Notions of Science, Words of Wisdom and Ravings of Madmen (A.H. Lore)

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Lore for my story of Artifact Hunters. VERY important for anyone who wants to know more about the history, magic and culture of Ancorth.

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Why I'm doing this

Submitted: November 06, 2016

So, here's the thing. I'm a HUGE fan of writers Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman. Their books are AWESOME, and I highly recommend them... Read Chapter

Creation of the World

Submitted: November 06, 2016

I know I posted this as a short story a while back, but since this is to be a compendium of all the lore, it has to be put in here
So here's the creation of Ancorth! (again) Read Chapter

Concerning the Tribes of Vulcanus

Submitted: December 12, 2016

The supermassive volcano that is Vulcanus is home to many tribes. Each tribe, claiming certain lands as their own, have battled and ... Read Chapter

The Shopkeeper

Submitted: February 22, 2017

Aaaaand here's another tidbit of lore! I hope you guys can make sense of this.
This event happens fifty years before the main story kicks in.
And once again, thanks for reading! I really appreciate those of you who come in and look at this stuff! Read Chapter

Slight Discourse on Money

Submitted: July 30, 2017

The First Bank   Travis Beck, a survivor of what the people were starting to call the “War of the Spirits” or the “Dev... Read Chapter