The Tunnel

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Submitted: November 06, 2016

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Submitted: November 06, 2016





Where am I? I open my eyes to nothing, just blackness. I have no idea where I am or how I got here. The last thing I remember was sitting in my room.


There is a solid wall behind me, I can feel it against my back. If I lean backwards, hard, against it there is no movement. I shut my eyes and open them again, hoping that this will give me some sort of sight. It doesn’t work; I am still completely blind.


I reach my hands out behind my back, letting them explore the surface. I can feel nothing but a plain solid wall; no cracks, no handles, locks or bolts. If it doesn’t open how could I have got here.

Using my hands to steady myself I rise onto my feet.


The total darkness is disorientating. I am not sure which is up or down for a while. I have the sensation of swimming, of swirling, of the world moving round. If it wasn’t for my hands being pressed still against that wall I would never have been able to stay on my feet. Slowly things seem to stop moving and I chance letting my hands drop to my side.


For a minute I think I will fall but my balance kicks in and keeps me unsteadily upright. I stretch my arms above my head but before they are fully extended I am pushing against the ceiling. Only it is not really a ceiling; it is not flat but curves down on either side of me. I move one foot out to the side, then the other. The walls lower down are curving in too. There is just a narrow width of flat ground in the centre.


I am in some sort of tube, or tunnel. But why? Where? And how the hell did I get here? There seems to be no way that I can go back so I’ll just have to go forwards, see if I can find the end.


Cautiously I put one foot in front of the other. I can’t understand why my eyes have not adjusted a little bit. They haven’t though, it’s all just a deep smothering blackness. All my other senses seem to be alert, almost heightened. I am aware that something is heading towards me before it hits me but I cannot see what it is, cannot get out of it’s way. How wide is it? How high is it? More important, what is it?


I feel like screaming. I feel like vomiting. I feel like doing both at the same time when a leathery wing brushes against my face. And now I can hear more of them, they wings creating a disturbance in the air. I have to get away from them......but how?


I run forwards, lurching from side to side. One hand touches a wall, then the other elbow. I want to raise my hands to cover my head but if I do that I’ll be totally disorientated. I’ve got to keep going, keep my legs moving, but they are going so fast I have no chance of outrunning them. One of them swoops past me, just a slight tickle against my ear, but enough to make my head whip round.


Faster, faster. I’ve got to keep my feet moving, make them pick up speed. There is no sign of an end to this tunnel that I’m in. How am I going to escape?


And then something lands on the back of my head. I scream, can’t help it, and it resonates all around me. I can’t help but reach up my hands to my head and then my feet slip, I can feel myself falling forwards, and land on my face. Whatever was attached to my head has gone, thrown off with the impact of my fall.


For a while I just lay there, curl in on myself. My eyes still refuse to see but my ears hear and what they hear turns my blood to ice. Barking, baying......distant, but getting nearer. I’ve got to move, got to get going, put some distance between me and whatever that is behind me. Dogs.....but what sort of dogs? They don’t sound friendly. They sound like the foxhounds that used to run with the hunts that persisted in going into the fields.......


They’re hunting! I can tell that now. And I have every reason to believe that they are hunting me!


‘Move,’ my head screams. I crawl forwards but this is too slow. I’m going to have to find a way to my feet. Hand against the wall, up and forward. I’ve got to get my legs moving. I trip, again lurch from one side to the other. I can hardly breathe through the panic that is gripping me now.


They are nearer, so much nearer. I am sure I can feel the heat from their breath reaching out behind me. There is no way I can possibly outrun them, no where for me to go. I’m tripping, staggering, keeping myself going somehow but I know it can’t last. My pulse is racing, my heart is thumping, my lungs hurt so much........I cannot hold it in so I howl!


“Take it off him, you fool!” That is my brother’s voice, I’m sure it is. “Why did you let it get so far out of hand?”


“He was struggling so much, thrashing about.” Simon Porter, his friend. “I removed it as soon as I could.”


I am laying on my bed. My pulse is slowing. I open my eyes slowly, squinting against the light, but I see the Virtual Reality headset in Simon’s hand and realise that none of it was real.

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