Nightmare Fuel

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

a story that will leave you speechless. this story is not for the faint of heart. it is extremely dark. it starts out as a man attracts a mother and her daughter. the story takes a short turn of event to go to the life after a young boy finds himself attracted to a mysterious little girl that seems to haunt him through life, until his curiosity gets the best of him. Using his job in the future, he goes to find the truth behind the little girl and all clues lead to the mysterious house. does the man live or is he being lead somewhere the beast can be freed?

One night whilst i still slumber counting backwards from “TEN.” i find myself restless, in the shadow of my room. “NINE.” A dream that was like no other. “EIGHT.” filled with the simple people, blissfully un aware “SEVEN.”  the endless cycle of new day for the perfect to of Always Sunny Here. “SIX.” a girl who witnessed it first hand. “FIVE.” a boy to curious for his own good. “FOUR.” a house. “THREE.” an attic. “TWO.” a door. “ONE.” NIGHTMARE



NARRATOR: This the simple story of the little town of Always Sunny Here. Unfortunately all wasn’t truly sunny in our town.

CHILD IN DISTANCE: (a blood curtailing scream rings through the night) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

NARRATOR: our story begins with a little girl tied up on the floor of the attic in her brand new house. It was bigger than she could have ever imagined but nothing could have prepared her for what she  justs saw happen. Her mother being killed on the planks in front of her. Blood poured from her like a puddle of water slowly forming in the rain. The man hovers over the dead body hunched over and misshapen. His head was crushed and one of his arm is bent the wrong way. His head turned toward her and the little girl tries and squirms away, only to run right into a table. Knocking over a few random items. One of which was an old army knife. It falls ever so perfectly to land right by the  ear of our victim child slicing the cartilage and ripping her lfet ear clean off and with it the gag around her mouth was broken as well. She closes her eyes and lets out a load eerie screech. The light bulb right above her, cracks and explode, covering her with burning hot pieces of shattered glass. With a single light bulb left on the end of the room with the body The man a little disoriented rushes over to the girl and sits the screaming her up, then back handing her. Instantaneously she her cheek turns red as the blood moon that looms over that night. As the hand of the man reaches out for her mouth she lets out one more screech only to find her tongue was cut out. All goes dark and the room fades out. The last thing she hears is a dragging sound and a door being closed. Then a hand grabs her legs and then in the near distance sirince and a voice coming from what seemed like outside.

MAN OUTSIDE: (piercing the walls of every hall in that hallowed house.)  COM… HANDS... KNOW YOUR…COUNT TO TEN...

“ONE.” a bang on the doors. “TWO.” the man drops the girls feet and stumbles backwards toward the open hatch in the wall. “THREE.” not knowing what to do the man collects what he can “FOUR.” another banging. “FIVE.”  a crash down stairs. “SIX.” the man grabs the knife. “SEVEN.” feet steps and all clear fill the house. “EIGHT.” he limps over to her and kneels over her knife in hand ready to plunge it deep inside her heart, he raises it up. “NINE.” the door to the attic swings open. “TEN.” his hand plummets down towards her. POP. POP. She opens her eyes and the knife if mir centimeters from her face. The man falls to the ground and the room begins to fill with armed men in black as she slowly drifts off the room becomes hazy and she passes back out.


A little girl in a school yard is looking up at the sun and the sky. It’s a brand new day. The girl’s ear is covered in bandages, and her right eye is swollen and near impossible to see through, finally her mouth is wrapped and covered. Her hair is cut short to look almost like a guy and it’s black as the night sky.

NARRATOR: the little girl sits on a bench  watching the clouds go by. Children pass and stare as the notice the horrendous sight. Of this once beautiful young girl. She was lost in thought when a friend of her’s noticed her not knowingly he rushes over to her waving his hand frantically trying to get her attention.


NARRATOR: the poor boy doesn’t know what he is getting himself into. Suddenly the bell rings and all the children storm inside. Pulling the boy back into the building watching his friend get farther and farther away. As he reach the building with the class he finally broke free but looking up from his breathless state only to see his long loved friend is gone. As the later weeks go by he starts to see her less and less to the point that a year has gone by and his friend is but a lost memory.

Now the boy wakes up day after day bored and tired living his life according to the rules. As he gets older the boy takes on responsibilities such as a job working on a house resurrector. He rebuilds old houses and sells them to the highest bidder. He goes about his daily life slowly forgetting about his former friends and looks toward the future. All seem happy for him until his life turns upside down. It was a dark day and a storm was coming in but it wasn’t ready yet. They had just began on the interior of a new house.

Two builder are talking about the house. They had lived in the town many years and they remembered no one ever living here but something was always off about the house. The outside looked fine a little wear and tear and some vines growing up the side.

BOY/ now MAN: Dont worry about the vines. A wise man once told me, “Don’t mess with the Growth, it takes away from the personality.” and I live by that rule.

BUILDER: you live by many rules don’t you boss.

He shrugges it off and goes back to work the two men continue to whisper to each other.

BUILDER 2: (in a hushed voice) you know what i heard?

BUILDER 1: The boss once loved a girl that lived here and her father went nuts and killed her and her mother-in-law.

A third builder walks up and joins the conversation.

BUILDER 3: i heard that the boss only choose this place to see if he could find the lost girl. They say the body of the young daughter wasn’t found, or was it the mother was never found. (Builder 3 lights a cigar). You see the boss wanted to help, and he thinks she is still alive and if he could find her then he could make up the lose of his love.

Sick of overhearing this conversation the Man speaks out. And yells at the crew not working.

MAN: if you don’t stop speculating the little girl will appear and eat your soul. Now get your lazy butts back to work!

Suddenly a new car pulls up. A women exits the car and stands around looking at the house.

The Man notices the women and approaches her.

MAN: HI you’re our new recruit right I’m Miles. I’m your boss, you report to me when you have a problem.

The women doesn't not speak. Just nods her head in condolence.

The MAN is giving out job assignments she walks up to him to receive her assignment today. He assigns her the attic and hall ways with him, to she her skills. She still remains quiet. The two get started right away and decide to start from the top.

In the attic, the woman then falls to the ground the man concerned tries to hurry over to her. She looked freaked out as he got closer and he decides to back up and not get closer.

the man steps back hitting his head on the ony light bulb in the room, waving it back and forth revealing the blood stained walls. And a table leaned against a wall and something behind it. The woman's eyes fix on the table and the man notices. He walks over to it and moves it out of the way to reveal a hidden door.

MYSTERY DOOR: “KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK.” (comes from the door.)

The man presses his ear against it and tries listening closely.

MYSTERY DOOR“Come in” (a voice whispers.)

The man slowly reaches for the latch and fiddles with it and the “CLICK” it unlocks. The man looks back at the woman fear filled her eyes and  the man starts to turn his head back to the door when he hears

VOICE FROM BEHIND:  “ARE YOU AFRAID?”( looking again at the woman. he didn’t think she could speak she hadn’t yet but now hearing her shrill, cracking voice almost brings him to run.

But he doesn’t answer before the door behind him opens slowly and he turns back to it. A hand reaches out and tempts him to come in once more. The man can’t control his body anymore he crawls in  the hand disappears. As he stands up the door aluminates a figure almost ten feet tall in vast void. The man's heart beats rapidly as he stares upon this tall misshapen creature. The face has been completely removed and  the breast have what seemed like hundred of holes in it. The skin was shriveled barely hanging on. The man falls to his knees a starts to work his way back as he tries to get out the little door he couldn’t seem to find. But he finally reaches out to the door and turns around still trying to crawl away. Two hands emerge out of the door and grabs his leg and mouth.

He sees a man kneeling over a little girl with a knife as he gets pulled back

the little girl looks over and says

LITTLE GIRL: “ARE YOU AFRAID?” (in a familiar voice and tone.)

The man noods and she grins, as he get pulled back into the room the little girl and the figure blacken to the point where only red eyes and her smile is all that can be seen. The man now back behind the little door.

LITTLE GIRL: “YOU SHOULD BE” (she says in a hushed voice.)

And the door slams shut. In the pitch black of that tiny hidden room, there is a breathing on his face and the hand still acrossed his mouth. And a voice comes forth from the void.

VOICE OF THE VOID: “IT’S NOT REAL, IT’S NOT REAL, IT”S NOT REAL.” (the voice sounds very familiar as if he has heard it everyday of his life. Maybe that’s because it was his voice.)

He closes his eyes as the darkness swallow him whole and he is never seen again.

Submitted: November 06, 2016

© Copyright 2021 LightKing. All rights reserved.

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