The Goodbye

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Everybody deserves closure

Submitted: November 06, 2016

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Submitted: November 06, 2016



As M and T made their way to lunch and M was correcting another wrong turn for the fifth time (because apparently using GPS to navigate through your home turf is blasphemous), T caught sight of a red Peugeot that she was all to familiar with. Instinctively, T checked the license plate number and again, it heartwrenchingly familiar. She glanced through the window and recognized the jacket hanging by the backseat as something she had held many times before. T could feel her heart start pounding out of her chest in shock and disbelief. After all this time that.. could it be here and now that she would see S again?

T took a deep breath and stepped into The Mess. It was a labyrinth of rooms where many had tucked into a fluffy, clould-like pile of rice set on fire with curry and all sitting atop the humble banana leaf. The air was thick with scent of spices and anticipation.

Being her first time to The Mess, T was uncertain of where to sit in the labyrinth which seemed much bigger than initially perceived. She scanned the room with baited breath, partly to find a good spot but mostly to see if she could spot S. It wasn't long before she saw him.. just as he was.. just had he had left her 6 months ago.

T's heart was beating so fast that it felt like it would just fly out and do a 100m race, only to be disqualified for not bringing the rest of the body with it. In a whirl of panic, T dashed out The Mess, chasing after her sprinting heart with her hands still quivering.

Barely with any time to catch her breath, T saw M walking towards her after parking the car. What's wrong?" M asked. "S is here." T replied. "Do you want to go somewhere else?" M offered but T refused. She knew very well that it would have been awkward but she also missed S very dearly.. more than she ever thought she did. More than anything else she wanted a chance to see him again.

With every step back into The Mess, a forgotten and repressed memory began to replay in T's head. On and on, the memories came back.. at first a trickle, then a stream, a river, then a flood. T started to become distraught and obsessed at the same time. She wanted to talk to S so badly now.. not to argue or fight.. just talk. She wanted to know how S has been and how he was getting on. Mostly, she wanted it to be just as before.. just as they were.

As these thoughts played in T's mind, she rehearsed what she would do and say in head over and over again. M on the other hand, was making his own waves as well, particularly in the Tinder-sphere where he has been training to regain his title of Klang's Smoothest Criminal.. although getting a boner while having banana leaf rice wasn't technically very smooth.

The rest of the hour at The Mess went by in a daze. M was entertaining himself in his new kingdom and trying to ensure that one knew he had a hard on while T was fighting an internal war between reason and emotion that raged on heavily but barely bubbled at the surface.

As M and T were about to leave, they saw that S was still sitting at the table with a friend. T was about to go into another flight of panic before being cajoled back to reality by M.

M took the lead and approached S with an outstretched hand. They spoke a few friendly parting words before M walked off leaving T with S. As M left, T noticed that S had looked away from her. In a reflex action, T swung up her hand and offered S a handshake. It was cold, mechanical but the best thing that she could muster at the time. Her hand hung in dead air before S finally turned, smiled and got up to receive it.

Here it was.. the moment T had been hoping and dreaming of.. she was once again face to face with S. They stood there together, frozen without words yet the warmth in his smile seemed to convey an unuttered conversation that T had always practised in her mind.

"Hi. How are you? It's really good to see you again. I've missed you so much." Any of these lines would have been fine but none of it came. Instead, there they stood just staring at each other for an eternity of seconds as if time had just stopped in that moment.

T began to feel the hot flush of tears filling her eyes. The flood she had tried so hard and so desperately to contain had finally broken through. She knew she couldn't stand there a moment longer without breaking down and she refused to let S see her that way.

T had to make a quick escape and in a whisper of a cracked voice, the word "Goodbye" escaped her lips. The smile on S's face faded softly and in same whisper that mimicked hers, he wished her goodbye. It was a word that neither had said despite not speaking to each other for the past 6 months. It was a simple yet powerful word that denoted the end of a very important and influential chapter of T's life. She was finally saying goodbye to S and everything that used to be. It was the closure she had constantly craved for and yet too horribly bitter to swallow.

T took another moment to look at S before she turned round and walked away in a last stitch attempt to maintain what little composure she had left as heavy tears started to fall more violently than before. As she made her way to car with muffled sobs of heartache and pain, she hears M whistling behind her. "You know it's me when it sounds so bad" he said. T smiled.

- Life and Times of the Penguin Suit Mafia

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