Lost Redemption

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Two lovers, torn apart by jealousy, attempt to rekindle their relationship.

Submitted: November 07, 2016

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Submitted: November 07, 2016



Lost Redemption

By Joseph Logsdon

There were two of them, a man and a woman, both on the verge of insanity. The water, still calm and tranquil, edged against the sand, reluctant to touch their shoes. They kept staring into the sky, unwilling to face the reality of the situation. The pause was held for five, eventually ten minutes, with very little interaction in between. Full of light and mystery, the sun managed to reach their bitter faces, its power almost overwhelming. The tension between them, a tension so great, so fierce, that it could barely be contained, transformed itself into something even more wretched and awful.

Her hair was red, as red as the flames that traveled through her mind, each one more furious than the last. Mira looked upon him with a unique type of concern, one which completely deprived him of having any dignity or honor. Angry, depressed, incredibly frustrated, Mira knew that her pain had to come to an end, either through death or life, in order to satisfy the longing in her heart. The sky continued to become dimmer and dimmer, resentful of their intense passion for one another. It became apparent, only after minutes of contemplating, that they were, despite all evidence to the contrary, quite in love.

Almost entirely under her spell, Walter ran his fingers through her hair, intoxicated by her very presence, which continued to make itself known to him. She continued to caress him, waves of passion flowing through her heart, into her very soul, where no negativity could be found. It was a moment of pure delight, transformed by the power of love, which was their deepest shared quality. His eyes, dark and full of wonder, scanned her face, anxious throughout the entire process. For a brief moment, one too brief to even recollect, they respected one another. 

“Why did you come here?” Mira asked.

“Night after night, I stand on this beach, lonelier than ever before, hoping for the day you return to me. You said we would be together forever. We made plans to get away from the world, and given time, I hoped that maybe, after a few struggles and heartaches, like most couples experience, that we would learn to forget about the past. It would be a practical paradise, made solely for the two of us. Why did things go so wrong? My life, this torture that one calls living, is an empty shell, worthy of nothing but a merciful end,” he cried.

“I’m right here, in need of your touch,” she said, kissing him on the cheek.

Walter closed his eyes, thankful for the affection he had received from Mira, his only reason for living. They started to cry, torn apart by the reality of their feelings, a large number of which remained out of reach. They had very few reasons to hate each other, and yet, in spite of everything that had happened, the good and the bad, there was an unspoken tension between them. They were hiding things from each other, things that appeared to be sinister in their very nature. Her face grew paler, progressively more like a ghost, as the waves continued to crash against the shore. Every smile, every gesture, led to something more mysterious and wondrous, all thanks to the alluring power of the water.

“You’re worthy of a lot of love, just not from me,” she said, looking away from him.

“What do you mean?”

“The two of us, we’re from very different worlds. Many men have come before you, some even richer and more attractive, but they all lacked humanity. You were different from all of them. Whereas they treated me with disrespect, you showed me kindness and warmth. You came to me, nothing more than what you are now, and gave me one of the best moments of my life. I needed to be loved so very badly. It was as if you knew me, like truly knew me, without us even having met. It was a very rich experience, one that will never go away, as long as I continue to breathe, regardless of what comes next. You can come with me, a woman who loves you, or you can go back to Elizabeth. Either way, the result will be the same, whether you choose me or her,” she hissed, jealousy in her voice.

“She doesn’t, never mind what you might think, mean anything to me. I married her, my mind full of weakness and nothingness. One afternoon, the same day I met you, I finally realized, quite surprisingly so, that my life had been completely wasted. You met me, your heart full of love, and brought me true happiness. After years of suffering, I can correct my mistake now, this very day, with your help,” he implored, pulling her closer to him.

Mira backed away from him, split between her true desire of finding love, and her desire to finally have peace of mind. The water touched her ankle, perhaps the weakest part of her body, in order to relieve the pain within her soul. She looked into the water, deep within the whirlpools of time, channeled by nothing but the spirits that crept into her mind, each ambitious and looking for peace. She witnessed twenty spirits, ten women and ten men, all of whom appeared to be quite miserable, with their faces grim and unclean, blistered by the ravages of time, which continued to turn against them.

“I stand here, broken and desperate, capable of fulfilling your every desire, even the ones that you choose not to speak of. I walk towards you, straight into your soul, still wondering about the future. Love is all around us, inside our hearts and minds, ready to please our deepest desires. We live for eighty, maybe ninety years, unconscious of the fact that we’re going to die. I’ve been dead for a very long time. I walk the shore, resigned to the fact that I am, whether I like it or not, gone from this world. Three years ago, I went to see about you, and before I could even say anything, you looked back at me, this terrible expression on your face. To my absolute amazement, you had her, Elizabeth Brooke, on your arm. After that, I ran into the ocean, vowing to never experience pain again,” she confessed.

Tears fell from Walter’s eyes. He placed his hand on Mira’s arm, regretful of his actions towards her, her family, and probably most importantly, the life she had lived. His feet sank into the sand, their steadiness being unusually strong and firm, in almost complete contrast with Mira’s feet, which continued to shake. Formerly a place of calmness, the beach suddenly transformed into a nightmarish fantasy, with waves rushing towards them, as if to strike them down with brutal force, absent of warmth or kindness, in order to maximize the painful experience. Mira pulled him further into the sea, embracing his lips as she did so, while at the same time trying to keep her head above the water, dependent on the need to see the sky one final time, for the rest of time.

“Those many years ago, when you were a girl, we knew what love truly was. I want to have your forgiveness; there is nothing else that will satisfy me. I stand before you, broken to pieces, in need of your clemency. Will you provide it?”

“It’s just the two of us, tucked safely within the tranquility of the ocean, answerable to no one but ourselves,” she uttered, water covering her face.

The End


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