The Kidnapping

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Submitted: November 06, 2016

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Submitted: November 06, 2016



My eyes flickered open to the view of a low, grimy ceiling that rose about five feet into the air. Slowly, I turned my head and dry blood that clung to my neck cracked as I did. I was in a small cell about the size of a bathroom laying on the floor with only a thin mat between my back and the cement.

I looked down at my own body that was covered in filth and blood. My clothes were torn and my feet were bare. In my dry fingers, I clasped a rigid piece of glass that was stained red with what could only be one thing.

I sat up groaning as a sharp pain went through my leg. I pulled back the cloth that covered my sorry form and saw several puncture wounds. That’s when it fell upon me. I had been kidnapped, attacked, and taken away from my home. I was thrown into this cell with nothing but a mat and bucket as a toilet. The glass, I figured, was what I was defending myself with. A really great job I did with that. I carefully stood up using the cracked walls to support my weight. I had no idea why I was here or who had taken me, but I knew one thing, and that was I had to escape.

To my right, stood a iron door, red with rust and other things. I shuffled over to it only needing to take few steps. Carefully, I let my hand fall from the wall and onto the doorknob that I just knew was going to be locked. I tried it anyway and to my dismay, I was proven correct. The door was, in fact, locked. I looked to my hand seeing that I still had hold of the shard of glass. Glancing back at the knob, I realized that there was a small keyhole and that’s when I got the idea.

Wrapping my twig-like fingers around the clear object in my hand, I shoved it into the keyhole and cried out as it ripped through my flesh at the same time. The knob on the door gave out and I was able to pull it open with surprising ease leaving a red handprint on the metal. I slipped through the doorway and into the hall shuffling my feet quietly. I looked to each side, determining which way would be best to go. Both seemed to stretch on forever.

I decided to head left considering that way was lighter than the other; light was what I wanted. I didn’t bother to close the metal door behind me thinking it would be unwise to leave a blood trail.

I crept down the hall farther and farther towards what I hoped was the entrance. The place looked exactly how I imagined it: dark, scary, and empty. These kidnappers were smart. They isolated me and now I’m stuck in the middle of a maze trying to find my way home, but I had a plan. My hand throbbed as it clenched tighter around the shard of glass that I wasn’t yet ready to let go of. If I ran into one of the men who had taken me, I would need something with which to defend myself. I could possibly threaten his life in order to get him to lead me to the exit.

I looked warily around and I was scared of how empty it felt. Had I been abandoned and left to die? I shuddered at the thought of never making it out of here and starving to death. My mind spun as a million impossible supernatural outcomes came to mind, and they were all ending in my gory demise. It didn’t matter that they were completely unrealistic, but they still scared me to death.

I continued to creep along keeping one hand firmly on the wall in fear that I would lose myself. That’s when I heard it the voices. They were real humanvoices. I stopped walking knowing they could only be one thing. They were my kidnappers.

I pressed my back against the wall forcing myself to breathe deeply but quietly. The only thing on my side right now was the element of surprise.

Carefully, I scooted along the wall picking up and placing down my bare feet ever so softly. I came to a part of the hall where the walls averted sharply to the right. I peeked a single eye around and spied two guys with large guns conversing quietly. I whipped my head back around again pressing my skinny body to the wall. These were them my enemies, and they were armed. My breathing grew quick as I clenched the glass even tighter in my hand. They had machine guns and I had a bloody shard of glass. I peeked around again just in time to see them walk off down the hall with their backs turned to me. It was perfect.

Slowly, I turned the corner and tiptoed down the hall. The glass was raised above my head and ready to bring it down into their backs. They kept walking unaware that death was at their side. A certain glee rose up within me. This is it. This is my escape. A painful smile cracked my lips as I came closer and closer. I was now within a foot of the first guard. I raised the shard high above my head with my arm cramping painfully as I did. I cursed to myself refusing to give up now. Then, I brought it down.

The man that I had stapped arched his back howling a high pitched scream that sounded like a young girl. The other man twirled around, surprised, but I was too quick. Leaving the shard in the first man’s back, I lunged at the second tackling him to the ground. I sat on top of his chest, his arms pinned at his sides, and started clawing at his eyes. He struggled wildly, but I stayed on top. Bloodlust filled my soul. My hand ached in pain as the cuts from the glass added to the amount of blood being splattered around.

Soon, the second man grew limp. He either passed out or was dead. I didn’t really care. Slowly, I stood up rubbing my eyes and smearing blood all over my face. My fingers dripped the crimson liquid and formed puddles on the ground. My back spiked with pain from crouching over my now dead victims.

I examined the two bodies looking for anything useful. I didn’t want the guns. They were too heavy, and I didn’t know how to use them anyway. The first man I had killed had a keycard clipped to his grey, and now also red, shirt. I quickly swiped it away, and finding nothing more, continued down the hall.

I walked for what felt like half an hour and came to a dead end. I cursed. My face was contorted in rage. There was no way I was going to make it out of here without getting caught. I flashed back to the men I had killed. Their bodies were sprawled on the floor. I shuddered. If the other kidnappers found them, they would know it was me who killed them so brutally.

I looked to the dead end and pleaded with it to give me a way out. My eyes caught a black square to the left. I hadn’t noticed it before, but now that I did, it caught my interest. I slowly approached it scared it might be rigged with a hidden camera or something. When my eyes adjusted to the shadows, I could see a slit in the middle of it and two unlit lights in the top right corner. I glanced at the blood-stained keycard in my hand. Crossing my fingers, I carefully raised it to the black box and pulled it through the slit. The top light flashed green and the wall gave a hiss like air escaping a soda bottle. I stepped back unsure of what was happening. The dead end wall was moving. A doorway sized square appeared out of nowhere and receded up into the ceiling. Sunlight shown through the large hole. I shielded my eyes from the bright white light. From my perspective, it looked like the gates of heaven opening up to yet another pure soul.

Keeping my eyes covered, I stepped out of the facility and was immediately hit with the pungent smell of salt. The sound of crashing waves filled my ears and that’s when I realized I was by the ocean. The ocean.

 I bent down, put my hands on my knees, and laughed. It was a loud, maddened, but happy laugh. I had made it. I had escaped. All I had to do was run to the sea, swim as far as I could, float a bit, swim some more, and I was home free. I had to find civilization!

I rubbed my burning eyes again. The sun had probably damaged them when I looked directly to it, but at this point, I didn’t care. I stood up straight and ran to the sea. My whole body was throbbing as I did.

I jumped into the icy water, and all my cuts were burning as I did. I laughed again. I had not a care in the world. I swam as far as I could - which wasn’t very far by the way - and then flipped to my back allowing the warmth of the sun to caress my face. I smiled. The water had grown warm as the day dragged on. The sun now cast its light all across the water making it appear strangely crimson. I didn’t care. I floated for a long while with my smile plastered permanently to my face.

“I’m free.”



“Sir,” the guard called, as he was walking into the room.

The doctor whipped his head around and he glanced carelessly at the man, “Who’s misbehaving now?”

“Patient twenty-seven. I think you’re going to want to see this.” The guard thrust an iPad into the doctor’s hands, “This feed is from twenty minutes ago.”

The doctor took it, glancing up to the guard, “This is a picture of her on her bed.”

“You have to, um, play the video.”

The doctor glanced back to the screen, sliding his fingers around the edges of the device and looking for the button that said “Play.” He clicked one of them making a volume notice show up on the screen.

“Like this,” the guard said, coming up behind the old man. He tapped the sideways triangle that stood at the bottom left of the screen and allowed the video to play.

The screen depicted a young teenage girl slowly pulling herself out of bed. She was sliding her hand across the wall until she came to the door. Her eyes were dead, lifeless, and staring at nothing.

“Sir,” the doctor said as he was pulling his eyes from the screen, “This is nothing.”

“Just watch.”

The doctor rolled his eyes but looked back to the screen. The young girl was now twisting her hand randomly in the air like she was trying to turn an imaginary doorknob.

“This is completely irrelevant,” the doctor spat. “I don’t care what she’s doing in her cell. It’s a mental facility. She could be spinning in circles for all I care.”

The guard shook his head, “You don’t understand. You need to watch.”

The doctor shook his head, refusing to look, but that’s when the screen caught his eye, “Wait, wait, wait.” He grabbed the iPad with both hands, “Where did she get the glass?”

The guard shrugged his shoulders, “I don’t know, sir.”

The doctor watched horrified as the young girl jammed the glass into the metal door cutting her hand but doing nothing more. She clawed at the door scraping her fingers along it and smearing it with blood. All of a sudden, she stopped frozen still, her eyes still dead, and her mind was somewhere else. She started pacing the room only turning when she had run into a wall and could no longer continue. After about thirty seconds of this, she stopped in the middle of the room frozen still once again.

The doctor stared warily at the screen fearful of what she was going to do next. He eyed the glass which her fingers were curled tightly around. It was embedded in the palm of her hand. Slowly, she raised her arm with the glass in it tilting it all the way back, and back, and back. The doctor knew what was going to happen. The young girl’s arm dislocated from her shoulder, but it kept on moving back. The child did nothing to acknowledge the injury, and she just kept a straight face.

The arm stopped gruesomely bent back in an unnatural and inhuman way. Then, the arm sped up, and the young girl managed to imbed the glass deep into her back. Her mouth opened as if she cried out but there was no sound available on the camera. Her hand released the shard and dropped limply at her side. Slowly, her hospital gown began to turn red as the wound from her back bled. She dropped to the ground and her knees hit the cement hard. Slowly, her bloodied reached for her face. Her back was to the camera, but it didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what she was doing. Silently, she clawed at her own eyes, faster and faster until she stopped abruptly. Her arms fell to her side, and her fingers were stained red with an unimaginable amount of blood. She slowly tilted forward and landed heavily on her stomach with her arms still at her sides. She was resting on her cheek as the camera was able to pick up half of her face. The poor girl smiled joyously. Her nonexistent eye was making the whole scene grotesque.

The teenager laid still for a minute before convulsing wildly on the floor. A large pool of blood had formed around her, and it almost covered the whole floor. Slowly, she flipped onto her back. She was laying splat in the middle of the mess with her arms spread out at her sides. Her face was distorted, and her eyes were gone. What replaced them was something the doctor knew he would never forget. Her back was arched slightly as the glass shard kept her from resting completely on the ground. The child shook silently as if she were cackling at the world. Then, she mouthed two words. The doctor read her lips carefully, “I’m free.”


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