An Empty Shell

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Submitted: November 06, 2016

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Submitted: November 06, 2016



An Empty Shell

I cannot bear the icy fire in your eyes

The same two I cannot live without

The waves in your eyebrows

When you get frustrated

… The bane of my existence


Do not look away my dear

Cool me with your warmth

The warmth that is now just

A sensation of a long gone memory

In the recesses of my mind


Descend and come back to me

For I need to be strong to survive

The thought of not having you

Makes me tremble like a falling leaf

That touches the ground and is lost

In the vast ocean of decadence


The cold touch of your fingertips on my skin

Rejuvenates my ever burning soul

I’d trade my soul with the devil for you

The ‘you’ that made me who I am today

Do not deprive me of that privilege


Let me drown in the madness

Of your eyes that drop droplets

Of heavenly bounty

And adorn your pale cheeks.

The same chilling beauty

That heats me up forevermore


For when a man is lost with no urge to be

Nowhere to turn, no one to look up to

He surrenders himself to the bosom of death

Which seems to be the sweetest of all

Given the circumstances

And I am on the brink of losing it all


You looked at me

With those undress-me eyes

When you were about to ascend

You left a void in me

You took off your heavenly body

…Leaving me with an empty shell


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