lucifer in a bag

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felt like speaking out

Submitted: November 07, 2016

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Submitted: November 07, 2016



What if money was not how'd we measured success?

The society's drowning as we try to progress.

Lucifer's not a myth, he's in a bag.

Fifty dollars for happiness, man what a hack.


Why is it to be successful we have to regress?

Stepping on the people we don't even detest.

Making a name doesn't come without loss.

So how much you'd give up for the title of "the boss"?


What if in order to make it

We didn't have to lose love?

Just smile take this cursed chain and break it.

What if this a challenge from someone up above?


But you detest the thought of that…

Three grams on the table chop it all up.

Well not gonna be the one to give up.

These are my sins, but I'm staying to fight.


So many have embraced the devil giving up on the grind.

Put the shackles on yourself, refusing to wake up.

I been through to much to die in a flight,

I survived way to much just to choke up.


How can I be a hero when I'm the one needing of saving?

These words on the paper and I keep on raving.

This is my life so I stand in a spot light.

I may not be what's perfect, but I try to do what's right.


So welcome to my life.

Death, love and struggle I've been through it all

They just made me stronger, I'm not taking the fall.

Stare death in the eyes, I just give it high five.

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