the necromancer

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the necromancer

chapter 1

it was raining outside. claire could hear the rain thumping the ground. claire noticed that it was quieter than usual; she couldn’t hear the pupils chatting. nor could she hear the teachers’ deafening voices echoing in the hallway. ridgewood high school was a place of silence.

she could feel someone else's presence. a spirit maybe? “claire.”, something growled. claire jumped, could she really hear this monstrous voice or was it all in her imagination? “i know you can hear me, claire.” it called out again. “who are you? can, can you hear me.” she murmured. it didn’t respond. then suddenly the lights went out. “who are you,” she shouted out. “who are you?” the lights turned back on. then suddenly the principal appeared.

“who are you talking to, the walls!” claire could tell principle mitchell was furious. “i, i heard something, it was talking to me. it knew my name.”, claire croaked. “are you a necromancer?”

chapter 2

claire didn’t know how to respond. her mother had told her she was a necromancer before her father died. she should tell the truth. “yes.”, she gulped. principle mitchell looked at her, wide-eyed. claire stood, frightened of what was happening before her eyes. principle mitchell was slowly turning into a statue.

claire’s heart skipped a beat. this couldn’t be happening. she was trembling. claire saw a shadowy figure standing on the wall next to her.

“claire, how could…” claire heard someone say. she turned to her right and saw principal mitchell fully turned into stone. the shadowy figure was dancing around. it was laughing. it reminded her of the joker from batman. then suddenly it stopped and was heading straight for claire.

chapter 3

claire was walking backwards now and straight into a dead end, is this really the end? the school bell rang. it disappeared. claire was relieved.

all eyes were glued on claire, who was trembling. claire remembered what her mum told her “don’t tell anyone you’re necromancer, or they’ll turn into stone.”

claire was breathing heavily. everyone was staring at her but her eyes were glued on principle mitchell, who is fully turned into stone. this all my fault, she thought. why did i have to tell him? “claire.”, it was back.

chapter 4

claire had put her hands on her ears. “it’s not your fault.” it growled. “it’s mine.” its demonic laugh frightened claire. she sat there, feeling useless. eyes-wide. why? she thought. claire’s friends, sonya and jade, helped her up. sonya’s silky black hair hit her face. claire still stared at the principle.

“what happened?”, sonya asked. they sat down on a nearby bench. claire didn’t respond. she felt ashamed of what had occurred. “claire?” claire heard jade ask. “it’s all my fault.” she whispered. “what?”
“it’s all my fault!” claire exclaimed. “what do you mean?” sonya queried. "i told him.", claire uttered. "told him what?” they interrogated. claire knew that if she told her friends, they'll all turn into stone. instead of responding; she left.

chapter 5

claire decided to notify katherine (her sister) about what had happened. katherine was a necromancer as well. she had long brown hair, pale skin and blue eyes. katherine was the 'princess' of the family. claire got home. "well, well, well." it was katherine; she was hiding from her until claire got home. "claire hudson wilson. you came an hour past the school bell rang!"she exclaimed. claire wanted to punch her in the face. "i found a spirit; it talked to me."claire calmly replied, trying to control her anger. "a spirit? claire tell me why you aren't afraid? it can kill you."

"what do you mean?" claire asked. could a spirit really kill her? "i hope it's not aragorn; he turns everything into stone," katherine whispered to herself; loud enough for claire to hear. that was aragorn? claire thought. before claire could think of anything else, katherine brought her into a hug. "claire i'm sorry if this sounds harsh but you're going to die."

claire couldn't understand what katherine was saying. she just went upstairs, to her room to think about what katherine had just said. claire lay on her made bed; eyes glued to the ceiling. then suddenly the door shut close. "hello claire, it's nice to see you again." it was aragorn.

chapter 6

it was freezing cold now. claire couldn't feel her hands. "claire i know you can hear me"aragorn called out. "what do you want?" claire shouted out with all her strength. the purple curtains were now flying as if they had a mind of their own. all her books formed a hurricane around her. "mhm. i want a little something that is, mhm. maybe, your soul."

claire's eyes were wide-open. claire heard something pounding on the door. "claire, can you hear me? are you ok?"it was katherine. “time to get rid of her,” aragorn snapped. it went through the door and out of her room.

claire heard someone scream. "katherine!" claire exclaimed. claire started crying. the only person who she could ever love more than anyone else was dead. claire's temperature was rising. she was seeking revenge. claire heard another person scream. her mother.

chapter 7

claire couldn't believe what was happening. she was crying like no one else could. her parents were dead, her sister was dead. claire wiped her tears; punched the side of the bed and got up to her feet. she was seeking revenge.

claire saw a shadowy figure on the wall. it was aragorn. "night, night, claire,"aragorn growled. claire closed her eyes and was in a coma.

chapter 8

claire woke up in a dark room. she hung from the ceiling; a pitch black abyss underneath her. the room was empty. there were no doors, no windows. the only light source was a dim light bulb. claire saw a shadowy figure dancing on the stone wall. it was aragorn.

claire's hands balled into fists; anger boiled inside her. "claire," aragorn growled. "what do you want with me you foul beast?" claire shouted out. "didn't i tell you?" it chuckled. claire felt no fear. "i want your soul," aragorn growled. "oh, just shut up!" claire exclaimed. claire realised aragorn wasn't moving; as if it had been frozen in place.

"you're awfully brave though i have the knife," aragorn growled, nastier than usual. claire hadn't realised aragorn had a knife but the
anger won over the fear. skulls and swords were spiralling around her. aragorn threw the knife he was holding at her. claire closed her eyes.

the end

Submitted: November 06, 2016

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Submitted: November 06, 2016



"You're awfully brave though I have the knife," Aragorn growled, nastier than usual. Claire hadn't realised Aragorn had a knife but the

anger won over the fear. Skulls and swords were spiralling around her. Aragorn threw the knife he was holding at her. Claire closed her eyes.

Find out what happens to Claire.

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