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Submitted: November 07, 2016

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Submitted: November 07, 2016




I’m no drama queen nor a weak person. 

I’m just a sensitive living soul : I perceive the good vibes so I feel happy, and I perceive the bad vibes so I feel sad. 

I’m glad I’m aware of what I am and more than that , aware that I’m the normal one between all the misjudgers and the misunderstanders : I’m good at observing, feeling, examining,  reacting and revealing - they’re not. 


Insensitive and unfeeling people are missing intrinsic deeds of Life, they’re simply not living : how can an individual be deemed to be existing if he doesn’t get deranged, furious, crazed, downhearted or despondent ? 

Yes people have to be negative at times for us to say they are living - why ? Simply because life is a combination of good and evil, ups and downs, black and white. 


So to every person reading this : if you want to encounter life , if you want to have an immortal soul , “sense” any vibe that gets in your way for only you’ll know the sweetness of joy after tasting the bitter woe. 

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