A Roll Of The Dice

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Give them a shake and let those dice roll.

Submitted: November 08, 2016

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Submitted: November 08, 2016



A Roll Of The Dice.


Two small cubes in my hands, I’m weighing them up before throwing,

I let them roll round on my palms before I let them go where they’re going.


I heard once that it’s good luck to blow those dice before releasing,

I’ll do it once but I won’t peep, there’s no need for policing.


Okay, now, here we go, I’m relaxing my grip on these dice;

they’re rolling and tumbling, turning, then they are spinning twice.


With a little clatter they come to a stop, they’re showing the number I’ve thrown;

I don’t need to look to know it is good as my opponent has let out a groan.


Two rows of three dots are shown on the first, the same upon the other;

a double six, the highest score – how can they recover.


And here they go, those dice they fly, they fall upon the floor,

Double six’, up goes the call – we’ll have to throw some more.


Come on, now, bring me luck’, I very clearly mutter

but luck has let me down again and put me in the gutter.


A dot on each, a double one, the lowest of the low,

I’ll pay my money with a sigh and force myself to go.


Maybe one day I’ll walk away from those words, ‘You want a bet?’

But I think they see me coming because it hasn’t happened yet.

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