Parallels In the Torah

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Parallels In the Torah reveals that apparently unrelated episodes in the Torah are actually clearly related. Some matching episodes actually have more than 15 -20 matching words and themes often in the same chronological order showing that they are inherently related. Statistically, almost zero chance of so many fundamental matches by mere coincidence. Noach's flood matches the splitting of the sea of reed; Cain killing Heivel matches the Korach episode and many more. Very eye opening as the matches were and are right there to see in the plain text. Please note that at the moment the site put "?" marks instead of the Hebrew text.

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Noach and Moshe

Submitted: November 07, 2016

Noach and Moshe- a tikkun of emuna and tefilla.

Scriptural proof showing Moshe is reincarnation of Noach. Read Chapter

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