The Human Purging Documentation

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The world is in disarray and madness in the 21st century. Humans are being maimed, tortured and killed daily. What nobody knows or understands is how humans arrived on Earth, when humans arrived or why humans were even put here. Things are changing. Events are happening globally, to all cultures. Human acts of violence are becoming minimal and humans committing violence are disappearing rapidly. Who is doing this and why?

Submitted: November 06, 2016

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Submitted: November 06, 2016



The Human Purging Documentary
Michelle Johnson, Annette George, Elizabeth Evans
Science Fiction
I would like to believe that violence and killing is never justified. The taking of another human life, for any reason, is never justified by any reasonable stretch of the imagination. This is the 21st century according to humanity.  Violent crimes are escalating at an outrages rate. Men, women and children of all cultures are being maimed, tortured and killed.  Many are being killed for no legitimate or justifiable reasons. Women are still being kidnapped and sold as sex slaves. Gangs are still killing innocent people as part of the member’s initiation. 
 Right wing conservative politicians believe that there should be no foreign people allowed to live in the United States. Even though the so called “liberal” politicians are supposedly against conservative ideas, they don’t seem to do enough to counter these ideas.  
 Child abuse is rampant. Somehow for hundreds of years, there are no solutions that are effectively used to stop the violent and sexual abuse of children.  When are male humans going to realize that the children are the future and women give birth to them? 
 The United States doesn’t seem to be able to create laws or judicial processes to stop the killing of anyone in this country.
International world leaders and governments are no better. Cultures such as the Syrians, the Africans, Iranians, Iraqis, Afghanistan, are killing their own people in huge numbers; the group ISIS is beheading and burning people they catch in their country to prove a point that no one understands. ISIS has gone global with their violent actions. Over 100 lives have been taken in Paris, France. The North Korean leader is an arrogant tyrant who believes that any country he considers disrespectful, will be introduced to a nuclear attack.
This is the human race on planet Earth. 
Chapter One
Global warming has been identified as a reason for some of the bizarre weather patterns. As a point of fact, weather reports are only possible predictions. No one seems to be able to understand what happens or why.  Scientist, for all of their knowledge, can’t explain bizarre weather events.
Baltimore, Maryland. Cloudy evening. Rain called for in just about the whole state. Seems a little strange, but that is what global warming is about. Sometimes it snows in places it never has before, sometimes there is no rain in places where it should be.  As the rain starts, the sun is setting. Suddenly there is a flash of lightning so large and bright, people had to cover their eyes.  It happens again and again and again. There were thousands of flashes in a size never seen before. Not in one place, but everywhere. The lightning was striking from the sky as if the Greek God Zeus was shooting at targets. The local news in several counties reported this phenomenon as a totally bizarre weather event.  Meteorologist could not explain why this occurred or what caused it.  Scientists all around the world begin investigating levels of the atmosphere trying to understand what may have caused this disaster.  

Chapter Two
The Baltimore City Penitentiary.   The next day, officers at the prison complex were talking about the storm and how the lightning bolts seemed alive. At some point it seemed like the lightning bolts were focused on the inmates. Lightning was actually striking the prison complex. 
 The officers begin the shift going to their assigned areas.  The officers walked through their assigned areas calling out to the prisoners that it was time to get up. They got no response. The closer they got to the cells, the quieter it was. When the officers began looking into the cells, wondering why they heard nothing, they saw no one. The lightning strikes seemed to have caused the disappearance of the entire prison population.  Why didn’t the officers disappear too? 
The Warden was notified and immediately shut down the entire prison complex; sounded the alarms; the officers armed themselves. The Warden initiates a search of the entire prison complex, to include every area, exit, windows, ceilings, tunnels, sewer pipes, whatever area he thought could be used by prisoners to escape unnoticed. After twenty-four hours of performing this grueling, active search, not one prisoner was found.
Calls begin to pour into the media; this was not the only prison where this act occurred.  Every correctional facility in the country has lost all of the prisoners.  No one can tell how they escaped and no one can find them. 
Chapter three 
Washington, DC. There is a Congressional hearing taking place where they are discussing the Presidents immigration law. Many Congress people do not see the relevance of allowing people from other countries, especially Mexico and Syria, to become United States citizens. There are approximately 11,000,000 immigrants within the country that are not legitimate citizens. This includes many children who were born here, but the parents were not.  
The voting on the law to allow immigrants in this country is taking place. As the head of the House of Representatives and the Senate begin to speak, the microphones stop working.  
A few seconds later there is an extremely load buzzing sound and all of the electricity instantly shuts down.  All of a sudden the fire alarms are going off, the fire extinguishers start to explode and the doors all lock. There is foam in the air so thick that people cannot even see the individuals standing or sitting next to them.  Everyone is excited and screaming in fear. People are running to the doors trying to get out. It takes about forty five minutes for the air to clear and the alarms to shut down. The Speaker of the House is calling for order in the room. When he looks up, two thirds of the people who were in attendance are gone.  

Chapter Four
Charlotte, South Carolina.  There is a meeting taking place in a conference center in the downtown area. There are hundreds of individuals, young and old, from all over the country, attending this conference. Some are dressed in traditional suits; some are dressed in T-shirts and jeans.  Many of the women have pre-teen children with them.  Some women are carrying babies and have babies in strollers.  Upon entering the conference center and settling in, people are discussing the recent killing of the nine niggers and niggresses at the local church.  There are smiles and laughter during the discussion. Many of the attendees are so happy this situation occurred and wondering when another situation of this magnitude will be happening again. They would love to witness this spectacle and take photos and selfies at the scene.  These are people of one of the largest Ku Klux Klan groups in the country.
Once the conference room is at its full capacity, food and drinks are being served. The Grand Imperial Master takes the podium and starts welcoming and thanking everyone for attending. As he is giving a speech about how successful and progressive the organization is, there is the sound of an explosion outside of the building. Everyone gets quiet.  A few minutes later there is another explosive sound outside of the building.  Everyone heads toward the doors to see what is causing this commotion.  
As they start moving towards the exits, the doors explode open, and the winds of a catastrophic hurricane enters the room, blowing at 600 miles an hour.  People are being blown all over the room.  The roof blows off and the winds begin to ascend up toward the sky, carrying the people with it. This catastrophe lasted fifteen minutes. The winds die down, the sky clears up. 
All that is left in the conference room is the destroyed podium, tables and chairs, food and drinks are splashed all over the floor and walls, and the children. What does the saving of the children represent?
Chapter Five
Syria. The Syrian conflict has been going on for years. According to the media, approximately one hundred thousand people have been killed and about 6.5 million have been displaced during this tragedy.  The President of Syria believes that all people in his country should believe and do what he says, or they are considered traitors. There are rebellions all over the country. Rebel leaders are not backing down. They are fighting for what they believe in, although they are not getting any type of support. This seems to say that government doesn’t truly represent the people.
  The President is having a meeting with all of his military and government leaders. They are discussing the current agenda and what situations have developed as a result of the various conflicts.  As the meeting continues during the morning hours, darkness fills the sky.  When they look out of the windows they can see nothing but vast dark skies.  It is as if the sun is gone and the earth is moving further into the universe, slowly and quietly.  The entire group begins to panic. They run out of the room, down the halls and to the building entrance. When they get there, they can see nothing but darkness and they feel the building sinking like an elevator going down.  
When the darkness clears and the sun shines brightly again, the people in the area start to come out of their homes and places of employment. They are wondering what just happened. Was that a solar eclipse? No one recalls hearing anything about this on the news. Then they notice something odd. 
The government building has vanished from the surface, leaving an infinite crater sized hole in the ground.
Chapter Six
 Compton, California. Two of the major gangs in the state are the Cripps and the Bloods.  These are rival gangs that have been around for generations, recruiting and accepting young individuals to be a part of the family.  The daily itineraries consist of selling drugs, burglary, theft, buying weapons, selling males and females for sexual prophet and the killing of rival gang members and innocent people, buying off of local law enforcement, just to name a few.  The gangs have gone national over the years with groups in many different states. Their goals are to battle each other until one of the groups becomes the number one gang in the country. A major event is being negotiated by both gang leaderships that they both believe will become the final conflict. Winner takes all, leave no witnesses. 
The gangs seem to be doing the same thing as our so-called government (for the people, by the people, of the people?) is doing. The gangs that have been elected to Congress are making laws that only help a limited number of people, mainly the rich and powerful. It seems to seek a way to rid the country of all poor people and minorities.  They want people to do what they think is right. 
The politicians do not want to believe that one person’s opinion is never a solution to everyone’s problem. 
Sundown, plans have been made; strategies have been set up, weapons at the ready, both groups of gang leaders and members anxious to prevail. Law enforcement officers affiliated with both gangs are standing by. Does not matter to them which group prevails as long as they keep getting their pay offs. 
The groups meet at an undisclosed area, hidden by abandoned buildings. The groups of gang members begin approaching each other to start the war.  
There is an enormous flashing of lights and sounds that they think are police cars and helicopters. Large clouds of smoke, with the smell of tear gas developed from the sky, blinding and choking the police officers and the gang members. They all begin dropping their weapons and running in different directions.
Suddenly, they are all trapped by what felt like a giant net. Some try to cut through it, but the blades break. The entire crowd is swooped up and disappears into the night sky.  This is not the only place this happened to gang members either.  It was another global situation. Gangs and cartels all over the world begin to disappear without a trace. 

Chapter Seven
Lagos, Nigeria.  A rebel Muslim leader and his followers have been creating havoc for years. They have kidnapped male children to manipulate them into becoming soldiers, killing their families and other innocent people. They have also kidnapped a large group of girls from a school, trying to turn them into Muslims because he believes that is what they should be.  Does anybody care that these people are gone? Will they try to determine what has happened? The President of Nigeria says he will find them, but is not really making any noticeable effort. It seems as though this culture considers women to be property. They do not want to realize that without women, mankind would not exist. 
The minds of arrogant, egotistical humans are astounding and sad. 
This rebel, African- Muslim leader plans to continue his efforts, which include blood diamond mining, weapons, kidnapping, extortion, and whatever he feels he can do and have done.  
What he does not realize is his efforts have literally come to an end. 
He has created a plan to kidnap more young women. He and his team are converging on another all female school. As they try to silently move onto the premises to kidnap the young women, they hear what sounds like an animal howling. The sound is getting louder and louder. It now sounds like more than one creature howling, but they do not see anything. 
 They stop. The leader sends a couple of his men to check it out.  As they move toward what appears to be the area the sound is coming from, they scream once and then there is silence. The leader finds this extremely odd. Are the authorities ambushing them? How did they find out about his plan?  
In attempts to regroup his followers, he calls out to them to follow him. As he leads them down the path which they used to get to the school, he stops.  The howling sound has become a growling sound of more than a dozen creatures that he cannot audibly identify or visually see. The sound is so overwhelming it feels as if it is inside his head. He looks left; he looks right and sees nothing.  As he feels a drop of liquid hit the top of his hat and a flow of liquid he does not recognize, starts dripping down his shoulders, he looks up. 
The last images he and his followers see are teeth the size of ten foot poles, as sharp as an antique Japanese sword, chomping down on them. 
Chapter Eight
News of these incidents has been overwhelming television and social media sites on the World Wide Web. After making an assessment of the known incidents and the people that are missing, scientist, governments and the media have determined that more than 1.5 billion humans have disappeared without a trace.  
People of all races, colors and cultures, have disappeared from all walks of human life, globally. Law enforcement, the military, corporations, schools, hospitals, churches, prisons, local, state and federal government personnel,  politicians, members of Royal families, gang members, drug cartels, mobsters, sociopaths, violent mentally ill patients, scientist, journalist, lawyers, judges, parents, teens, the list is endless.  
Scientist and the media have made a theory about what has happened; all of these incidents have appeared to be targeting groups and people known, (and some unknown publically), for their hatred, criminal, narcissistic, violent and deadly perspectives, behaviors and actions. 
 Humans in all realms of the earth have been trying to put up their guard, in the hopes that they are not the next targets.  
The fact is that no human being has any idea about what is happening, why it is happening or who is committing these acts. These global holocausts leave many people scared, paranoid, reclusive and suicidal. In some cases people are changing their life styles, especially if they have any similarity to the lives of the human beings that have disappeared. 
 They have no idea that what they have perpetrated in the past cannot be redeemed.  The price for their actions must be paid. 
Earth is a living planet that has been monitored by the scientist who created it.  
The multi-cultural human species were created to take care of the planet in the different areas they were input. The ability to keep the planet clean, secure and flowing with goodness was the goal.  Earth is alive and needs to be taken care of. This was one of the reasons the scientist gave the human species the ability to think on their own.  The effort was for the human species to develop ideas that would enrich the planet and the population. 
The scientist initiated no hypothesis during the experiment, that some of the human species would become so arrogant, greedy and violent. They did not create any theory that certain humans wanted to be in total control of other humans and abusing the Planet Earth, for profits that they created. 
The scientist discovered that in the minds of the human species, profit equals power.
 Once the human species experiment has recovered from this purging incident, insurgents will be input onto the populations to guide the human species in the right direction. 
This time a band of leaders will be input into all realms and cultures, that will ensure that there is no violence, greed, arrogance, bad judgment and egotism ruling any groups in any realms on the entire planet. 
This is the third time that purging has occurred on this planet. The first purging was when the meteor hit the planet and annihilated all of the first animals on Earth. There were no human species at that time. 
 During the rinsing of the earth, mentioned in the human species book called the Bible, the purging took forty days. This was written by the human species that were chosen to survive.  
 The next time will mean total annihilation and the re-creation of a new species. There will be no more human species.  A population of species will be created that are worthy and willing to work together to keep the planet and the entire population safe, healthy and happy.  

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