Society and Decision Making

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Submitted: November 06, 2016

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Submitted: November 06, 2016



Society and Decision Making

By: PikalekThePikaPikachu


[The 3 parts to society's good decision making]

Reward (part 1)- Personal gains + Gains of society

Price (part 2) - Personal price + Price on society

 Morality (part 3)- Personal morals

Value of Decision


Most people of society are either strong emotionally or logically; Very few people are strong on both sides. Now I’m not saying the people of society need to cast away emotions, but they should invest much more time into logic and decision making. A Lot of people in society don’t know how to make good decisions, and even worse many of them don’t even know they’re bad at it!


Let me explain reward. People make decisions that will benefit them the best, and we humans are built to care for ourselves the best. We obviously should make decisions with healthy rewards. What are healthy rewards? Physical health, long term profits or personal gains, and impacting society in a good way. Many times the people of society make decisions that give shallow and temporary rewards. As Long as you're not making an negative impact on society, you can make decisions that solely benefit you in a healthy way. You as a person of society have to determine with your own logic what decisions are healthy for you, and what could damage society. Try to make decisions that reward you in the long term rather than now.


Let me explain price. Every decision you make not only has a reward, but it has a price. Every decision you should make should have a reward higher than the price. Do not fail to see the personal price, and the price on society. You don’t have to make an positive impact on society, but at the very least don’t make things worse than they are. Imagine the price for a business is less than the personal reward, and on the surface seems like a good deal. Except you didn’t account for the price on society. The perfect example of this is the Mcdonald's corporation. Obviously the creator benefitted personally really well from his decision to create McDonalds. However, he didn’t do society much of a favor by handing out super unhealthy fast food. Imagine all the obesity and diabetes his business costed the world and society in general. A Lot of people never think about the price they’re decisions cost. The people who do consider the prices of actions often times only think short term, and are completely devoid of long term price. A great example or two of what I’m saying now would have to be Drinking and Smoking. If you drink or smoke at the moment may relieve stress, but many years down the road can negatively ruin your life.


Let me explain morality. I’m not saying you have to be religious, but that doesn’t mean I discourage it tho. Even atheists at a bare bone level should have morals. Never should you sacrifice good morals for a high reward even if the price is low; Only exception if somebody is holding a gun to your head or something like that. Everyone's morals are different, but there should be a general amount everybody should have. A great example of morality and decision making here would have to be Robin Hood; He stole from the rich, and gave to poor.


Not every decision needs to be made with the formula above, and you should be able to tell when common sense is all you need. Keep in mind unless you respect every part of the formula, never make a decision (regarding more in complicated stuff). With the knowledge I gave you, you now can make much better and valuable decisions. Imagine how great the world would be if everybody followed this formula and knowledge. Becoming an expert decision maker doesn't happen overnite, and it should be practiced regularly like write or reading.


PS: You don’t have agree with everything I said, but you can at least respect my opinions.

Just because I have different views than you doesn’t automatically make me inferior;

In Fact we probably have things we agree on deep down the surface.


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