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. . . An artist girl which lives with a disabled father. Father does not like that her daughter is an artist and because of it they argue often. One day when she returns home, she sees a drank father tears the drawings at her bedroom. He curses his daughter, a girl runs up the second floor frightened, she takes away a drawing from fathers hands, but father again takes back and during a fight they go out the hall when a wheelchair rolls down the first floor.....

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- Do you know? When you see the last dropped flake

from the sky, that year all your dreams came true,

everything what you wish. . .


 BY A.G.





In the middle of the winter in the empty streets it was snowing beautifully. A girl with a long curl hair sat alone at the bus station, her face was hidden by hat, on her face you could see only beautiful pink lips. She was looking at cheerful friends, they were sitting in the pub, which was in front of the bus station. They were laughing a lot , just one of them was looking at the empty street from the window. A girl was looking at them and she was thinking, soon the bus came and she went.

. . . Next day she sat again at the same station and started looking at the same friends, there were every friend except that sad boy. A girl was waiting to his appearance, after a few seconds, that sad boy sat next to her and asked.

Boy - Are you waiting for me?

A girl got frightened, she was not expected to see him there and she stood up surprised, she looked around, stepped back a few step and asked him in a low voice.

Girl - Did you ask me?

He smiled and asked again.

Boy - Did I scare you?

Girl - yes! It was unexpected.

Boy - sit down, I am not biting.

She sat in the end of the bench, they were sitting quietly for a few seconds, a girl was waving feet and was picking the flakes on her opened hand. A boy was looking at her and was smiling imperceptibly to her. They were sitting quietly for a long time, when a boy finished smoking a cigarette, he took out a paper from his bag and gave her.

Boy - Take it!

Girl - What is it?

Boy - This is what I was looking at the whole week.

She took a paper and saw her self on it . There was drawing On the paper of a moment when she was sitting at the bus station and as usual was waving feet and in the next drawing she was standing and was picking flakes on her opened hand. A girl smiled after seeing that drawings and asked him.

Girl - Did you shadowing me?

She read a name in the angle of paper and said loudly.

Girl - Alex is a beautiful name.

Alex took out a cigarette again from the box and while he strike a match the bus came to the station.

Alex - OH, my bus, bye girl in black.

Alex went by bus and a girl stood at the station for a long time and was looking at the picture.


School of Art


. . . Alex was at the drawing lesson with friends, they were sitting the middle of room and were talking in a low voice.

Mateo - I did not think that your parents would be so calmly after all of that.

Poly - They already know, that Alex is strange.

Alex - There is not difference between you and girls.

Mateo saw a picture which Alex was drawing and he opened a mouth, he stood up and came close to the picture.

Mateo - Amazing creature, why does not such a ideal girl exist , why?

Poly also came and took a picture.

Poly - This. . .

He stopped and was looking a portrait jealously, suddenly a picture was taking by Tedy and he shouted surprislly.

Tedy - Wow, lady the beauty.

Alex took a picture angry from Tedy and he continued drawing, Poly still was looking at the picture with a serious face.

Poly - She has a very familiar face.

Mateo - poly turned on a fantasy.

Tedy – It is time to meet someone, while you are still looking like a human.

All the friends were drawing and laughing at Poly, just Alex was sitting gently and he was more and more darkening a portrait. Lately two beautiful girls entered the lecture room, they were carrying the violins and whispering. They said hello to boys, Alex even did not look at them, he took pencils, put into the bag and while he was leaving a lecture room, one girl said to him.

Girl - And after it you tell me that I am a child? So what is your behavior?

Alex did not turn back and went out, angry girl shouted to Alex's friends.

Girl - Should I be angry or he? Did I say to stop our relationship?

Boys were not speaking, then a girl saw a picture of Alex and took it.

Girl - Who is she? Does he go out someone?

Boys laughed at her reaction, Tedy took back a picture and said.

Tedy - Larina? This picture is an imagination, just fantasy.

She angrily looked around boys and left the lecture room. Poly still was looking at Alex's picture and was thinking.

Mateo - This girl not normal, Poly! Live the picture alone.

Poly – I can not calm down if I do not remember this face.


At night in the street: meeting of Melica and Alex


. . . Alex was still at the pub with friends, he was drawing and listening to his friends. After a few minutes at the pub came Larina and her friend, it was not pleasure for Alex to see them, because of it, he put his drawing album into the bag and went out, he stopped at a zebra crossing and saw the girl in black in front of him and smiled. He did not wait for a light signal and crossed the road fast, he sneaked up to girl and scared her, she stood up directly. Alex was laughing at her reaction, but a girl was standing silently about ten seconds as a stone did not speck.

Alex - Did I scare you?

A girl did not say anything, Alex stopped laughing, he took off gloves and gave her.

Alex - It is too cold, take it before the bus comes.

A girl was not speaking again, Alex put the gloves on again and told her.

Alex - It seems you are really scared, I am sorry.

He took a bag and left, a girl still was standing and looking at Alex, after a few seconds, she overtook to Alex and in a law voice said to him.

Girl - It is dangerous to walk alone.

Thoughtful Alex got afraid too much and he staggered

Alex - AH, is it you?

Girl - Cowardly!

Alex - Me?

Girl - Thanks for the pictures.

Alex - You are welcome.

They were walking silently and after a few minutes Alex asked her.

Alex - Are you studying at our Art school? I often see you there.

Girl - I studied early.

Alex looked at her frozen hands and he again took off gloves.

Girl - Put it on, I am not cold. . . Thanks Alex.

Alex - When did you finish Art school?

Girl - You? When you will finish?

Alex smiled, because of she did not answer.

Alex - This is a last year. . . will you not tell me your name?

Girl - Melica!

Alex - Melica, mystery Melica.

Alex crouched a head slightly to see her face, but melica turned quickly and put her hand to hat.

Alex - Does not interfere this hat?

Melica - No, does not!

Alex - Melica, do you know? you are the second girl which I ever drawn.

Melica - Why the second?

Alex - I do not know!

Alex smiled to Melica's reaction.

Melica - And who was the first?

Alex - A girl who I have never seen, she was born in my imagination.

Melica - people say that an artist falls in love with in all own creatures

and because of it he lives only with her.

Alex - It is an interesting opinion.

They again kept silent for a few second, then sadly uttered Melica.

Melica - The same happened to me, I was so fascinated by fairyland,

which I was drawing that I did not observe how I got

separated from reality, it absorbed me wholly.

Alex was looking and listening to her.

Alex - Did you escape from your fairyland? Or still living

at your fairytale,coloured universe.

A tear dropped on Melica's cheek, Alex stopped in front of her and tried to wipe a tear from her, but Melica passed him and continued to walk, Alex suddenly become cheerful and told her.

Alex - Do you know? When you see the last dropped flake from the sky

that year all your dreams came true, everything what you wish.

Melica - A magic dream, too?

Alex - Magic, mystery, everything comes true.

Alex stopped and looked at one of the building and smiled.

Alex - I think, I am the first boy who was accompanied by girl.

Melica - Do you live here?

Alex - On the eight floor.

Melica - It was a pleasant evening. . . goodnight.

When Melica turned, Alex shouted.

Alex - Stop there a young lady.

Melica surprisingly turned to Alex .

Alex - Now it is my turn to accompany you.

He passed her and with a serious face told her.

Alex - I am a gentlemen!

Melisa smiled at his words and followed him back. When they came the Melica's home Alex did not stop speaking funny stories, the whole street was hearing their laugh.

. . . Alex and Melica become very close to each other, they were walking every evening together, talking a lot , singing a song in the streets, playing snowballs, they were making a snow Santa Claus. time was passing, but Alex still did not know Melica's whole face, because she was carrying a hat every time . One night when Alex accompanied Melica home, he stood closer to her, his heart beating voice was so hard that he could not hear anything around, he touched a hat to take it off, but Melica whispered to him.

Melica - Please! Do not touch it!

Alex put down a hand to his heart and told her.

Alex - I am sorry. . . I wanted to see your eyes too much.

He sat down on a side-walk and continued.

Alex - this is probably madness. . . I love you with my whole soul.

Melica sat down next to him.

Melica - You are the only one who entered my universe, the only one who

falls in love with me, I am thankful, but Alex, I think it will be

better if we stop here, I am afraid with your love, a love

which I did not deserve, a love which is not for me.

Alex - Melica!

Melica - Alex! I have not right to take your love.

Alex - Melica!

Melica again continued talking.

Melica - When I first started drawing I was eight years old, I was

drawing emotions which I did not let them to go out, I did not

want my father to know that I was afraid to see him at the

wheelchair. My father was in Iraq, he become paralyzed after

one operation when explosion took place, he chained to wheelchair

and from the hero mayor become a squalid toper father.

To perception everything all, for eight years old child, which

was growing without mother was hard and heavy. I had not

friends to play with them, because of it I started drawing, I was

drawing emotions, the magic countries where everything was light,

everyone was happy. I lost to feel time, I was living with my pictures.

My father did not like my drawing, because of it we always

were arguing and quarreling. After finish high school I entered

the art school and that was the happiest and most unhappiest

day in my empty life.

A few seconds Melica stopped and continued again.

Melica - That day when I came back home, I heard my father's

arguing from the second floor, I ran up the stairs quickly, my pictures

were dropped everywhere, which all were cut, I ran in quickly in the

room, father was dranken, he was abusiving me and was cutting my pictures

by knife, I tried to stop him and I caught his hands but

how I could stop him, he waved hand and I took my hand to avoid

a knife. He called me untalented, I was crying, I did not know what

to do, I woke up when my father took a picture of my mother,

that picture was only one which I copied from the old mother's photo,

I quickly ran to him and took a picture, he did not stop, trying

to take away again. I was begging him to stop, but he did not

hear me anymore, when he could not take a picture, he cut my

hand and he fell in first floor.

Melica stood up, she was crying, her tears were such clear that, they were shining, Alex also stood up and came closer to her.

Melica - My father died, I was a bad daughter, I could not to see his paint,

I rejected he and in the end I killed him.

They were silent, Alex also was crying with her, he did not know what he should say, a lot of times tried to touch her, but could not.

Alex - I love you with my whole soul. . . Melica! I love you.

Melica turned back to him and whispered.

Melica - I wanted to did not listen to this you, I wanted to run you.

Alex - And I want to you never remember about this and I would like to be that

last person who heard this.

They hushed up again, Alex was looking at her and it seemed he was trying to escape her soul from the pain.

Alex - It is too late, go home and have a good sleep.

Melica - Goodnight!

Alex was standing for a few minutes in front of Melica's house and was looking at dark windows.


Beginning of truth


. . . Next day Alex did not go to the art school, he was drawing Melica the whole night, at the Melica's portrait he drew a lot of colored flowers, at the portrait you could see just her pink lips. It was almost a midday when Alex fall asleep during drawing.He was sleeping, when he was woken up by friends, as Alex opened the door, he entered the bedroom and fell in the bed. Mateo came to the melica's portrait and said loudly.

Mateo - Now Alex has a new muse, he is a incorrigible philanderer.

Poly sat in the armchair, he noticed a drawing album on the table, which was named " THE UNKNOWN", he took the album and opened it. There were portraits of that girl inside, Poly stood up and came to the boys, they were playing a mini billiards at the living room.

Poly - Really do not know this girl?

Poly dropped the album at the billiards table, Mateo got angry to him, took album and looked it.

Mateo - Wait, if I look it well, she is my grandmother.

mateo and tedy laughed and pushed poly.

Mateo - Put it down, while its owner sees.

However Poly continued watching album and he saw a drawing where that girl stood to the middle of the road, she was looking back to a boy, which was signing by hand something. Poly dropped an album at the floor frightened. he remembered a moment of accident by pieces, where a car hit to her, ply started talking with him self.

Poly - This. . . this is that girl.

And Poly remembered the whole moment of a car accident, which happened three years ago in front of that pub where they often gathered. He came to the friend frightened and he showed them the drawing.

Poly - Do you remember this day?

Tedy - I really beat you now!

Poly - Look at it, I told you that she is very familiar.

Mateo and Tedy were observing at the drawing.

poly - An accident which happened three years ago in front of the pub.

Mateo - And then? what is the drawing?

Poly - I remember her face well, she was so beautiful, unnaturally beautiful

. . . look at this it is me, I was calling her to cross a road.

Mateo - Do not drink anymore.

Poly - I am not joking, this is a that girl, she was so beautiful, incredibly,

she is the same girl.

Mateo - Well, for example she is a that girl and he is you, then tell me,

why Alex drew this if he came back in the city one years ago.

Poly - I am also interested in it, do not think that it is strange? He is drawing just that girl portraits.

Tedy - A kindergarten, you are mad.

Tedy took a drawing album them and threw on the sofa.

Tedy - Every time while raining and we sit at the pub , you always

remember that day and so Alex used it for own muse this story,

what is strange in it?

In the living room entered a half sleeping Alex.

Alex - What I used to muse? Why do not let me to sleep and do not go

your homes?

Poly - Alex! Do you remember that accident?

Alex - Please somebody shut he up. Do not need to do a good affair and go?

Alex sat down on the sofa and again fall asleep, Poly was looking at Alex and was remembering that girl's face.

. . . It was evening, when Alex woke up, he changed the clothes, packed beautifully the portrait of Melica and left home, on the way he bought one red rose and fastened to the drawing. Melica was not home and he sat down at the stairs, he was making a noise with heels to avoid freezing. Soon from the next house went out a fat woman, she was holding a little dog, she looked on suspicion and asked rudely.

Woman - What are you doing here a young man?

Alex suddenly jumped up, he smiled and showed her a drawing.

Alex - I am waiting for my girlfriend.

Woman - Wait at another place! go away, till I call police.

Alex - I am sorry MS neighbor, but why are you arguing?

Woman - Are you still here?

A neighbor took out a mobile to call, Alex came near to her.

Alex - Listen to me neighbor. A girl who I love is living here,

I was drawing the whole night to give a present today, and

you are kicking me.

With the dissatisfied face was listening a neighbor to him and a dog was growling.

Woman - A young man, are you drank?

Alex stared at her, a neighbor held out a hand to the house and told to Alex.

Woman - This house where you are saying that lives your girlfriend,

is empty for already three years.

Alex laughed at neighbor's words.

Alex - You just want to get me of, do you? Why are you lieeing me, I will not go.

Woman - The house owners died three years ago, since this

house is empty, even nobody wants to buy it. So while

I really call the police get out from here.

. . . Alex was astonished, he did not know what to say, the neighbor entered the house, Alex looked at Melia's door, then at the windows and he smiled.

Alex - this woman was definitely spinster.

He put down the drawing at the door and went home. Alex did not see Melica next day. At the lecture Poly was asking him why he was drawing that girl.

. . . At the evening Alex was waiting for Melica, but she did not come. He was remembering that woman's saying and time to time was repeating.

Alex - what the foolishness, really foolishness.

When Alex was entering the main entrance, he heard Melica's voice from the back side, he turned back quickly and approached her.

Melica - Hello!

Alex - Hello Melica!

Alex slowly approached to Melica.

Melica - can you do not come close?

Alex - Why?

Melica - It will be much more easily to say what I want to say.

Alex did not like her ask.

Alex - What do you want to tell me?

She smiled to him and continued.

Melica - Thank you very much for a present, it is too beautiful and

colored. Is my soul looked as colored and warm as you

see it, it would be good. . . But Alex I did not change my

opinion. . . Please stop all of this.

Alex - Who let you to decide instead of me. I do not want to let you go,

I do not want to stop it.

Alex approached to her, but Melica again asked that he had to stop.

Melica - I am sorry, this is the last meeting for us.

She turned back and while she was walking, Alex ran to her and hugged her, but he even did not touch her body, Alex passed into the her body as an air. He confused, he could not guess what happened, a few seconds he was standing motionless and cause of fear was trembling, then he got strength and turned to Melica, she was standing back side and did not move. Alex took his hand slowly to take off a hat to Melica, she turned to Alex and as soon as Alex saw her face, he staggered because of unexpectedness and fear, he stopped back, the tears dropped from his eyes, he was looking at Melica, in front of Alex was standing that beautiful girl which he was drawing at his imagination ever ytime, a girl whose about Poly told to him. Alex remembered that woman's told. He was trying to say something, but could not, he was looking with eyes of full of tears and trembling. They were standing face to face for a long time. Melica stepped a few steps to Alex and told to him in a low voice.

Melica - I am sorry!

As she said this word, she disappeared, just left a black hat, which dropped near Alex's feet. He fell enfeebled and was looking at hat with eyes full of tears.

. . . Time was passing, Alex did not go to the lectures anymore, he was just sitting at home, he was drinking, smoking. He did not open the door when his friends were visiting him. Alex's house was full of Melica's portraits, some of them were tore, some were soiled with paint. Time was passing and his depression was increasing. Once when he was standing at the molbert and was drawing Melica's eyes, he lowered touched his forehead to the drawing and he whispered with tears.

Alex - You. . . you are an egoist..

Alex stopped, he lowered a head and threw a drawing, he was smiling as crazy, he entered swaying into the bathroom and sat under the shower.

Alex - You do not come to me anymore..

He closed the eyes and smiled . . . It was evening when Alex's neighbor came, but nobody opened the door, she was arguing and without stopping was knocking at the door.

Neighbor - open the door, right now, open it.

Because of her noise other neighbors also came, she was complaining to them that her flat was full of water. They opened the door and entered the flat. Alex's flat also was full of water, one neighbor entered the bathroom and saw Alex, he was all bloody and the tap was opening. The neighbor shouted frightened to call 911, they picked up Alex from the bathroom. Soon came an ambulance car and they took Alex the hospital.His parents and friends came at the hospital, they were waiting for a doctor in the hall, after couple of hours the doctor appeared, everyone stood up. The doctor allowed only mother to see Alex, because Alex was very badly. ALex mother was caressing to his hands and she was whispering something.


Another world


. . .At the same street where Melica's house was Alex opened the eyes, there was emptiness and fog around. In the end of street Alex saw Melica's house and went to that side, it was hard raining but despite this he was not hurrying, he was walking confused and frightened into the middle of the road. he stopped in front of Melica's house, from all windows were going out the lights. Suddenly from nowhere Melica appeared back to the Alex and whispered to him.

Melica - Alex!

Alex slowly turned back to the Melica, they were standing face to face in the middle of the road and watching at each other, it was raining horrible, but it did not matter for them. Both tears were very beautiful and brightening, the tears were disappearing with rain drops. They were standing quietly for a long time and looking at each other, allegedly their eyes were saying everything, then Melica took off a pendant from her neck and she approached to Alex, she hanged a pendant to his neck, Melica looked at his eyes for the last time with a smiling face and whispered him.

Melica - I love you!

Alex hugged her, kissed and suddenly the shining light appeared around them, after the second Melica pushed Alex and he disappeared with shining light. Melica was standing with a smiling face in the empty street.



last part


. . . When Alex awoke from the coma, he saw his friends, he smiled and greeted them, Poly called to the parents and told news. After a couple of days Alex left the hospital, he removed to his parents house. After one month the exhibition of Alex drawing took place, there were showed just Melica's portraits. At the same evening Alex bought a big rose bouquet and went at Melica's house, he put roses down to the picture, which drew himself for Melica and at the same moment when he went out from the house started raining, he looked at the sky, it was clear and shining day. He closed eyes and smiled.




A.G. 2016



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