I buried it in the garden

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A short story set in Ancient Greece.

Submitted: November 07, 2016

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Submitted: November 07, 2016



I buried it In the garden, it was what we always did. So why did I feel so bad about it? It is tradition, when one of your flock dies, you burn it and bury it in a pot called a granesha (gran-es-a) which contains its spirit and ashes.

It was twenty seven years ago that the golden sheep came to me. Its wool sparkled and shone as brightly as the sun! I of cause kept it a secret as I did not want Gorden to be to be sacrificed. Despite my efforts to conceal the beautiful animal, Asotonro (Aso for short) found out, we worked extremely hard to care for the magnificent creature but it did not want our care and soon we would find out why.

Gorden then only a few days after we had found him in the woods, gave birth! After that we realised that she was not Gorden but Georgina! Gisela, was her beautiful daughter, she had silver wool as pure as moonlight, Gisela took a great liking to Aso and seemed to sparkle and radiate heat whenever he was near. For weeks it seemed that nothing could destroy this magnificent, happy family, but it was not to be.

Shortly after giving birth to Gisela, Georgina passed away. We gave her a proper burial out on the cliff of St.Josafio (Ho-sa-pi-o). We had a private service and Aso carried out all of the correct rituals that she would need to get into the fields of Asphodel. Aso worked at the temple of Hades so he knew what to do.

About seven and a half years passed and all was well but a daemon came, a daemon of death! He shape-shifted to look like Gisela. I realised that there were two sheep when I went to feed Gisela, panicked and threw my spear. I, I hit Gisela, my beautiful sheep. What had she done to deserve this?

I didn't even bury her with her mother but burnt her and put her in a pot buried in the garden.

I now bare the curse of Akamutaransemenalt!

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