Swamped on Christmas-Eve

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It is Christmas-eve in the swamp and someone is walking through. What could happen?

Submitted: November 07, 2016

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Submitted: November 07, 2016



A trip through the swamp on Christmas Eve

Was not what I wanted to do,

But the shortest way home was the way to go

After my shift at Wal*Mart was through.


They could have built Wal*Mart on my side of town,

But NO, the citizens made such a fuss.

So I walk through the swamp, instead of the miles

That I would be riding the cross town bus.


The swamp's not bad if you’re dressed for the walk

And I've dressed for the walk, nights and days.

It's our backyard and our fishing hole

That is often displayed in a foggy haze.


I was going through the swamp, well after dark,

When I heard some whimpering cries.

I peeked through the grass like a stealthy Ninja

And beheld a creature, three-times my size.


It was a Swamp-Thing, like beasts of the wild,

But it was nothing like I'd never seen.

It was big and wet, with leathery skin,

And all of that skin was a swamp-shade of green.


Maybe it's injured, was my very first thought,

So I watched, intently, for quite a while.

It had in its hands what looked like a book,

The thought of IT reading made me smile.


All of the sudden it disappeared

For beneath the water it faded from view.

So I snuck over there and grabbed the book.

Hay, I was curious! What would you do?


Well it wasn't a book, it was a Wal*Mart add

For Christmas Trees and lights galore.

How it arrived in this foggy swamp,

The wind must have brought it, I'm sure.


I racked my brain as to why IT was crying

And I looked at the book that was faded real bad,

When I looked around I knew in an instant

What was making Swamp-Thing so very sad.


Off I went like a human torrent,

I gathered the kids, the wife, and stuff,

Then back to the swamp, we ran all the way

'cause walking just wasn't enough?


Well we hung stuff here and we nailed stuff there,

(The wife and the kids were having a ball!)

The kids did the low stuff; my wife did the middle,

And I worked on the other stuff, way up tall.


After we finished we climbed up high

To a viewer's position so we could all see

And it wasn't long before Swamp-Thing appeared

To see the handy-work of this family.


IT sat on a log making all sorts of sounds

As it watched the lights in their rainbows of color.

Then came the flickering from the solar array

Which burst into light shows, one after another.


That night was special and one to remember

As we sat watching each swamp lit tree;

Out in the swamp on Christmas Eve,

Just Swamp-Thing, my family, and me.


D. Thurmond / JEF  ---  11-06-2016

© Copyright 2017 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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