Call of Nation

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Submitted: November 06, 2016

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Submitted: November 06, 2016



Uma was waiting for Mahindra in the garden of the temple. Today Mahindra was going far away out of the country for trading. He was the son of a trader. Uma was in love with Mahindra. This was the time of their separation. She was sad. When will they meet again? Will she meet him again? Such questions were coming into her mind. She was afraid of losing him. She was lost in her thoughts. All of sudden someone put hands on her shoulders from behind, being surprised she turned and found that Mahindra was standing.

“What are you thinking? You were too absorbed in your thought that you could not know my coming here.” Mahindra said to her.

She did not reply him and looked at him with tears in her eyes.

“What happened, tear in your eyes.” he asked seeing tears in her eyes.

“You are going away from me.” She said.

“I will return soon.” saying so he began to wipe tears of her eye with his hands.

 “I will await you.” She said.

“Please smile once for me.” He said with affection.

At this she smiled. “I will remember your smile.”


Months had past. Spring came. Entire state was celebrating the festival to welcome the spring. The season of spring was spreading its magic all around. Everybody including Uma was spellbound by the charm of the spring.

The king Ravisingh too who was a tyrant ruler of the state was spellbound by the magic of spring. He along with his courtiers celebrated the festival. Spending the entire day in celebration he held the worship of goddess Kali in the temple in evening. He was the devotee of the Goddess Kali. Uma too went to the temple for prayer of the Goddess that evening. In the temple the king saw her for the first time. Being fascinated by her beauty, he fell in her love. That evening the king after prayer returned to the palace without saying anything to anybody.

Next day the king Ravisingh again went to the temple. To his pleasure he found Uma praying there. He could not help watching at her. Founding the king watching at her Uma stopped the prayer and went out of the temple. The king followed her and stopped her on the way out of the temple. He asked her, “Who are you?” Although she didn’t want to give him answer, the fear made her to give him answer. “I am Uma, daughter of late Devisingh.” She replied.

 “You are so beautiful.” The king said to her. Uma remained silent.

 The king asked, “Will you marry me?”

 Uma got shocked hearing this. “I can’t. I am already engaged”, replied Uma.

The king’s ego got hurt hearing Uma’s refusal. The king thought who was that lucky man she was engaged with? He filled with envy. He returned to his palace with empty hands and heavy heart.  After a few days he again sent her a proposal for marriage which she refused. One of king’s courtiers who was close to king advised him to put some pressure on Uma for marriage. He advised the king to put her in prison till she got agree for marriage.

Following his advice one day the king sent his soldiers to bring her in his palace. At palace the king asked her for the marriage and promised her to give her all the facilities and power. She did not agree to marry him. At this the king got furious and ordered his soldiers to throw her into prison.

Now she was in prison. The king was waiting for her consent. Months had past but Uma did not give up. She had a strong believe on his love.

Here Mahindra after earning a lot of money from trading returned home and found Uma nowhere. Some people told him about her being in prison. Hearing this he became anxious about her. He along with some people reached the king’s palace.

When the king knew that someone came requesting to set Uma free from prison, he immediately ordered to bring them before him.

When Mahindra was presented before the king the king stared at him with contempt and asked, “Who are you? What do you want?”

 Mahindra replied, “I am Mahindra and came here to request you to release Uma from the prison.”

Hearing this, the king got furious and shouted, “Why? Why should I set her free from the jail?”

Mahindra replied politely, “She is guiltless. She did not do any crime.”

King asked, “What is your relation with her?”

Mahindra, “She likes me. We are going to marry.”

Hearing this, the king shouted, “How dare you to tell this stuff to me? Get out of the court.”

He ordered her soldiers to throw Mahindra and his companions out of the court.


Mahindra was very sad. Months had been passed being parted with her.  His father advised him to forget Uma. He decided to send his son again out of the state for trading. Mahindra had to go foreign. Uma was still in prison. One day a neighbouring state attacked the state. A fierce was began which brought death and distraction everywhere. And a day came when the king himself had to go in the war field to fight.  In this battle, being wounded the king had to run away from the battle field.

Mahindra and some other traders were on travelling. Due to the war they halted their journey and camped in a safer place and they were waiting for the war to stop. In one fine evening, Mahindra and his companions were busy in preparing meal outside their camp. The sun had already set. All of sudden they heard some noises from the nearby bushes. Being alert Mahindra said to his companions, “Be alert someone is there in bushes.” He stared toward the bushes form where the sounds coming.

“Who is there?” shouted Mahindra. At this the sounds ceased.

“It may be an animal?” one of his companions told. Mahindra threw a stone in towards the stone and taking a thick rod in his hands he went towards the bushes. When he reached near the bushes, someone came out of the bushes seeing whom Mahindra got surprised. He was the king. The king in such a pitying state; wounded, hungry, thirsty and weaken. It was he who had imprisoned the love of Mahindra.

“Oh, look, he is our king.” Mahindra called his companions. All the companions moved forward with surprised and surrounded the king.

“What happened to you?” Mahindra asked to king.

“Enemies attacked me. I am injured in skirmish.” The king replied.

Mahindra said, “Come with me”. And he took the king into a tent. He instructed one of his companions to go to nearby village and brought hakim to treat the king.

He offered a bed to king to lie down. One of his companions gave water to king to drink.

The king asked to Mahindra, “Perhaps I have met with you before. I am not able to remember when and where we have met.”

Staring at him Mahindra replied, “We met in the court. I came to you to implore you to set Uma free from the prison but you refused to set her free and threw me out of the court.”

Hearing this, the king shivered and looked at him with fear. The king was alone and wounded. He was not able to counter-attack if Mahindra attack him. Feeling his emotions Mahindra said to him, “You do not need to afraid of me. I will not hurt you.” saying so Mahindra went out of the tent.

After some time, hakim came. Mahindra took him to the king. Hakim bandaged the wounds of king and gave him medicines. When hakim went, Mahindra thought that the hakim might give information of king’s being here to enemy. He decided to leave the palace. Very soon they left the place. They reached a village which was far away from the reach of the enemy. The king decided to return to capital. Mahindra helped him great in returning to capital. After reaching his capital the king soon gathered a strong army and attacked the enemy. After fierce war the king defeated the enemy.

 After victory the king called the Mahindra in his court and offered him several presents. After ceremony, in alone the king asked to Mahindra, “I gave you troubles and I imprisoned your love Uma, you helped me, you saved my life. Why?”

Mahindra asked, “It is right you did wrong to me and Uma. But it was not the right time to take revenge. If I did not help you or I killed you, I would be betrayal. At the time when our motherland was in danger, I decided to restrain my emotions and help you. It was my duty.”

Being impressed by Mahindra’s thinking the king felt sorry for his doing wrong to Mahindra. He immediately released Uma from the prison.  Later Mahindra married Uma and led a happy life.


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