The Untitled One

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Submitted: November 06, 2016

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Submitted: November 06, 2016



He never truly fit in, he never was one to be part of the crowd. He watched them, from the outside he observed them. Slowly hating them for never being able to fit in, a jig saw puzzle that was obsolete. What separated him from the rest was a disease that didn’t rot the flesh but incapacitated the mind. Something he had no control over yet was shunned and feared for no reason other than being born different. With the cold touch of hate for his fate he grew to hate everyone around him. He didn’t know when he started to slip to the madness or even how to slow its progression. Not wanting to be another nameless massacre he resisted he’s urges to make society feel his hate and pain. But one day something changed, what life lines were cut and he couldn’t resist anymore. He thought “how can one with such hate and madness be useful to this society he hated so much”

After years of struggle and hate he found his violent answer. He saw something others neglect to see, or question. He saw the pervert on the playground, and watched as the perv stalked its prey and followed. He didn’t call the cops, he didn’t contact anyone, he followed the perv to his hideout and slowly crept in. He moved slowly and quietly as he was raised, never to make a sound. As he closed in he saw the perv taking in delight staring at its new catch. The perv was so caught up in looking like a predator that it never noticed him entire the room. Only till the child saw him and shuddered and cry did the perv notice him. Yet it was too late, he leaped at the perv, grabbing him by his undercoat and slamming him into the wall so hard a loud crack could be heard.

It was too late to back down now, he could of called the cops and had the perv brought to jail and praised a hero. But he knew that’s not what he wanted, he was no hero, he was a hunter. The thrill of the catch got his blood flowing, rushing with excitement and terror. He did however inform the proper authority to find the kid from the perv’s house phone. Then picked up the unconscious perv and left. He knew where he wanted to take him, where to take his time with him. He knew of an abandoned house, somewhere no one will go or suspect. Excitement took hold of his soul, he never felt so alive, and all it took was the suffering of another disgusting deprived soul.

The perv woke up to water splashing on his face, he was tied to a chair with his mouth gagged. The perv was sweating, confused, and most of all terrified, which thrilled his captor. He smiled at the perv “welcome to my pleasure palace!” he said in the most delighted of voices.

The perv became overwhelmed with terror as he looked around the room, wretches, bolts, hammers, tools of torture filled the room. He saw the look of panic and walked over to the perv and smiled again. “don’t be afraid it’ll only hurt at my discretion” he said as he took the hammer in his hand up and brought it down on the pervs knee.

The perv released a muffled scream “MURGHHHGHHH”

This could not do he thought as he took the gag off the perv and heard his howled screams. “THERE WE GO” he screamed with delight picking up the hammer again and taking out the pervs other knee. Crunch was all that was heard before the perv’s screams filled the house, then another smack of the hammer on the perv’s elbow released another horrific scream that sends goose bumps shivering up the skin. But he took delight in it, this is what he waited so long for. To hear the screams of anguish of someone other than himself.


His only response was “then scream for me some more” as he picked up his saw with a wicked smile.

He used the saw to cut away the top layer of skin on the perv’s chest, slowly with such accuracy. He cauterized each piece he cut away so his new toy didn’t expire to soon. And all the while the toy wailed and wailed to stop. He then decided to try and experiment with his toys pain receptors. He took the nails off his toy and attached a low watt battery to where the finger nails once been. Turning it on and off watching his toy straighten up to the volts and wailing in between activations. Soon that to bored him as well, especially since his toy passed out due to pain, so he started to heat some tar.

When the toy awoken, it was in a different part of the house. Chained at the neck like an animal, it looked around the room though it couldn’t move due to its broken knees. The toy felt relief for a second as it didn’t see him, then a cold sweat came over at it heard it. “Time to have some fun at another expense”

“Just like you right toy? I mean you did enjoy toying with those children. Did it make you feel powerful? Did you feel the excitement I feel right now? I can’t even deny how fucking hard I got when it was hammer time.” His smile was one of distortion and torture. He truly did feel invigorated beating and torturing his new toy. He never felt such pleasure before, never felt so alive and carefree. The madness in his head that forever swirled finally made sense. He was the predator of the predator. The hunter of the hunt, the one to break the strong and make them suffer. And he took such delight pouring the tar on his toy and listened intently to his screams. Recorded it in his memory bank to play back listen to whenever he wanted. As he stood there over the broken toy, he shuddered at the possibilities of all the other toys out there waiting to played with. His twisted smile curved upwards exposing every inch of his mouth with delight. Finally, this untitled one has a purpose, a story, and most of all a playground filled with toys.

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