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Experiences in Asia

Submitted: November 06, 2016

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Submitted: November 06, 2016



2nd July 2014 - a day which made me walk down the lane of sweet memories. About 9 am, I drove out of my housing area. I happened to look at my driver's side mirror and my eyes couldn't believe what I saw. And so I told myself I must take a shot. So later, I continued my journey and drove in to a petrol station. I saw this unique vehicle parked at one of the petrol pump. A bike with a big blue box and all the little bread and buns hanging all around the box. Meanwhile all kinds of colorful snack packets hanging all over the bike. It is so systematically arranged too.

I was excited as it only brought sweet memories of my childhood. I remember waiting anxiously for this Bread man to come pass by my house when I was a little girl. Every evening, my granny Ramayee and I used to wait for him as we could buy our loaf of bread and all other little snacks. He usually comes between 6 pm to 7 pm on a daily basis. In the meantime, my granny and my next door granny would be chit chatting with each other. They share their observations, their daily routines, recipe's, and various family stories or memories of their younger days. On the other hand, we the little children in the neighbourhood would be playing games together. 

The moment we hear the sound of the bell or horn, we all scream of joy and ensure to run back to our homes only not to miss our beloved Bread man. We surround the Bread man in bigger groups. At times, we purchase so many bread, bun, and various snacks, it will exceed our budget. The Bread man only smiles and laughs. Those are the days, the bread man would take out his pen, a small note book with the no. 555 and record the unpaid sum. This is to keep track of how much we owe him. At the end of the month, each family pays him the balance of money due. Each day, we all made the Bread man smile even when he was exhausted. We would wait for him to ride his bike away by waving goodbye to him every evening. The Bread man departs with beautiful smiles and cute winking’s. 

Wow....those were the days. I miss the Bread man. We no longer see many bread man these days. This was indeed a unique and special moment which brought me back to my childhood. I believe I just went back to the past - my own sharing about my childhood experience which also means its my story. We all walk through history some day or another. 


Thank you, Mr.Breadman ! 


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