William Cooper Wanted DOA

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Bill Cooper was an enemy of the subversive state headquartered in Washington D.C. He was a soldier on the frontline, and not two months after his enemies struck down the Twin Towers, those he was up against were sent to capture the man, DOA.

Submitted: November 07, 2016

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Submitted: November 07, 2016



William  Cooper

Questioning and focusing in on the killing of William Cooper is not like spending hours weeks and months focusing on the killing of Tupac.
I know what it's like to focus on studying these two people. There are several differences between the two. And a few are very serious which call for study.
Bill Cooper was the absolute leading voice of the Unorganized Militia of the United States in general. Of the entire Country, his was a name of utmost respect, and absolutely deserving of undivided attention. Like you would listen to the next respected president with reverence , as he was the "commander in chief"...Honest to God patriots and aware citizens would heed Coopers voice as he was the Director of Intelligence for the Second Continental Army of the republic. This group initialed SCAR is made up of the entire body of the 100% lawful-constitutional Unorganized militia of the several states.
He was THE commander, "in chief" if you will....understand?

Tupac, a respected poet and an influential voice world wide, also deserves our attention. However.....Tupac was a man entangled with the Media and Government(through his record deals and involvement with Hollywood), ..by choice. His murder was conspired upon on in some way or another, this can't be denied. Many people disliked him.
But his is a case in which you must put down quickly, for his role in the world was not one of freedom. Pac was not a free man, his life was indebted to Mr. Industry and Music World. We saw them throw him in jail.

Bill Cooper on the other hand, totally unshackled from tyranny, was plotted on and killed not 2 months after the worst ever terrorist attack on American soil. Not two months after he broadcasted 9 hours straight over the airwaves live as 9/11 came & went. Bill repeated himself constantly, the attacks were an assault on American liberties, not by Islamic extremists, but by a subversive/traitorous government headquartered in Washington D.C. Yes, the twin towers were brought down from the bottom, all planned by the same conspirators who got away with blowing up the WTC in 93' AND the Alfred P Murrah federal building in 95', murdering a Christian congregation at Waco, Texas, destroying the life of a man and his family @ Ruby Ridge....and the SAME conspirators who were charging him with bank fraud and tax evasion. He had a price on his head. On November 6th, 15 years ago the command was made, TAKE HIM IN, DEAD OR ALIVE. Their real reason NOT being tax evasion, or the other 7/2001 "aggravated assault " charge, but being exposed. They couldn't put up with it any longer. The IRS, the BATF, the FEDERAL RESERVE, the "Justice" Department and it's FBI, ...ALL GUILTY WITH BLOOD ALL OVER THEIR HANDS!

You see, those 5 incidents are all interwoven and cannot happen without the SAME conspirators operating in conjunction. THERE IS A CONSPIRACY GOING ON IN THIS COUNTRY. So shake off that spell Bush put on you when he said, "LET US NOT TOLERATE OUTRAGEOUS CONSPIRACY THEORIES.." (LET ALONE FOUR DAYS AFTER BILL, THE NATIONS MOST LEGITIMATE VOICE ON "CONSPIRACY THEORY" WAS KILLED)

Look up William Bill Cooper, read his work, listen to his MP3 radio shows found at his still surviving website,
Read everything
do your own research, and
Believe NOTHING unless you can prove it.

And don't forget about 2Pac! He taught the 90s generation many things we should've heeded back then. Mainly, that the Mainstream Media is corrupt at its soul and cannot be trusted and that the black community needs to rise up in the mental. I take his calls for blacks and give the same call to the common man, black, white, Hispanic, Indonesian(;..The message is we gotta stop being sheeple and wake up. We gotta start loving all of our neighbors , rejecting all liars, being gullible no more, untrusting toward all politicians , and disowning family members if they teach racial superiority or ethnic cleansing, or any other coordinated effort to band together against another person who looks different. This is all retarded and stupid! Humans know better already. It's now or never. What is America gonna look like in 08 years? The future of mankind may depend on the American people's resilience in defending the individual's rights to Creator endowed freedoms. Maybe the Bilderbergs will leave us alone already if we only show them we're not sheeple but People!


?Who Called William Cooper

"The Most Dangerous Radio Host in America"?

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