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The 2nd Doctor and Jamie land in New York for a vacation, but there is a new attraction with a suspicious name. Follow the Doctor as he solves the problem using Jamie and his wits.

Submitted: November 06, 2016

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Submitted: November 06, 2016



Waves are crashing amongst the shore, as the T.A.R.D.I.S. appeared on the silky, tan sand. The doors fling open to reveal a man with black hair down below his hears, but stretched to his eyes in the front. He wore a suite with a bow tie, a blue t-shirt, and plaid pants that went down to black formal shoes. He walked out of the box and admired the scenery as James Robert McCrimmon, dressed in a kilt and black turtle neck, followed him out.

“Well Jamie, wanna go for another dip?”, said the Doctor in a joking tone.

“Very funny, Doctor, but I thought we went through this with Victoria, I’m not a kid”, Jamie replied remembering the referenced scenario.

The Doctor chuckled and walked on with Jamie tailing him. They walked on for quite some time before finding a small town. They walked into a small pub with a few men sitting at the counter laughing and drinking to their heart’s content. The Doctor sat down and Jamie placed himself next to him.

“Now, gentlemen, do you mind telling me where I am?”, The Doctor suddenly exclaimed over the noise.

The bar tender came around and answered with “New York, chap, you get lost?”

“No, just new around here. I think you can tell due to the accent. London’s a different place, Doctor John Smith by the way, and this is Jamie”.

“Henry Badge. Nice to meet ya Doctor Smith”, Henry stated.

“Just the Doctor, if you don’t mind. So, what is there to do around here?”, the Doctor asked in an excited tone.

“Well, there’s the new metal man attraction down on Ellis Island”, Henry stated with a straight face.

“Jamie, go find the pier and order up a boat”, the Doctor commanded, his face going from jolly, to frightened in an instant.

“But Doc…”

“Now, Jamie.”

Jamie proceeded to get up and head out, without asking for the direction of the pier, he headed in a random direction.

“Henry, do you mind coming with me, I’m going to need you here shortly”,

“Will you pay me extra?”


“Deal, now just to the pier?”, Henry asked with a look of greed on his face.

The Doctor nodded with a look of disapproval on his face. They walked out of the pub as another man tended the bar. Henry led The Doctor to the pier where Jamie was getting scolded by a large man.

“Now what seems to be the problem?”, the Doctor shot at the man.

The man’s thick Russian accent proved to be hard to understand but manageable regardless as he said, “Little boy steal boat. He no pay, he get no boat.”

“Well, I’m sure Jamie was confused. There doesn’t seem to be a pay station anywhere here”, the Doctor defended as the Russian man started again.

“No, pay in currency. Pay in food and goods. Personal business no need pay.”

“Well, I have jelly babies if you’ll accept them?”

“Worth one ride. Get on. Where you go?”, the man said in a defeated tone.

“Ellis Island, my good sir. To see the “metal man” in all its glory”, the Doctor replied trying to lighten the mood considering Jamie sat next to the man.

It took a few minutes, but they arrived to find a small shack, presumable the precursor to the immigration hut. They got off board when suddenly the man took off, leaving the three stranded. The Doctor led the way to the hut and opened the door to find his theory true. A cyberman was chained up to the back wall. It saw the Doctor and broke it’s chains immediately.

“RUN!!!”, the Doctor bellowed.

They got as far as the shore before multiple cybermen started to surround them.

“NOW STOP!!”, the Doctor commanded of the cybermen, before they grabbed and drug them back to the shack where a trap door was opened.

The door led to a latter which Jamie and Henry were sent down first. The cybermen cuffed the Doctor before sending him down. The latter went down about 8 feet before it hit the ground. They were led down a short metal corridor, with several doors, and panels.

“What’s this?”, the Doctor asked in a demanding tone as he was led into a prison cell.

“Your cell”, said the one directly behind him.

“You can’t just throw me in a cell without telling me why!!”

“It’s logical not to tell you due to you wanting to leave. If we talk, you will find a way to outsmart us”.

“Finally, some real logic coming from you. Been waiting awhile for that, ay Jamie?”

“Doctor, I don’t think you should be insulting them right now.”, Jamie said as his face went pale.

“Why not, Jamie?”, the Doctor asked in aww.


Jamie pointed down the corridor to Henry being upgraded. The screams were loud, and every plea echoed down the hallway as he had parts being replaced, but then they stopped. He was converted, but then something new happened, his memory was taken from him, uploaded onto a drive and stored. Henry wasn’t just a cyberman now; he had forgotten his past along with everything that made him Henry.

“What!!! This is ridiculous!!! You can’t wipe one’s memory!!!”

I second that Doctor. Why are you doing this, isn’t it bad enough to lose your humanity?”, Jamie asked angrily.

“It’s logical to take them away if ever the emotion inhibitor is ever destroyed, then they are less likely to feel emotion”, the cybercontroller stated blandly while walking in through the door that just opened that presumably led to a control room.

“Why store them instead of destroy them though?”, Jamie questioned trying to buy time.

“Because, Jamie, they pride themselves on only being part machine, but still being able to get better. They need the memories to keep more of their humanity intact. They want the cybermen to know they’re partly human.”

“You are correct Doctor, but yours is too dangerous. Your memory will be kept in a different place.”

“That’s if you can convert me in the first place”, he spoke as his sonic screwdriver went off, and the cuffs fell to the ground, “RUN, Jamie!!!!”

“STOP THEM”, the cybercontroller yelled and sent out signals simultaneously.

Jamie went up first and managed to partly open the door through brute force.

“Doctor, hurry, the hatch is going to close!!”, Jamie managed to get out while holding up the trap door.

“FIRE!!”, the cybercontroller shouted as cyberguns went off and the latter caught fire in many places.

“Doctor, watch out!!”, Jamie cried.

“Jamie, keep the door open!!”

The Doctor and Jamie left the hole and the shack, and they swam back to the pier.

“Doctor, how are we going to get rid of em?”

“First, we need to figure out what they’re up to. Which means, Jamie, get to the T.A.R.D.I.S.”, the Doctor stated flatly.

The Doctor and Jamie both returned and entered the T.A.R.D.I.S., and started flipping switches.

“Hopefully, the T.A.R.D.I.S. will take us there. Come on, ole’ girl, don’t let me down”, the Doctor said in a hopeful, yet doubtful manner.

The time machine started up, and the Doctor started whispering under his breath. Suddenly, she stopped, and the Doctor walked out in the room holding the recharge station. The Doctor silently slipped over to the computer and accessed the files. He read on and the farther he got, the longer his face dropped. The cybermen have several of these places around the world. Attractions from famous places, stealing people for more cybermen. 1820 was year one. This year is 1836.

“Jamie, they’re building an army. There are stations like this all around the world. We got a lot of cleaning up to do”, the Doctor spoke softly to Jamie as he told Jamie the news.

“Well, let’s not get too discouraged, Doctor. Uhh, so, about how many of these bases are there?”, Jamie asked trying to lighten the mood simultaneously.


The Doctor pulled out the sonic and used it on the control panel. This set up an open link to the T.A.R.D.I.S. console, where he transferred the memories from every station into it. He was nearly done when he was grabbed from behind by a cybermen.

“Jamie, help!!”, the Doctor shouted, “ohhhhohow!!!”

Jamie ran to the wall and grabbed a cybergun.

“O.K., Doctor. Krakatoa!!!”, Jamie shouted as he fired at the cyberman’s back.

The cyberman fell to the ground and died, with a final gasp, as he released the Doctor.

“Thank you, Jamie. Quite the squeeze, eh?”, the Doctor joked, while getting to his feet.

They walked to the T.A.R.D.I.S., shut the doors, and put on the lock. The Doctor checked the memories. They were safe.

He walked out to find several cybermen waiting. The doctor smiled and said, “Why, hello.”

“Give us the memories, Doctor”, the cybercontroller said in a monotone voice.

“No. If you want them, then come and get them.”, He said while purposely not locking the door when he retreated.

They all walked on board to find the doors shut behind them, and then lock.

“Let us out, Doctor.”, the cybercontroller stated blandly.

“No, thank you. So, you want the memories, well, you can’t have them. You’d have to hack into the T.A.R.D.I.S. Which, isn’t going to happen.”, the Doctor’s face went long, “Now, Jamie…”

Jamie opened fire on the several cybermen. They all screamed and cursed the Doctor as they died.

“Now, Jamie, let’s go destroy their consoles.”

They both stepped out of the T.A.R.D.I.S., pushing the cybermen’s corpses out of the machine. He then pulled up a virus and sent it into the cybermen’s mainframe. It then corrupted and destroyed the computers all around the world. They strolled into the T.A.R.D.I.S. and left New York. The computers were corrupted. The seven doors can never be reopened.

© Copyright 2018 Purple_bro. All rights reserved.

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