Proj Wall Less Prisons:" New Description of Human Rights;The Story of a Real Catastrophe ! "

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Ladies and gentleman
About 9 years ago ( now :Nov 2016) I developed and explained the Project of Wall Less Prisons or the WLP for short , to some people who I literally didn't know , via some sort of Espionage Elements (as I prefer to refer to the means and tools which they use ) as they were spying the place I lived (and they obviously continue to do as a major need and part of project) ,and as it is clear ,I've been aware about that .

Submitted: November 06, 2016

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Submitted: November 06, 2016



Ladies and gentleman
About 9 years ago ( now :Nov 2016) I developed and explained the Project of Wall Less Prisons or the WLP for short , to some people who I literally didn't know , via some sort of Espionage Elements (as I prefer to refer to the means and tools which they use ) as they were spying the place I lived (and they obviously continue to do as a major need and part of project) ,and as it is clear ,I've been aware about that .

The reason to bring up the story of my project at this time ,noticing that I've declared it as classified at the time of development  cause of the so many security issues imaginable both for myself and the global security ,,, IS THE FACT that the people who I initially Trusted and taught them to As I say " how to Hack the Human body " --just as we've used to hear about that of computers--  have gone so far from their every limit ...  Misusing  the fact that I had declared myself as ""The Only TEST BED " for my own project (knowing the fact that to what degree it could be ----Inhumane---)

THE EXACT DESCRIPTION for what I've been Experiencing during the past 4 years (at least) when some of the very first parts ( or Elements as I say, again !) of the project were embedded to my body , is the fact that I'VE BEEN TORTURED TO THE DEATH

by some of the most insane and definitely the most stupid creatures (if they can be called human beings with that degree of animality )






My project was first developed as a revolutionary medical system which I named it

"Innovative Medical Treatments Systems "  or IMTS for short .....


but since I knew in the country I lived no one will invest on such a project , --It is not required to remind that I lived in the land of flowers and Nightingale --  but as they run heavy policing and Iron security in the society where I lived ,many people from those insane officials will probably be interested in such a disaster .


The Reason I designed and Explained my project ,estimating that it wont be in the trustworthy and honest hands, was the fact that I needed money by that time ,but as explained above ,I put myself in a really serious trouble !


I've never been paid a single penny for all I've done , but only about 2 months ago(from Aug2012) ,some unknown people tried to ask for permission up on selling my project ... Which my answer was/is Clear ....A great large  NO!


I will discuss the concept of Media-Com later ... which is another one of my innovations for communication. 



11 Sep 2016 Sun

Created:Saturday, May 28, 2016

9:04:04 PM, IR Local time

Final Revision on: Wednesday, November 16th ,2016


Dear Ladies andGentleman

About 15 (Aug2015_Now: Nov2016)months ago I sent an email, along with unique evidence about my personal experience inside Wall/Wire Less Prisons or WLP for short, as I named this invention of myself, to 4 International organizations including:

  1. UN-HCHR: United Nations -High Commissioner for Human Rights
  2. HRW: Human Rights Watch
  3. Amnesty International
  4. IAEA, NY Branch

And as a part of that email and as a result of my project, I provided a revolutionary new definition of Primary Human Rights ….  From Normal “Breathing” (or I’d better say freedom of Breathing!!! **FOR REAL**) to Normal “Brain Activity”, to Normal “Heart Beat Rate”

But not only “Zero Response” was what I received, also Nothing about my condition or life quality was changed and in one word: My Whole Life and The Worst Human Rights Crises of Mankind History was Actively IGNORED by those whom pretend to be the Principle Defenders of the HUMAN RITHTS in the whole world.

I’m righting this text to remind the “Value of Humanity” and to” Recall the Feeling of Shame” for all those representatives of the Nation of the World in minds of all Human beings living on the Planet Earth!

The only activity to be noticed as a kind of Hidden or Indirect response to all my efforts to inform the world and to reach help and sympathy, was the IAEA’s act on Iran’s Nuclear Issue, (PMD) which as it is clear is a one-way usage, or miss use of some one’s (my) condition who is literally passing every day walking on the edge of a blade or let’s say on the edge of LIFE and DEATH!

This is to the attention of Citizens of the world, ISS is not the most dangerous issue threatening the world peace and unity, I remind you the dirty mind of Hitler and the seed of hate he distributed in the whole world, which our world today is still suffering from its consequences, … The one which kills with bangs and blows is not to be feared from,

The one that could kill you without the smoke of gun or bang of a bomb, and you could not even show it to other is fearable!

I am Warning you about a Probable future of the world, where the

New Hitlers will slave the rest of world JUST by the means of even More

Advanced and Powerful Versions of My so be called

Project of Wall/Wire Less Prisons!!



At the end I Do Accept all the responsibility and Do Apologize for Inventing, Suggesting, and Convincing some people who I even have not seen and were spying my life, to Materialize such a stupide project, but the Lord has witnessed that my initial idea was to Medically Assist the Patients and to Create a New way of treating daily increasing illnesses of the human beings as it is described in its initial Name: Innovative Medical Treatments System.



Grate Regards



Thursday, June 2, 2016

1:22:44 PM Standard IRAN Time

Final Revision on : Wednesday, November 16th ,2016 ,, 12:37pm SIRT


The Content of that email :

21st August 2015 Sat

dear sirs

according to 2 texts, I am sending to you along with this email, a mass of info has been provided about a project that was originally suggested and developed and explained by my self ,and in a very brutal way, and as a result of betray of the people on other side, all those

who were involved in hardware development, those who sold my project to Iranian corrupt officials, and those well-known ! Iranian officials themselves, has been used to torture my own self !!! 

There for a new description of Basic Human Rights comes to mind which includes :

1. Right to Breath normally

2. Right to have Normal Cardiovascular Activity and Health, which includes normal Heartbeat rate, Normal  blood pressure,... while normal could be replaced with the word Original !!!  meaning with out any interruption !

3.Right to have Normal Brain/Brain Related Activity(s) ,i.e. solving math problems,...

4.Normal activity of Digestive System

. . .  etc.




There is only one truth  inside this Captured country and A BIG FAKE that they actively try to feed to the rest of the world !!!

For your information I've been tortured in even worse ways, after the beginning of ROUHANI ADMINISTRATION!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????!!

There probably are other people in the same conditions or worse, as I'm the Basic designer of the system and I almost completely know how each section/circuit works and how to cope with, and I have a little Med knowledge which also helps.  


Started on: Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Last revised: Thursday, August 16th, 2015

Final Revision on: Wednesday, November 16th ,2016


Note: Please read the main text first  

Dear Sirs,

These are the persons who make their castles on other peoples’ miseries, and unfortunately, they mostly have a hand on political and security power.

They’ve tried to finish my life by performing lethal tortures on me by the means of my own project of WLP for billions of times during the past almost 8 years (2008_Now: Nov2016) without exaggeration.  (Starting from March 2008, 3days after Iranian New year…),

Please note that I’ve been, heavily tortured Specially while writing this petition, which means tolerating the pain has been the least of troubles I’ve been facing during every session and all the time I’ve spend to complete it, and even at the time being (7.10.2015_18:02 Am US time, 17:30Pm Iran time) I’m experiencing severe attacks to my Heart and Brain …


Dear Audience

It is to your attention what they’ve done to me and some other people I know and many more of those I DON’T EVEN KNOW, by the means of a project and actually a new generation of weaponry I myself designed for them, and its farther more noticeable that this weapon performs in a “Personal Range” meaning that_ as you’ve studied in the main text_ every single circuit or even a full set of  circuits, could affect the life of only one individual and the system’s micro-elements should be implemented on the target individuals’ body………

Having this in mind you could imagine what such idiot ideological terrorists would do with something like Nuclear Technology/Weapon, which obviously is the “worst weapon of mass-destruction”!!It is your responsibility to prevent these corrupt officials, no matter what the name they have or their dependence or organization, from reaching this kind of supper sensitive Technology. As they all are a sign and representative of Republic of IIIIslam!!!






  • Who and Why basically sold my “SUPPER TOP SECRET” PROJECT and Myself (My Life)!!! TO Iranian and International TERRORISTS??


  • How and Why they tried to destroy my academic life as a Physics student and make ,an artificially made, awful academic background for me, PLUSE How they could torture me

in University, Spc in class times, while learning-process  by Specially  

Attacking my brain (Both Neural and Vascular), in addition to other

tortures like different types of PIBs, PIAs, A2Heart and Breathing, and many more… .?!

+++ Who… which IR_gov organizations are capable of performing such an operation against (a) student(s) inside a university???!

  • Adding the fact that I’ve been heavily tortured during the time span before Final Exams, since many years ago!! And therefore I was unable to study and get ready for Final Examsand that also ruined my Final Exam Results and my Average!!!


  • Awareness of Intelligence Services across the world (@least:  US, UK, ISR)
  • How they could continue torturing me while travelling in EU (Bulgaria, Cyprus), India (Gua), Turkey (Ankara, Istanbul, Antalya) and even “in flights” travelling to those countries!!!!!! No matter Iranian or Foreign Air liners it be.


  • Who he was? , How he could basically perform such a terrorist action right in the middle of a European Country? , and Who were his _about 5_ German clients !!! , and The Why they were there?

The Story: One of these terrorists (Male), tall, English speaking (US accent) [Iranian race (from accent)???] and a couple of German Speaking people, were sitting around a table in Hotel lobby (in 3oclock of me), while I was sitting across them a couple of meters away from them (like 4-5m?) on a single seat, chatting on my laptop with my friends, and so I was head-down and busy as I didn’t realize when this numbers of people came to the hotel lobby …..,

While I was focused on my computers screen, I heard that guy saying this sentence: “Now I will show you” and by that time I was aware of their attendance in lobby_ and instantly they performed a torture attack to the left side my body (left shoulder, as far as I remember) by such a strong painful shock generated by the means of pre-explained WLP micro elements, that I nearly jumped up my seat and instantly touched the point of attack by my other hand ,and I was surprised when I felt the pulse under my fingers and realized what was going on …! It was even more shocking when I brought up my head and found all of above explained characters had turned back and were staring me while according to the position of their seats, their backs were supposed to be towards me, and by no ways they were able to see me without turning their body. It was only by then that I found out that terrorist guy was actually demonstrating my project to some possible clients and this certifies the fact that they were materializing their threat to me about mass-producing and selling my project as they tried to grab my positive vote, and as it is obvious they never succeeded  !!! And this first happened around the beginning of the year 2012 !!! 


One Key Terminology about

My “Project of WALL LESS PRISONS” 

{The Concept of “Media-Com”}:

As it is clear, for a project like mine _As I’d explained to these conspirator Spies by the time of designing my project _ a surveillance system is required, for this you need a more sophisticated set of _as I refer to_espionage elements, like cameras with high zooming capability and high resolution or very sensitive microphone systems which could detect the sound of a Human beings breathing so that you can monitor the rate of breathing on the target person;


 _Even though this could be achieved by the means of the elements

 embedded to targets body as the main objective of my project, it does not cancel the need to “Environmentally” monitoring the Target Persons’ activities.

This was the base to develop and deploy a complete and enough sophisticated system of espionage in our house by these terrorists in addition to the primitive system which I’d explained my project through that. (I’ve been living with my parents until now, in a 3 story building with a basement and two upper floors which all have been prepared including WCs!!! And Bathrooms!!!!! And I’ve tested these facts enough by the means of the Concept of Media-Com which I’m going to explain as follows)



The simplest way to describe my self-invented concept of Media-Com, Is to suppose that you want to convey a message by emphasizing on a specific word or phrase let’s say on a piece of music being played, to achieve that, the only thing you need to do is to _as only one of the so many options you could use) clap only once right while that special part of song is being played (e.g. that spc word or sentence in your mind is being sung)  this is as I said the most plain way to describe a


Some more complicated forms of M-C you need to be familiar with_ to have a correct understanding of the issues described throughout the petition and an accurate estimation about the issues currently happening to me and possibly others imprisoned in WLP_ are explained later in the text.  


  • The fact that Hotels and even other infrastructures and buildings’ “”Security and Surveillance Systems “” were in hands and under control of these terrorists and were serving them!!!! In all those countries.




The very simple way to make sure about this and, the fact that our rooms even were heavily _as they say_ Prepared,

,(Not noticing the fact that they usually get us waiting for at least 2 or 3 hours before the room(s) is (are) ready,, while other guests could have their rooms instantly, as soon as they arrived !!!)

[And despite of knowing all the facts about my project and spc “”The 2 way Radios”” embedded to many organs of my body as a part of the Microchips, which I conceptually designed for my project, and the two embedded to my ears ,,, as they always could and do respond the my words and actions by as I say “”Checking”” in my ear ,, which means making a “”tag”” noise on my radio channel ____I refer you to the explanation of my self-Invented concept and action of Media-Come below]

 is to perform some odd behavior and for example ,having an unusual body posture ,or showing some irritating or annoying standard signs ,that would make them to react instantly by showing either hate ,anger ,shame or a mixture of all !! Loudly from _as I say_ External Sound Generator Elements which might be more familiar to you as Speakers ,while these ones are Micro elements for use on human body and ,in this case, very small hidden yet powerful elements concealed in the target environment !!

If you get those ear elements into account ,and by noticing mutual trust that lets us to communicate about this case,, it would be clear that in every step, to destroy my moral , to perform mental tortures and finally to prove and impose their attendance ,, they did Media-Comes in my ear elements,, and  obviously that’s been an extra task and _as they say_ double checking to act as explained above to get sure about the level of security, or I would better say The state of being insecure or in danger (vulnerability) , and to have awareness to act upon special cases  !! 

Reminding the Mutual Trust,, there is an even simpler way to make sure they are supervising some WLP target body, which is myself in this case __And no one else could perform such a check unless he/she is trained by myself or someone who is dominant to my project and my diagnostic procedures!!___is to check the definite locations of elements and the neural path through which the pulse is transmitted to the target points and organs,, As I’ve designed my project from the “”state zero”” by myself and explained it, I Exactly know with a very high accuracy, where each element has been probably implemented and in the same way, the neural paths in use by each (group of) element(s)! 


The way to perform that check ,is to check a specific rarely used neural channel and obviously it would be in rest situation normally, some  channel in facial area is preferred, then while you are holding your index and middle fingers sticking together and over that position for some seconds (touching your skin without any pressure) you will feel the artificial pulse under your fingers, as the will start their attack on your body for pre-explained reasons,, specially to make you feel that you’re not alone (imposing their attendance), and once they started an attack on a specific part of targets body, they would attack any nearby channel points in the same area (e.g. face in this case) you would touch with literally no delay , even if you check for example your arm channel or your knees (which is usually impossible in public places ) you will get the same response !!

  • One more fact to assure the IR_Gov’s fingerprints in the whole process of torturing ,” social face destruction “ ,and generally speaking : “Reducing Life Quality and Hope Index”

Is that

  • , meaning their (e.g.) total experience of surfing internet, including using Wi-Fi connection in home networks through their personal routers, Mobile data connection by smart phones, and even WiMAX, and basically every single route which connects them to the rest of the world, and achieve that objective by

 1. all types and means of network connection,2. sending spyware through “legal seeming software” to Smart Mobile phones, PCs, Laptops, Tablets,… and even putting espionage hard ware in personal computers of individuals, Probably whenever they think

that person is a potential (I basically mean ) ,and as a guaranty ,and obviously: I’ve experienced all above in my life as an individual and I’ve witnessed those of other people!

As a very low-level interruption in my own E-life, as an example

amongst all, when I’m going to send a very typical message through “Viber”,no matter it be an emoticon, a sticker, photo or text, or regardless of the language I use, most of the time they make artificial delays in uploading process ,as far as I’ve understood at least, by reducing my ADSL line’s bandwidth, and Yes they have _  enough idle personnel to perform such stupid operations against their own nation and countrymen.

As a Higher-level disturbance, My Wi-Fi has been the target of their hacking attacks on a daily basis during the past almost 6 years!! (Even 10 years ago when we had no ADSL connection at home, they did all the same with dial-up system, like it took 4hours for a single page to load while it was supposed to be loaded at most in 1-2mins in dial-up (56k) system under normal conditions on pc.!!! and the result, specially if you were an insistent person like me!! was usually terrible headaches!) 





  • Request and Need for >>>UN Fact-Finding Group<<<
  • Getting >>>INTERPOL<<
  •  >>>The Hague Court<<<  (Court for Crime Against Humanity)


  • Have Russia and China reached My “Super Top Secret” project of “Wall Less Prisons”?? By the hands of Iranian Corrupt officials.

 I do apologize for stating this fact,, But We should not forget these characters are a couple of the most idiot ,and extremely low mannered  terrorists, which have a very strong sense of Cult of Personality and  Self-indulgence !!!  _as they count themselves as geniuses_

And this justifies all their Non Reasonable actions and behaviors!


*At the end I have to apologize for any mistakes specially in technical words in the fields of “Politics and International Law” as I checked for those so many words in dictionaries and in the Internet! But as I always do, I tried to interpret rather than just doing word by word translation.

Thank You for Your Time, Attention, and Patience

Nov 20016


The Main explanatory Text Sent to the 4 International Organizations

Please Note that Booksie doesn't support illustrations!!!


Started on: Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

Last revised: Monday, August 16th, 2015

Final Revision on : Wednesday, November 16th ,2016

Dear High Commissioner for Human Rights, United Nations

Before inspecting this text, please note that I’ve written it in several sessions during a time of nearly 2 years, usually in short sessions and in a hurry as the terrorists controlling my project, intensified their tortures every time I started working on my petition, and from the other hand, I had a very weak hope to succeed to convince these terrorists to return my project to myself, to stop torturing me and to indemnification, but noticing their recent actions, tortures obviously, and the fact that the risk of death or at least getting irrecoverable damage(Spc to my Brain) is higher than ever, I decided to send you whatever I have in hand .

NB:  Please be aware that the Iranian Terrorist have edited my text(probably by the means of hacking my laptop, or may be when I’ve left it alone somewhere!…)

In some topics like: enforced coughing and enforced sneezing,... as you see, I’ve become conscious about that and I’ve added some of deleted topics … but as it is a long text with too many details ,I might have forgotten a couple of their sabotages on my text.

More Information could be provided on demand about any unclear

Or unexplained sections, some not explained for security reasons or

The matter of time!

Please note that I had published some of info in this text before, for the public in the Facebook page of my project …

 There is a Complementary Text sent along with this one which contains Very Important Information and Evidence!

Please read the CT after having this one reviewed!


“There are some MEDICAL illustrations of

“HUMAN Body ANATOMY” for better understanding of the material provided in this text!”


Following the article provided in my project’s page:” Proj Wall less Prisons” on Facebook which can be recognized as my work by my signature there, I would like to inform you not only about my condition and what they’ve been doing to me in more detail _during the past almost 10 years, but also the general conditions of human rights and that of those who are trying their best to make this corner of world a better place to live for their countrymen.

***As it is obvious the Project of WLP could be implemented on any Human being’s body, which means both Male and Female sexes.


My signature on my project’s page contains my basic personal information as follows:Y.N_Tb_IR_3_0_0_2

I’m a Physics student in Some University at the time of processing this petition.



Following the terminology section on my project’s page, here is a more comprehensive explanation of expressions related to my project of WLP:


aa. The term “Code “is used, after “Mayday” to assure that it is an urgent condition (Not a practice or test) and to specify specific additional terms to clarify the exact situation of the subject.

  1. Mayday_ Code-S: S stands for Sever and /or serious Also known as MDCS.
  2. Mayday_ Code-P: Means the attack is Painful.(CP)
  3. Mayday_ Code-C: Indicates the fact that it’s been a Continuous attack. (CC) (Sometimes for several Hours or even days! nonstop.)
  4. Mayday_ Code-H: declares a Harmful attack (causing damage to body tissue)
  5. Mayday_Code-All: As it is clear it declares that all of the above Torture Codes are performed simultaneously. (C-All)

-1. The system was actually explained in two deferent ways and for to deferent design plans… The first was based on a technology named by myself as “transmitter technology” which is basically a passive microchip receiver of radio waves that means the system has NO BATTERY with itself .(which transmits the received electronic signal to the target Nerves or tissue ,.. of subject’s body ) 

The Second was based on a set of Microchips with Embedded Battery System.




  1. Human Body Embedded Microchip System: Is basically a set of “Microchip Elements” embedded to human body made of HB friendly materials, which literally covers Every aspect of HB activities as will be explained.

1. Electro Neural Pulse: is a kind of electronic pulse basically generated by some Micro-Electronic elements (embedded to human body), to be transmitted by “Human Body Nervous System” to muscles, vessels, and generally speaking to human body tissue.

2. Neural Pulse Electronic Counter Measure: is basically taken from the ECM concept of “Electronic War” which stands for “Electronic Counter Measure” which means anti-electronic-attack measures they use to neutralize enemy’s e.attack against Radar waves, Radio Communications Waves, etc. Here when I use the expression of “NPECM” I mean an “ENP (1)” generated to fundamentally neutralize the Natural Neural Current transmitted to organs/tissue by nerves.  

3. A2: this expression has got two meanings:

1st: Attack to some body organ (e.g.: “Attack to Brain” is written like “A2Brain”)

2nd: and more important is “Artificial Arrhythmia” induced by “Heart bit controller Element”*

4. PI: is generally used to describe the existence of “Electro Neural Pulse” in some specific point of body organs (e.g. “e(PIB)” is the shortened form of “Electro Neural Pulse in Belly)


5. HF: means “Heart Failure” and is used when their A2 (Artificial Arrhythmia) attack, (or generally speaking attack to chest) is so sever _Code-S_ that the subject might feel emptiness in the left side of his/her chest, plus dizziness in the head , plus difficulty in keeping physical balance , and even C-LOC(11.) might happen in worse conditions . 

5..  HBC : stands for “ Heart Beat Controller” which is basically a kind of REMOTE CONTROLED electronic pulse maker( as a typical characteristic of my project)  that MUST be distinguished from the Medical version, so be called  “ Pace Maker” because of a couple of reasons : 1. first of all it is clear that I’ve got the idea from the concept of “pace maker” ,as I saw the remote type of that technology in a reality based film, but noticing the size of my proj’s microchips and the way I suggested for implementing those pulse generators into human body, (which obviously could not be mentioned here as it consists highly classified data of my project), and  2. the fact that the medical one is always set to generate a desired efficient heart beat Rate and then there is nothing to do with the remote part, whereas for Reaching the objective of torturing and “having the stopping power over the target body(As for a Criminal Case).>.>.>AS I DESIGNED” there is a permanent need for the capability of increasing and reducing not only the Heart Beat Rate Its self but also contraction power of Cardiac Muscle!


6. MA or MCA: stands for “ Multiple Attacks” or actually a “ Multi Channel Attack” which means the attack is running through more than one Neural  channel or as I refer to _ from hardware point of view _from  more than one “Element” on “Target” ’s body .

7. a_ e : refers to an attack run by Electronic Micro Elements .

7.b_  e(MOMA) : electronic(Multi Organ Multiple Attacks) : As the expression describes its self , it Indicates that several body organs are being attacked by _My_ so called “WLP” “Electro Neural System” .  

8. Human body embedded Bootsyboom! : The “Expression” is taken from a music video by the singer Channing _available on to view::

 The device which is shown in this video clip can be called a “Physiotherapy Neurostimulator” or as they refer to in medicine “Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) Device”,







(Ref: pain Index)



Search keywords:

1..  Physiotherapy Neurostimulators,

2.. Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) device

3.. effect of electrical current on human body

Example Results :




I’ve happened to have the experience of being treated by as I refer to “the bootsyboom device” or “medically speaking”  “Physiotherapy Neurostimulators” just as shown in the picture above for the injury of my knee caused by an intentionally planed accident (we all know by whom! it could possibly be planned and performed!), which caused tears in the meniscus of my knee. ]

The objective was _as mentioned before in the Facebook page of my project _ to “create” a Human Body Embedded “Innovative Medical Treatments System” or “IMTS” for short, which treats illnesses, it’s obvious that such a system is able to generate diseases also. [As I’ve been experiencing during the past 7 years](From 2008__now 2015), as it was predicted by myself in design phase.


09. HQ attack: is basically a “High Frequency Attack”… which as it describes itself, it refers to the frequency in which the “Human Body Embedded ButsyBoom” device is working in, at the moment of attack, which makes the typical human body tissue Shake so bad that if it passes the threshold of HB tolerance it might lead to rupture of the tissue. (See and Compare No.5 “HF”)

10. Attack2 Abdominal Area >>>

10.a: e(PIB) : {so many deferent types} ,

2 main: HQ/Low frequency attacks ++ Spasmodic attacks2 “lower abdominal triangle”; [e(PILB)];  (including: _@least_ Bladder, Ureters and there for, kidneys (indirect); Prostate (obviously in Male)).




10. a1: e(DPhI) : e( Digestion Phase Interruption) {2 types}

10. a2: e(PILB) : e(Pulse In Lower Belly)




11. C- LOC: Critical- Lack of Consciousness

It is a complicated type of attack which includes:

1. Pain generation in abdominal area by the means of:

  • PIB attack (see.10),
  • Attack to diaphragm which also causes asthmatic breathing symptoms ,
  • direct attack to Lung base muscles ( Rectus sheath, Tendinous Intersections) which also causes “breathing arrhythmia” 

2. A series of vascular attacks which cause severe ischemia both in Heart and Brain which leads to dizziness ,and loss of physical balance and swoon (anesthesia) of the subject(meaning the target person .)

  • Attack to abdominal vascular channels ,
  • Attack to Brain feeding vascular channels, meaning at least internal and external Carotids at the same time.
  • Direct Neural Attack to Brain from the elements in back of the head(above the back of neck , where I call “the terminal of the brain” )
  • Attack to Medulla oblongata causing abnormal breathing and the feeling of choking.


12. e(PIA) : Pulse In Anus (Torture) : It’s got so many types ,the two main types are + and _  (PIA)s  which indicate enforced Dilatation and Contraction of the the sphincter, the worst one is the Negative  PIA which in the most intense conditions(++Code-p) can cause Hemorrhoids disease .



13. Sexual Tortures:

1. Direct:  I. NeuralII. Vascular

[Usually a combination of both methods are

implemented in any attack scenario_

Obviously to my body; or any other target’s].

 >>> e.g.  Enforced Erection & Ejaculation++

>>>> Sexual Malfunction or even worse non-Functioning

Code-P attacks2 testicles,

[See also:  31.a&b]

  2. Indirect: Attack to Perineal Muscles ::

I.Attack2 Anus [See also: 12. e (PIA)]

II.Attack2 Bulbocavernosus muscle…etc.  


REF: Google Image search__ men sexual muscles












REF: Google Image search__ men sexual muscles







14. MA2Heart

14a.AHB high: (Enforced) high Artificial Heart Beat

14b.AHB low:  (Enforced) low Artificial Heart Beat


Info On Demand



15. MA2Head and Brain

More Info On Demand



15+1.a :Ischemia Attack (General)

15+1.b :Ischemia Attack via MA2Heart (C-LOC)

15+1.c :Ischemia Attack2Brain (Via attack2 one or more of carotid Arteries or Probably vertebral artery and other Brain_feeding vascular channels) --- (leading to C-LOC ___See 11) 

16. Ischemia Attack2 other Body Organs :(for example A2Arms via armpit artery leading the whole arm and hand to get numb---sometimes it’s so severe that you could not feel you have an arm and you have to move your whole body in order to reposition your arm/hand so that blood can get there, and it is while you’ve been laying on your back in a normal position! all the time.)  

17&18 Attack2 Breathing system

17. MA2Chest : causes irregularity of breathing and generally of the chest movement.


18a: see 11 (C-LOC_1_BP.3)

18b: Attack to Carina which Causes Stopping of Breathing


18c: Attack to one of lungs separately,…

19. MA2Eyes :

19a: from corners, (e.g.: temporal vessels, Nerves)

19b: Sphericity Destruction Attack to Eyeball (Neuro-Muscular) 

19c: Attack to eyes’ feeding arteries and veins

19d: Neural Attack to eyes, {through brain channels or directly from facial channels)

20. MA2Vertebra (Backbone): for causing disc disease

21. MA2SpinalCord via Neural Nods>>Highway for Attacking body organs, and that of “TOTAL BODY ATTACK”  

22. A2 Kidneys

23. A2 Intestine

24. A2 Intercostal Nerves

---- 25.MA2 Heart via costal Channel (Left)

26. A2lips

27. A2 ears

28. A2 joints and muscles _ Code-p

29. A2Liver

30. A2Throat: It refers to a range of lethal CS attacks.


31. a: Urinary Retention Torture

31. b: urinary Incontinence Torture


32.a : Retention of Feces Torture

32.b : Incontinence of feces Torture

33. Tissue Destruction Attack

_ Tissue Destruction Symptoms

34. Attack2 Scalp and muscles of head, and/or Hair follicles leading to so many symptoms plus HAIR-LOSS in the position of attack .

35. Neural Attack2 Body Organs

_Burner Shock(s)

_ Neural Attack2 Facial organs Via Facial Nerve

_Neural Attack2 Voice Cords,….

_ … 





36. There are a couple of channels which have been named as FORBIDEN CHANNELS by myself in designing phase, these were, among so many others, the places and locations to hide and embed “Micro-Elements” to human body, but as they were strategic points of HB, I had banned the operators from using them, and for a short while it seemed to be respected, but as these characters are psychopath terrorists, it was predictable that they won’t ignore such a calling opportunity to cause pain, disable so many capabilities of the target person like walking normally, or having normal sexual activity,…. there are 3 forbidden channels basically , ….  

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