progressive elements. But I'm all for progressive metal. I didn't realize it at first as this kind of music tend to be cold, reflective and depressing. But I have realized that I need this kind of resistance to not degenerate intellectually. Life being an intellectual pursuit to me. Light in all it's glory, life is almost always the opposite.

Coming home.

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