Love, Joy and Compassion

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Life Experiences with Nature

Submitted: November 06, 2016

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Submitted: November 06, 2016



11 January 2014 - A day of love, joy and compassion. Why do I say that? I went to work as always. It is a Saturday and that only means that I work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Surprisingly there was no traffic jam so I reached my work place, Kota Damansara at 8.15 a.m. In like 20 minutes I arrived. Then I went and banked in a cheque for dad at Maybank and later opened up the office.Work started as usual.

On Saturdays, I usually teach two foundation classes (age 3-5 ideally). It was challenging today for our first class as we had all the little champions running around. Who are they? Ying Jie and Denzel. So yes, a lot of times I had to do my discipline part. However, I noticed that no matter how much I discipline them with a high tone of voice or a stern look, they come back to me with so much of love. That definitely gives me so much of confidence that it is fine to discipline a child when he is not on the right track. Furthermore, it must be fair and explained when he or she is check mate.

Then we went for a quick lunch as we all had classes in the afternoon. Except me, I have no class at 2 p.m. Nevertheless, I have to be at the counter for Customer Service. Simultaneously, I prepare for my classes too. Day went by well as I had a wonderful class at 4 p.m. too. Three right brains and one left brain children. What a contrast !! They only brought me so much of joy. Once class was over, I met Aretha’s mother. She was happy that I informed her regarding her daughter. I only said that, “Aretha is usually very bubbly and happy. Today she wasn't feeling so. I also detected that she was not having much confidence through her drawing and maths was super challenging for her, especially today.” Only then the mum agreed and said, “I think I know why. She asked me to give her some practice for maths. I did and somehow or rather she confused herself and did all the sums in a very different way. So I scolded her.” I continued by saying, “Oh I see. May be you should go home and do some pep talk to her. I’m sure she’ll be alright soon.” The mother smiled and said, “Thank you so much, Meena. I really appreciate your observations and thanks for sharing.”. I smiled and said, “No problem, that’s my job.” I did indeed feel good.

It was 6.00 p.m. and that only means that we are done for the day and week. Yes, working day is over. We could go home and have the rest of the weekend for ourselves. As we were walking, I was informed that there is a little kitten in a box. My colleagues Nira, Elina and I went over to see it. Each one expressed negatively and I got so tired of all the excuses. I said, “I will take her back and see how I can help.” I immediately took the box away and placed it below my back seat. I honestly had no heart to just leave her there or dump her in some place and walk away feeling like I have done a great thing in life. In between my journey, this little kitty was meowing away. I called home and informed dad and mum about this kitty. I was happy to hear their response, “Bring her back and let’s see how we can help her.”That’s why I was right as I followed my heart knowing that my parents are also very compassionate souls.  I was also very angry and shocked the way people react. The things they say that they are compassionate about are totally different from their act.

I brought back little Kutty home. Mum being my compassionate mother, immediately made her milk, used a syringe to feed her. She carried her and wrapped her in a cloth which happened to be my old orange and black night dress which was torn. Then she fed her and I was so happy that Kutty drank after a while. I felt good and although she couldn't drink much at one time, after a while she started drinking well. It was good enough to keep her stomach full. She did not look like a kitten but more like a little black, grey, brown rat. Imagine she is the size of my palm. An adorable baby who came home for a reason. I hope she survives..........God has plans for her, I’m sure.


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