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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

this story is a gripping tale that describes the journey of the lead who would not hesitate to kill even you for her work. as the story goes you shall find what rosy does to get her desires fulfilled.

She hurries down the steps impatiently pushing an old couple. They were struck by anger and started cursing her mumbling in low voice. As she reached the room, she was almost gasping for breath and started to knock the door frantically. Once….twice…thrice….her impatience tripled up and she started banging the door with sweat forming beads over her temples. Angry yet curious, Joshua opened the door only to look at Rosy who was almost stooping down. He sensed the urgency and caught hold of her, while leading her into the room. With a feeble voice, she asked for water. As he walked to bring water, she could see his huge silhouette with hair neatly set and the single lamp throwing light partially revealed his composed look.

Even as Joshua was talking with her, her mind back at the courtyard arguing with her father about the relationship.

Her dad was relaxing in the easy chair just trying to make sure that he doesn’t fire on rosy.

Rosy was the whole world for Jonathan who raised her in her mother's place. He always obliged for his daughter's weird conditions.

But this time the case was different and serious for the dad and daughter

“But you are too young to take such staunch decision my child, this is a wicked rough world where you are not matured enough to thrive easily”, lamented Jonathan.

“Dad, this isn’t the way you are supposed to behave with your daughter.” spoke a stubborn rosy.

“but…”, Jonathan tried to speak; but he was abruptly stopped by rosy, “I am not a kid anymore father, I can take care of myself..".

Realizing that his daughter would not budge anymore at this point of time, heaving a sigh of disownment, Jonathan finally started to whisper the numero uno words rosy wanted to hear from him.

Her father eyes lit up watching rosy listening to him so closely.

it reminded him of rosy childhood when she used to sit on Jonathan's lap and read the journals he used to study.

but it was his part to get shocked that she was pretending in such a manner just to get hold of the words he spoke.

As she drove her car out from the mansion, she glanced at towards her father from the side mirror, while her father was waving his hand signaling good bye. She had seen her childhood’s hero and king noble for the last time that day. He was reported have committed suicide the next morning.

Wiping off the half drop of tear from her eyes, which were caused due to the innocent values taught to rosy by her father, she stood up to confirm Joshua that she was no more controlled by anyone and now she could make her own decisions. Joshua held her hands and drew her closer. “This is what I expected from you my child. Now there won’t be a force that could stop you people from leading the best life in the whole world”, echoed Joshua’s proud voice across the room. But rosy was a bit unsure about what happened to Samuel. She was hesitant to ask about him, but not able to bear the tension, she finally bursted out “but I haven’t talked with Samuel since yesterday, this isn’t the usual way he responds to me. He knows pretty well that I would be eager enough to talk with him”. Joshua sensed a fragile chance of distraction which could harm the whole episode. He immediately wiped his forehead and turned back to rosy scratching his Balbo. “Samuel is absolutely fine, my child. He is busy in preparing the essential needs that will fulfill your ever happy dreams you always wanted to come true.” replies Joshua trying to distract her from the unworthy thoughts and prepare her for the darkest endeavors.

Not fully convinced but rosy wanted this ordeal to end so that she could lead a peaceful life with her partner far away from that place. Although she never liked Joshua, she had no other option and Samuel trusted Joshua like his godfather. He was so confident that Joshua will lead them towards something which is more than surreal. So rosy finally had to leave her dad, her best friends and acquaintances on the word of Samuel just because Joshua wanted her to accomplish his own evil deeds. As she was recollecting all these, she could feel a hand thump on her right shoulder from behind. The clock suddenly struck 3 o clock mid noon. Joshua was surprised to see rosy getting excited for petty reasons. He comforted her and took her towards the dark room. As he turned knob clockwise, the gears inside the knob turned sideways paving way to open the door. Mr. Josh Kowalski was preparing the bed and the equipment necessary to start the operation. Joshua was watching Kowalski with brimming happiness that he is so close yet so far to his destiny. So he rushes up to Kowalski asking him to hurry up the preparation so that rosy would sense anything fishy. Adding up to the ante, Joshua walks back to rosy confronting her that, this is only a psycho therapeutic session arranged to get her rid of all the mental tensions. Rosy heart melted like the last butt of candle standing still in pitch dark. She apologized herself for framing Joshua in such a bad manner. She hears her name being echoed in the background and comes out from her weakness of getting lost in thoughts for awkward long time.

“Come this way, my dear”, says Mr. Josh Kowalski in a soothing voice.

Rosy was contended as she could not sense that she wasn’t a captive in the clutches of two evil men. She rolled her eyes sideways only to find an empty saline bottle, cotton and a Tylenol-Codeine type 4 bottle clinking against the periphery of the metal table. She was confused what was going to be performed on her. With a childish face she asked whether that would cause any pain. Mr. Josh laughed and brushed away her thoughts with a single wave of hand. That suddenly reminded rosy of her father. As she started to weep inconsolably turning her face to the other side, Mr. Josh wasted no time in administrating the medicine which would take some time to cause action in the body. As rosy felt her eyelids were dropping on heavily, with here half opened eyes she could see two silhouettes whispering with each other and one was waving his arms vigorously. But only if she had the capability to stand up and ask them, alas she succumbed to the slumber that was approaching fast.





As the morning sun warmed rosy face from the little window situated top right in the room, it drew her out from the deepest sleep she had ever experienced in years. But even after she woke up she was still not steady. Joshua observed this on the monitor which connects to a camera inside. He immediately wakes up Mr. Josh who was still dreaming of his wife who created a ruckus every morning running around with toad like legs. Her baritone voice shrilled into josh’s ears annoying him every day. As Joshua pushed him, he was angry and “I told you not to involve me in this shit, get out and close the door!!” Joshua was perplexed and he understood that this was a bad dream. After a couple of minutes, Mr. Josh got up and was all ready to ask rosy the important questions. They both went into the room and stood on either side of rosy. Rosy was still not able to open up her eyes completely. Her slurred voice led to a burst of laughter which echoed through the room.

“My child, I would not like to waste your precious trance, since I know how wonderful it would be. So you just have to answer my question”, said Joshua in a pleasing tone and suddenly his face went red and “you just don’t have any choice, you useless spoiled brat!!!!”

All the emotions were racing up through rosy mind but she was unable to express anything.

Finally Mr. Josh wanted to put an end to this monologue immediately.

He went straight to the point, “now miss rosy, we would like to know where the vial was guarded and what is the code to open that”.

The effect of medicine worked like miracle just helping rosy to spell out the golden words from her mouth.

“The vial is kept under the rack adjacent to the dining hall and the code is THROM PELCK XJRTO GEWSA BUHQU NFOVZ YIOED “

“Damn it, the old guy has not revealed the code in plain words, now we need to decode this to find the way for the treasure, what shall we do?” snapped Joshua while pacing back and front in the room

Mr. Josh was pretty cool and started to walk towards rosy again.

“Miss Princess, now if you please lie down, you are of no use to us now. Try to escape from his hell hole if possible”, whispered Mr. Josh in rosy ears.

As Joshua was approaching Mr. Josh angrily for not even caring for his words, he signaled him to be calm and follow him.

Rosy was not able to move her hands and her toes felt numb as she tried to get down from the bed. She frantically searched for water while stumbling upon the metal table on which the equipment was placed earlier. She slowly started to think what happened to her and what did she mumble few hours ago. Rosy never suffered such a bad pain as now she is undergoing to recollect what happened. Finally she could recollect the word father which gave her the hint that she might have spoken the secrets her father had told her. Never before had rosy cursed her so much and she started to lose her mental balance.

She tried to escape from the room but couldn’t. She stood near the window recollecting how badly she wanted to meet Samuel now. Samuel and rosy were in relation form past couple of years. Every now and then Samuel wanted to make sure that they should leave this place to eke out a new living. He had always spoken great about his uncle and guide Joshua whom he revered more than god. He always used to say,

”Joshua uncle has a great plan for our future. We will be on the verge of writing our own destiny.”

Even though rosy never wanted to hear Samuel talking more and more about money, power and his Joshua uncle; she never stopped him because she understood that her man would have his own ideologies. Now coming back from those thoughts again, she also recalled the training she had received from solving the difficult riddles and puzzles her father used to teach her. She glanced around the room only to find that the room did not hold any furniture in it. She turned around and started watching closely the finer details of the room. She found a set of papers which were randomly strewn around. She was already frustrated so she just placed them intact again and walked back. But as she walked back, something struck her mind. It was the dates. Then she recollected the fact that Samuel had told her about the weakness Joshua possessed. He used to forget passwords and combination therefore he collected newspapers of the respective number combinations and kept them safe us that whenever he had to remember what was the password; he used to check them out. Rosy thanked her luck and started searching the dates on the papers. The dates read 18-21-7. She immediately walks to the door and started to enter the dates with a safety pin from inside. As the combination was set, the interior knob started to turn anti clockwise. Rosy pulled the knob with all her might budging the door to open. As she ran out, she screeched halt for a second to look back. The tape was still running on the computer. Her mind had regained senses completely, infect it was working much better now. She pulled a chair and sat before the computer and started rewinding the tape.

“We need to find someone who can decode this code for the vial, where can we find one?” asked Joshua.

Mr. Josh vented out a proud laugh and nodded his head saying, “Brother Joshua, I sensed something like and I had already setup a person for this”.

Joshua was elated and stopped asking questions. He just followed him.

Rosy snapped the video at that point and took off a sprint to find them. But only if poor rosy could have watched the whole video she would have realized the double dealing that was on a rise behind her back. But it was too late; she never even bothered to watch what was happening

Nolan was working on an enigma machine opening up the second row in the three ciphered column. As he started to pull out a bolt, he heard a couple of whispering and footsteps and immediately covered the whole setup with a painted cloth which had cats on that. As Joshua and Mr. Josh entered the room, the first thing they noticed was a colored chameleon popping out its bulged eyes. Joshua tried to change his attention by shifting his place falling on to a heap of scrap metallic waste. Nolan and Mr. Josh helped him out and showed them the chairs to sit down.

“Nolan, I need you to decode a code for me once again.” said Mr. Josh in a subtle yet firm tone.

“Still lingering in the old days, josh!!” chuckled Nolan.

Mr. Josh left a halfhearted smile and nodded his head in signal to Nolan. Nolan understood the body language and drew out his hand for the code.

As Mr. Josh handed over the code, he also whispered something in his ears.

Joshua was eager to find what was the whispering about, he failed in doing so.

Nolan asked him, “How did you find this in that house” not to make Joshua suspicious.

Joshua sat back on the chair crossing his legs and explained, “We always knew that the old man had a penchant for riddles and puzzles. One of the prime rules in solving riddles is not to believe anything in first instance lest you shall be driven in the wrong direction”.

“As revealed by rosy, we entered the house and started off near the dining hall. But to our surprise we found two racks in the vicinity.” explained Joshua.

Mr. Josh cleared his throat to take over and continued, “As expected, the mirror placed adjacent to the dining hall points to another rack, which we promptly opened with the duplicate key.”

Nolan was surprised. “A man with such a virtue would not have given the key so easily, how you got that?” questioned Nolan.

Mr. Josh explained the series of incidents that took place after rosy left her father which left Nolan gasped.

Mr. Josh and Joshua got down in front of the mansion on that rough night. The wind was howling precariously. They opened the gate and went inside. Joshua was frisking the right side of his coat frequently which angered Mr. Josh. “now stop that mate !!! really are going to get us entangled in lot of troubles”. They both stood on either side of the door ready to pounce on jonathan. But Joshua could not control and pushed the door hard. They were shocked to see jonathan dead on the floor killed by already. Counting their luck, they started off to find the dining hall

Nolan took few seconds to recover and sighed,”what a virtuous man and what an exemplary life he lead”.

“We found the vial there”, said Joshua showing the vial they bought, “but we could not open the vial as it was guarded by a key”.

Mr. Josh looked up him watch denoting the time left which worried him.

Nolan was asked to hurry up by Joshua.

The trio sat together as Nolan was working on the key.

As the key read,” THROM PELCK XJRTO GEWSA BUHQU NFOVZ YIOED”, Nolan tried out the basic cipher type such as the Caesar type. But he was unsuccessful.

Then he read the letters that were scribbled on the paper that clung on to the vial. The letters read “AMO 135624”.

Nolan immediately bought up a ledger to search the cipher types that included a number key.

A little smile passed out from Nolan lips as he confirmed the inscription using the AMSCO cipher, “you people were damn lucky; without this piece of paper, this vial would be ass useless as Joshua’s brain”, heckled Nolan.

“Being his only daughter, the old man decided to encrypt the code in the alphabetical order starting with Amsco and the plaintext reads YOUR ARE MY WORLD AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY WORLD”, explained Nolan.

Mr. Josh wasn’t interested in listening to this boring lecture; he wanted instant treasure like instant coffee.

But Joshua was curious to know what this AMSCO all about is. He interrupted Nolan’s work and asked him, “tell me briefly, what is this AMSCO all about”. Nolan took out a paper and started explaining as Mr. Josh dozed off.

“This Amsco cipher uses a transposition method. Like the double and single letters are taken in alternate manner. This allows the coder to maximize the security by increasing size of key and then the ciphered text shall be difficult to reveal”, Nolan explained what all he knew about ciphers.

The clock struck 12'o clock mid night when suddenly Nolan opened up his eyes. He tiptoed to the table and started turning the gears in accordance to the plain text revealed. As the first gear turned up and latch was opened, his excitement gushed in more...

Second one…more excitement…

Third one ….even more excitement...

Fourth one ….he was almost trembling from elation and could not control his emotions.

He decoded the place of treasure. He was almost dead with the fact that he was holding the key to the lost fortune. His voice went numb and he read the key aloud

“The treasure lies in one of the pots lying in fourth dungeon from the left wall facing towards the emblem. The room has got four pots each having set on a rolling rail controlled by a lever which gets turned by the shift of sunlight from day to night. When two pots cross diagonally at mid noon they tend to shine light. So every day, the pots keep changing. The pots come to sight when your head is enlightened the code for entry is ruelf ed sil”

No man is this world would like to share his fortunes with another person. Nolan was no exception. He called up a number and started talking, “I succeeded finally! … All these days, our penance worked…finally we could get a hold of the key. I deciphered it”.

“Very good, now just stay calm and follow your instruction as given in the mission book.” whispered a voice from the other side.

“Yes …yes…I will meet you there. Bye”, said Nolan turning down the phone.

Then Nolan typed another number and ordered him to commence the action.

Mr. Josh and Joshua were eavesdropping what Nolan said and they nodded their heads in agreement.

As he stretched his arms out in jubilation, he heard a gunshot and the next moment the room was filled with pin drop silence with only the owl hooting from a distance.

"I knew he could not control yourself, that is why I asked you to become curious and eke out information about the cipher”, said Mr. Josh

"Now that he had opened the vial and decoded the place of treasure we can continue with the other part”, spoke Mr. Josh looking towards Nolan whose blood was dripping from his forehead.

Joshua was shocked to the unprecedented turn of events. Even though he wanted to escape and betray Nolan, he never wanted to kill him. Although his conscience pricks him, he has no option but to follow Mr. Josh.

Mr. Josh and Joshua board a taxi to reach the secluded dungeons outside the city. The weather was rough and skies were black as if they showing their ominous support to the evil deeds. As they were travelling, “this key says that there is code for entry …that reads as reulf ed sil ... How can we know what is that”, asked a curious Joshua.

Mr. Josh answered “that should not be a problem for us as we already know that rosy previous generations were honored by the French for their valor and courage in the battle this key must be reversed to reveal the fleur de lis, an icon for royal arms ages ago”, watching the black clouds covering the whole coast.

Joshua wanted to add something but Mr. Josh warned him not to talk a word until they get to see the treasure with naked eyes.

Rosy raced to Nolan’s house as she heard his name being spoken a couple times by Mr. Josh and Joshua. As she saw the opened door, she sensed something wrong. She immediately darted in only to find Nolan in a pool of blood. She sat beside him weeping as she thought she was all helpless now and nothing could save her. She wiped her face, gained courage and started to walk back to the door. After taking a few steps, she felt something was not right here. She placed a Christ locket on Nolan heart and whispered a prayer. Making her heart light again. Rosy took a taxi to the dungeons, hoping that the evil duo would not reach there before she does. She was badly hoping that Samuel would accompany her in this complicated situation now.

She called up his number again and again. But there was no response. As she was lost in her phone, the car screeched its brakes and halted to stop abruptly. She was cursing the driver for making her topple in the car.

The driver said “I think someone is dead on the road, maybe I should go and see”.

Rosy stopped him, “no!! Not now, it’s urgent, anyway an ambulance will come for his rescue, what you shall do going there and creating some more nuisances, just start the engines and go now fast!!!! “.

The driver looked at rosy in an awkward manner and started the engines again taking another route to the dungeons.

Rosy felt an uneasy feeling as her taxi rode by the body.

After going some distance, she felt she should look back but she refrained herself from doing so.

She saw a hand waving to stop from a vaguely far distance.

She just tried to forget everything and call Samuel again.

Meanwhile Mr. Josh and Joshua got down from the taxi and Joshua paid sending him off. Josh was keenly watching the exteriors of the dungeons which were built in such a way that no one could even sense that this place was used to keep prisoners. But everyone from inside could watch what is going on inside. Centuries back they used sunlight to guard each and every lock by adding a lever. Fascinated by all these minute details and enthralled to lay his hands on the fortune inside, Mr. Josh started to walk towards the entrance.

After walking through a pebbled lane lined with shrubs, he approached a door.

He finds a lock and lever combination covered with cow webs just beside the door. He immediately typed the code and waited for the door to open.

Adding to his anxiousness, the door opened like a pregnant snail walking across the road.

As soon as the door opened, like eager audience rushing into the theatre, josh and Joshua rushed into the dungeons.

They were accompanied with dampness and darkness all over.

Joshua fretted with disgust at the cow webs that were sticking to his face.

Mr. Josh was engrossed in finding the emblem which would lead them to the left wall and then to the dungeon room.

Suddenly Mr. Josh stopped and turned back

He asked Joshua to step aside and rubbed the wall with his bare fingers.

His eyes lit up

They have found the emblem.

And then it was a matter of time, they found the rom and entered the room…





To their dismay they could not find any pots. Then Joshua interrupted and told josh, “This is what I wanted to ask during the ride. There is no sunlight yesterday and today. The pots did not rise”

Mr. Josh sat dejected and Joshua was kicking air.

Suddenly they heard a swoosh of air shuddering them.

Joshua let out a shriek loud enough to get josh a heart stroke.

“Now ….mate just shut up. I will go and see if anyone followed us down here”, said josh.

He also warned Joshua, “now you shall stay here and find if there is any other way to bring up the pots. Don’t just slump your lazy ass there itself. Come on! Move “.

Joshua felt chided but there was nothing he could do, so he had to listen to Mr. Josh.

Josh now walked out of the room into the hallway.

The hallway was partially lit by hurricane lamps which were flickering enough to create an eerie atmosphere

Josh started walking step in step towards the end.

He hears someone thumping against the wall in the yonder direction.

Pointing his gun involuntarily; he tries to catch someone, but in the end it was thin air.

Josh was pretty sure someone had followed him down. He walks towards the emblem.

He now finds another chamber just beside the emblem which was completely dark.

He lights a match stick and starts to search the room.

Meanwhile he hears a cranking sound of door closing in.

He frantically shouts in darkness, “hey who was that?”

None answers.

He asks again, “who was that?”

Not a sound to be heard.

“I am asking who the hell was that”, asked josh stamping his foot to the ground.

Slowly he could feel a body walking towards him.

Josh was dead scared.

Suddenly a match stick was lit right on his face.

It was rosy!!

He fumbled to find his words as he could see rosy searching for something.

Rosy…ro..r…whha…whattt are you doing here”, asks a stammering josh.

“Oh poor josh, where has all your courage disappeared.” ;

Where is the courage you possessed when you assaulted me for the code?” ;

“Where is that courage which killed nolan”;

“Where is that courage which killed my father”;

Now pay for your deeds you filthy worm”, says rosy pointing the gun under the light of candle she lit up there.

“No rosy please, forgive me. I have killed only nolan. You dad was killed by someone else…….ah yes!!! Now I get to remember, Nolan used to take orders from an unknown source. It should have been that one who killed your father.”

Rosy rubs her forehead only to mock josh, “how could you be so innocent.”

Rosy cleared her throat and whispered in a low tone.

That heavy tone was nothing new to josh.

As his eyes were bulging and mouth gaping wide to shout out what he felt, a shot went ripping through his upper jaw and piercing through his throat. A spill of blood smeared on rosy face which she wiped off without repentance.






The shot echoed through the chambers reaching the ears of lazy Joshua.

His emotion mixed with excitement and fear and joy went no bounds as he thought josh must have killed that unknown person.

He tries to perform all kind of tricks to get the pots up, but he fails miserably.

Then when he is trying to pull the pot forcibly

Suddenly he hears someone clap from behind.

He turns back slowly, only to find none.

He comforts himself saying it was just an illusion.

He hears double clap the second time.

His heart beat increases and his finders are almost wet from sweat.

He checks near the door and calls out meekly “josshh…jooosshh….joo…”

He hears a triple clap this time.

But this time it was right behind his ears. He turns back and trembles.

It was rosy!!!!

He was taken aback.

“Rosy, I did not expect you here”, said a trembling Joshua.

Come closer Mr. intelligent”, said rosy in a sarcastic tone.

While he were pleading her not to act stupid with the pistol in her hand, “what are you going to do with me,” said a furious Joshua

Rosy let out a hysterical laugh and asked him to say his final prayers.

He was out of his mind as she uttered these words.

Rosy explained “do you think I unknowingly gave you the code for the vial and told you where that vial was located”.

Joshua nodded his head signaling yes.

Poor guy !!! All this while you thought you were outwitting me, but it was I who planned everything”, blurted out rosy and let out an uncontrollable laugh.

Joshua’s world had become upside down. Didn’t she love Samuel? ... They were supposed to leave this place right?. He was so sure that samuel trapped this girl only to get hold of this treasure. Now how come this plan was reversed?. These were the questions that were running in joshuas mind

“Don’t worry Mr. Joshua; I will answer your be precise with you I never loved Samuel. In fact your Samuel is dead on the road. Sorry, it was I who killed him and left him on the road”, said rosy looking into Joshua’s dead eyes. The man dying on the road while rosy taxi rode off was Samuel. He was hit by a truck. She planned and executed him.

Joshuas head was spinning like a ball. So all the while they were under the thought, that they have scripted the action , but little did they realize they were being scripted

“I tried to solve the equation myself. I could not. Then I befriended Samuel. He planned to snatch the treasure with you which I already knew.”

As rosy was revealing the plot she created and game she played…Joshua felt that the earth was crumbling under his feet.

“Then I acted as an innocent prey in front of you people because I knew you cannot decipher the code and you would need someone. I was sure you would catch a guy and that guy turned out to be nolan.As soon as you caught hold of Nolan…I silently bribed him with equal share of treasure which he happily accepted. I also knew you would kill him so I ordered him to kill Samuel which he performed perfectly.”, thus spoke on rosy.

Now Joshua was able to relate the unknown caller who nolan was talking to. It was rosy who bribed nolan to reveal the code and kill samuel also!!. Joshua was not able to believe what he just heard

“So this was your plan to bring out the treasure of your fathers and bag that away right?” asked Joshua.

“Not exactly as easy you thought Mr. Joshua, at every point I had to convince Samuel, you and that rat faced josh. This plan was written in my terms and was executed in my terms, you were all players in my game”, shrugged off rosy.

But even in this nefarious situation Joshua did not lose his curious nature.

If I may ask, then who killed your dad”, asked a curious Joshua.

Rosy spun her body on one foot and laughed like a demon

She thrusted Joshua to a wall and placed her face closer to his.

Now Joshua could even feel her warm breath and was shivering like a fish out of water

Well, it was I who killed Jonathan….yess I killed Jonathan ,my father”, said rosy leaving a ghastly whisper.

The unknown person who killed before we came, is that you”, asked Joshua still not able to reconcile and accept the truth.

So…soo..sss you have killed josh also…”, quivered Joshua against the rocks.

Of course , why would I leave him you dumb ass”, mocked rosy

“Now the treasure did not come out what shall we do”, asked Mr. Joshua.

“Poor joshua do you think I came here to watch you take away the fortune, look up”, ordered rosy.

They could see the sunrays penetrating through the ceiling.

“I waited for this long to make this come true, you idiot”, said an enraged rosy while aiming the barrel towards Mr. Joshua.

But suddenly something else caught her attention instead of killing joshua

Now she could see the lever turning and the pots rotating. As she stood at the center of the room, the lights from the pots shone brightly like the full moon and the heavier pot started to swivel all directions due to the weight inside that.

Rosy was losing her stability and started to scream and scratch herself out of exuberance

Rosy was quick to grab the pot and she put her hand inside that. The cold metallic sensation sent a shockwave through her body as she is now holding the fortune which eluded her from years. She always wanted her father to hand over the treasure to her, so that she could lead an independent life somewhere. But the old man never accepted. To bring out the fortune, she had to get her father, Jonathan, Samuel and josh killed

Now when she about to walk away from the room, she turned towards a trembling Joshua.

“Rosy, I never meant to betray you. Leave me alone”, pleaded Joshua.

Rosy smiled and turned away.

Joshua heaved a sigh of relief.

“I am sorry Joshua, let’s meet in another birth”,


The next moment he was onto the floor with his mouth wide open from the relief he had before rosy shot him.



Submitted: November 08, 2016

© Copyright 2021 P.V.K Murthy. All rights reserved.

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