Prologue (To be Titled)

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Just a Prologue to a TBA book I'm writing, I'm posting the Prologue as a means to hear interests, and whether or not I should continue writing

Submitted: November 07, 2016

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Submitted: November 07, 2016



I never considered myself special, but I always felt misplaced. It was like I was reliving the same day constantly, and everyone around me looked at me like I didn't belong. The strange bit, is that it's been this way as long as I can remember. Everyone keeping conversations short with me, avoiding my path of direction, and even going as far as to hide when I was in their general area. Things stayed this way for a while, Until I met him..


My name is Jex Cristop, I'm Sixteen, though I can hardly remember the past seven years of my life. The people in town, those who do talk to me, tell me stories of the accident that killed my parents, and how I'm a miracle survivor. I never thought it sounded so bad, an earthquake, a falling building. They didn't survive, I did, but with terrible memory loss, I hardly would call that surviving, but here I am. When I look in the mirror, I see myself, I'm still here, 5'7, short dark hair, and way too much dark makeup, But I like it. I've still got a scar on my left shoulder, it swirls around, and personally I think it looks like the number '6', maybe I should get into two more accidents, get two more 6's and make think I'm the devil! Right, I'm getting off track...
It seemed a normal day like any other, my small town was getting together for their yearly celebration; a festival. They did it every year, got together, the nearly 50 people in town gathered and shared joy in their good harvests, or culinary prowess in baked goods, I think it was their way of celebrating good food and good times. With so much death in the world, I guess it was a good reminder that they were all still living. I was on my way to the Festival, sure it may have been a little bright and happy for my taste, but it was free food after all. I saw the mayor speaking with a strange man along the way, he seemed stressed. He waved to me with an uneasy smile before heading indoors with the stranger. I didn't think much of it at the time, He was the mayor, he had a lot of business I figured.
The festival was extravagant, people were practically giving everything away, sweets and candies, fruits and meats, everyone seemed so happy. Except for one fellow, he was from out of town, a traveler on his way through. To anyone in town, he might have seemed a cheapskate, someone trying to move in during our festival, to just get some tradable goods, and head back out to the land. The town guards were quick to throw him out, not that they were dangerous or anything, he just wasn't able to take down three men at once. He was allowed to stay in town, just not participate in the festival, maybe I felt bad for him, this was supposed to be the happiest festival of the year. I grabbed some goods, and was quick to follow him out of town. He was fast, made it quite a way away from town before I ever caught up with him 
"Hey!" I shouted at him from behind. He turned but didn't seem too shocked to see me. 
"What are you doing out here? That party seemed too fun to leave" he said, throwing a smirk at me. 
"I just figured, throwing you out was uncalled for, or whatever. Here I brought you stuff.." I replied, Hardly a meaningful sentence 'brought you stuff', nice one Jex. He seemed happy to recieve the gift and quick to thank me for it 
"There is a lot here, Maybe you should help me eat it all" he said, offering me a date, I thought. 
"Yeah, I guess. It is a lot, and they probably wont let me take much more than this, to be honest." I was quick to agree, was it dumb? Maybe. Did I just agree to a picnic with a stranger? Yes. It wasn't my fault really, he was kind of cute, in a 'totally not my type' kind of way, blonde with blue eyes, the exact opposite of my dark look. The people in my town were all in their thirties, okay? This boy looked like 18, traveled, and asked me on a date, im taking my chance! 
"Joven" He spoke up, I was too lost in thought to process his meaning, staring at him dumbfounded. 
"My Name..." he spoke again, I jumped. 
"Oh! I'm Jex Cristop" I gave my full name, ugh, WHY did I give my full name, he only gave me his first name, Do I seem too eager? 
"Joven Spectre" he replied, he seemed so calm and patient with me, he smiled, it was cute, he pointed away from town 
"There's a nice spot up ahead, we can sit and eat" he said, leading the way forward. It was over a slight hill, just enough to obscure the vision of the town, I didn't mind, It was a bit of an awkward feeling if they were to see me on my first date. As we walked however, the flowers around seemed to perk up a bit, today was an amazing day, even the flora seemed to agree.
While we ate, things got quiet, maybe he liked food? or maybe he wasn't as into me as I thought. 
"Uh, Joven...Where are you from?" I asked over the distant sounds of the festival, that were so far at this point, it was almost like a silence. He stopped eating for a moment, staring at me for a few before speaking 
"Elysian.." he said, his voice low. 
"I've heard of Elysian, is it a paradise like they say?" I asked him, I wanted to know more 
"Anywhere can seem a paradise if you come from someplace worse.." He replied, his replies were getting distant, maybe I shouldn't have asked about his past, I do know about having a rough past after all. So I ended up drifting away from talking again, eating together with him, and relaxing under the sky before it got dark.
But it did, eventually, get dark. Bright lights and sounds still echoed from the town from over the hill, shouts and yells, it was easy to ignore when you were with someone new and interesting. But something, something was wrong. The Town never held a festival this long, the night sky normally brought an end to it, and shouts were dying down as normal, but the lights coming from over the hills were too much 
"Something feels wrong" I said, before rushing off from the site, I reached the top of the hill only to be overcome with too many emotions at once, the sight of my town, MY TOWN, lit ablaze with fire! Joven rushed to my side 
"That isn't good!" he said, rushing passed me. 
"Come on Jex!" he shouted back. I rushed to follow him.
As we got into town, there were too many bodies to count, most of the town was here, dead, covered in blood in the midst of our festival! All the houses and buildings were on fire, and I quickly reacted, the Mayor wasn't here, he must still be inside the building. He might be alive. I rushed to the building, but as I opened the door, flames burst, and rushed towards me, I held out my hands, in a idiotic attempt to block fire. But something happened, from my hands, moisture seemed to condense and shoot forward, combatting the fire. It just, created itself, from my hands, what was going on?

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